June 14, 2007

Harry Reid Panders To Liberal Anti-War Groups By Personally Attacking Top Military Commanders And Their Strategy

This Week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Called The New Iraq Strategy A Failure, Even Before It Has Been Fully Implemented: In A Letter To President Bush, Reid Said: “[T]he escalation has failed to produce the intended results.” (Sen. Harry Reid And
Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Letter To President George W. Bush, 6/13/07)

Reid: “In light of the additional evidence since your veto that your plan is not working, it is clear that a course correction in Iraq is needed.” (Sen. Harry Reid And Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Letter To President Bush, 6/13/07)

Gen. David Petraeus Said That The New Strategy Was Not Yet Fully Implemented And That Its Results Would Not Be Known Until September. CBS’ Lara Logan: “Is there anything you see so far that would indicate you would recommend a withdrawal from Iraq?” Gen. Petraeus: “We haven’t even started the surge, the full surge yet, so let me have a few months. I’ll answer that in September.” (CBS’ “Early Show,” 6/5/07) • NBC’s Matt Lauer Highlights Democrats Wanting To Have It Both Ways. “[D]emocrats in Congress want to have it both ways. They send a bill to the President … in that bill it talks about these reports that will come in July and September waiting to hear if the surge is working from General Petraeus, and now they’re saying we’re going to tell you its not working before we ever see those reports.” (NBC’s “The Today Show,” 6/14/07)

FLASHBACK: In April, Reid Said That The “War Is Lost.” Reid: “I believe ... that this war is lost…” (Peter Baker and Shailagh
Murray, “Iraq Pullout Would Lead To Bloodbath, Bush Warns,” The Washington Post, 4/20/07)

And In A Phone Call With Liberal Bloggers, Reid Called Military Leaders “Incompetent”: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Called Marine Gen. Peter Pace, The Outgoing Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, ‘Incompetent’ During An Interview … With A Group Of Liberal Bloggers…” (John Bresnahan, “Reid Labels Military Leader
'Incompetent’,” The Politico, 6/14/07)

“Reid Made Similar Disparaging Remarks About Army Gen. David Petraeus, The Top U.S. Commander In Iraq…”(John Bresnahan, “Reid Labels Military Leader 'Incompetent’,” The Politico, 6/14/07)

Reid’s Attack On Military Leaders And Their Strategy Comes After Pressure From Liberal Anti-War Groups: NBC’s Chip Reid Described Democrats’ Plan As “An Effort By Democrats To Appease Anti-War Activists And Powerful Liberal Bloggers…” (NBC’s “The Today Show,” 6/14/07) “This Is But The Latest Example Of How Reid, Under Pressure From Liberal Activists To Do More To Stop The War, Is Going On The Attack Against President Bush And His Military Leaders…” (John Bresnahan, “Reid Labels Military Leader
'Incompetent’,” The Politico, 6/14/07)

“The Feminist Antiwar Group Code Pink Said Democratic Leaders Are Bowing To Intense Pressure From The Party's Antiwar Base.” (S.A. Miller, “Democrats Load Up On Anti-War Bills,” The Washington Times, 6/11/07)
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