Our Class, 4 Science 1

Our class, 4 Science 1 is located at a remote corner at Eng Choon Block. It is on the second floor and it is just right beside the stair. There are 48 students in the class, consisting of 20 boys and 28 girls and all of us are Chinese. Although the area of the classroom is quite big it does not look so spacious because there are too many students in the class. There is a big whiteboard right in front of the classroom and all of us sit at the middle of the classroom to ensure everyone can see the whiteboard clearly. All the desks and chairs in the class are quite old but they can still be used. Our class is like a big family. The class monitor is Ng Qing Rui. He is chosen to be the class monitor by all of us in the class because we know that he is a very responsible and hardworking student. Thus, he will not let us down. He carries out his duties very well and we do not regret choosing him as our class monitor. Moreover, he also likes to lend his helping hand to us whenever we have any problem. Although he is quite short, he is very active in all the activities that he participate. In besides, we also have Tai Jing Wen as our class assistant monitor. She is a beautiful, kind and helpful person. She always helps the monitor to control our class while the teacher is not in the class. Besides being our class monitor, Qing Rui is also the ‘live wire’ in our class. He enjoys telling jokes to make us laugh. This makes our class full of laughter and we like his jokes very much. We also have a very great artist in our class. He is Luke Ang. Luke enjoys drawing very much and he can draw very well. So, he is responsible for decorating our classroom. Moreover, we have Khoo Su Wen as the future Beethoven. She can play the piano very well. Besides, our class assistant monitor, Tai Jing Wen is also a good singer. She got third prize in the English Language Week singing competition last year. Last but not least, some of the students are also very good in calligraphy. They are Lee Rhea Meisha and Stacey Goh. They can write very well and have won a few prizes in the Calligraphy competitions. Our form teacher is Mr.Lim Chi Weng. He is also our Physics teacher. He is a kind and friendly teacher. He is quite talkative and we like to crack jokes and laugh with him. He

We can really release our stress as we are so stressed up with our homework and activities in school. Our Chinese Language teacher is Miss Nancy Yiau. play together. He is such a patient teacher. 4 Science 1 ! Team member : Khoo Su Wen Stacey Goh Yuen Fang Wei Evon Saw . but actually she is a very nice teacher. We are like a big family. Our Bahasa Melayu teacher is Cik Surati. She teaches us how to do experiments by demonstrating it to us a few times so that we can understand the subject very well. Our Additional Mathematics teacher. She teaches us very well and all of us can understand her lessons. All in all.Ong is our Mathematics teacher. a young and beautiful teacher. She is very friendly and we love to attend her class because she can let us sing English songs and watch some meaningful and interesting videos. As a discipline teacher in school. We like her very much because she is sweet and nice. We make each other cheerful and make every lesson fun so that everyone enjoy the lessons. we have the same goal. It is very interesting to attend her class. she looks quite fierce. Miss Tan Cheng Pheng is our English teacher.Chong explains all the formulae and ways to solve the problems clearly until we can understand. teachers and class. Although all of us in class have different personalities. He is very strict to us but somehow he is also a kind and nice teacher. Last but not least. chat together. Mr. Mrs. We study together. Our Chemistry teacher is Miss Yeo. laugh together and even decorate our class together. we love our friends.is not a very strict teacher so we can just be like friends with him.Sim is our Biology teacher. She always teaches us to be good students and Mr. She is a very gentle but effective teacher.