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1 Copy and paste the tick mark in the relevant cell

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a. Micro Scale lndustries b. Small Scale lndustries c. Medium Scale lndustries

Upto 25 Lakhs Above 25 Lakhs to 5 Crores Above 5 Crores to 10 Crores
Above 1O Cores

d. Large Scale lndustries


5 The following need to be attached: a. Copy bf Company Registration Certificate. '-/ b. Copy of Excise Registeration Certificate. ,./ c. Copy 6f Central Sales Tax Registration Certificat e. \./ d. Copy of Tax ldentification Number (TlN) Certificate. r' e. Copy of Permanent Account No. \./ f. Copy of tSO / TS Certification. ,,/




.t :wr fl O. Website Contact person Designation : Cell No. 1 Name of the company 2 Office Address e.ttr.i/&A QpfrDttql on/ . E-mail o +13 TelephoneNos.ill ffi 'fl mffiffi. fMtwNkau 0 pin Code: 6AOOO b srD code ++ Telephone Nos. Tbta Sat Sun WeeklY Off Factory Address Fri :MM- :fuW. Res No.: 2 Contact person ql :.lDilR CODE MRF Limited 124. Use separate forms for d ifferent manufacturinq locations.Ary]4+.i rJ:!f .: 91'44-28294089 FtrB-S3-tr3 (Fcr internatuse) VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM please type or write in block letters & tick against the correct box. Chennai 600 006' Phone No.3\l dec?al* @ ttrt*t : : [f. State : Pin Code: LOSo O 1 STD Code .rrbWrve*o gb@ Tue Wed Thurs Res No. go fna_SU \qL* FaxNo. Greams Road. : cerl No Q roo qt+yoL {l Weekly Off b Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun . gilv.* VEI'.O E-mail tNvlw.t*€r)f{["V State l*.: 2829 2777 Fax No.f Designation tb fA A NAl.

please provide details of parent company lf you have any of i6ur relatives working in MRF. please provid'e details viz..Nature of the CompaIY Name of the ProPrietor Name of Public Ltd t. Payment within 60 days from r'eceipt of material and acceptance thereof? Did you apply for registration in MRF before and if so with what results? A ves[l Yes ruo[:-] uo[u4 E E uoF7l Was yorir company referred by anyother name earlier? lf so.. Location etc. Name.certified with ISO / TS? : a Yes b. No frNrr" of the Agency f]rrrO"t date for Certification I Names of your reputed customers and products aqPq]reqjgilem: Products being supplied Name of the Customer Sl No. if so please specit!? E l\ t) . company name . Department. Any other information you would like to mention. 1 2__ 3 4 5 10 ElectricPowerrequired (in KVA) Available from Board (in KVA) (in KVA) Self generated Nlt-- Do you have a qualified Rubber Technologist / Chemical Engineer? Do you accept our payment terms ie.. Yes No[Z ruofZ ls your company a subsidary or sister concern of any other company? lf so. c) Medium : d) Large > 25 Lakhs Unskilled Workers Other Staff Covered Area Type of lndustry ves[] *oE vesl-l *oE ves[] *oE veslZ *oE <25 Lakhs >5 Crore <5 Crore > 10 Crore <10 Crore Registration Number Are you.e Partners Managing Director Employees Skilled Workers Supervisors Office Staff : a) Micro : b) Small . please provide details viz.

BOUGHT OUT MATERIAL 2. DRAWING OR CHANGE CONTROL a Iatest drawings and specifications in use? or equivalent in use? Are latest test 8. MATERIALS QUALITY IDENTIFICATION Are rejected material identified & kept aside? 6. SUPPLIER CONTROL ls there a system to assure conformance to specification? 9. Are Automotic controls used. IN PROCESS INSPECTION ls in process material inspected / tested.2 p tt QUALITY ASSURANCE DETAILS ls there is a system for control of the bought out maierial quality or ivalent? System Procedure in Effect Written Adequate Records 1. FINAL INSPECTION ls finished material inspected / tested? 4. GAUGE CONTROL / CALIBRATION Are gauges and instruments inspected and calibrated periodically? 7. OUT GOING AUDIT ls out going finished goods checked for packing identification? 5. DOCUMENTATION Do you have a quality aEsurance manual? have inspection and tensting instructions? Do you VEN EEE EEN EEYl EVlY] Ea4aa) EE[' v)ln . Are Machine set up / Tool changes 100o/o inspected? 3.

li. a) Nature / number of observations.4lqiilil.: 10..4 l Do you have adequate inspection records to show. STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL a) ls there a formal documented plan for the implementation of SPC? b) Existence of any formal training programme. . Existence of formal system for feed back on top management on SPC Its.: . trt:za Lr[] ) Existence of a qualified statistician on staff.:t . [][]]E []EE :ll il:)!. .. ( b')"Number / type of dOficiencies fouhd JAEVl [][:][] d*s c) Disposal of material a. RECORDS ( -8 l.i '.1 l+ 1 1.L-1L.