LINKERS There are four factors to consider when we need to use linkers in English. 1. 2. 3. 4. Possible combinations.

What can come after o before it? Sentence position. Where it goes in the sentence? Difference in meaning. Formality or informality.

When we want to introduce contrast, we use the following words.     In spite of /despite (the fact that). Although /even though / though. However / nevertheless. Whereas.

What’s the difference between though, although, even though despite and despite of? Is simple. Although Even though Though Although, though, and even though are use as adverb clauses; remember a clause is a group of words that have a subject + verb. This three show contrast, that’s mean, if we have a long sentence, the sentence has two clauses, one of them will have this adverbs marks in it, the other clause is an independent clause, this show contrast something very different from one clause to the other clause, so in one sentence we have contrasting ideas: the positive or negative, or something you think no happen, but really happens, very different from what we expect. Although the exam was difficult, I think I did well. I think I did well, though the exam was difficult. The exam was difficult. I think I did well though. Even though the exam was very easy, I failed. If the exam was easy I expect that I do very well, but a failed is a complete different result, that’s why use even though, it’s a strong difference. + CLAUSE Link two ideas o clauses in the same sentence.

the man just couldn’t succeed. Money can’t buy happiness. Also show contrast. it can have a noun. . The word EVEN shows that what follows is surprising. Despite his best efforts. They are and work in the same way. ( sin embargo. We can use it in the middle or at the beginning of the sentence. after a period or semicolon and followed by a comma. However. however.Despite In spite of + PHRASE noun pronoun Ing. no obstante) Link ideas in two different sentences or in different Paragraphs. They can go at the end or in the middle of a sentence but are then separated by commas: Can’t by happiness. . pronoun or gerund. it makes life more comfortable. though is a little more informal. However Nevertheless (sin embargo) (sin embargo.verb form Despite and spite of are preposition and they are use with a phrase that is also a group of words but it doesn’t need a subject and a verb. In Spite his best efforts . no obstante) Nonetheless Is important to remember that this adverbial phrases go at the beginning of the second sentence. (its exactly the same meaning) Though and although not have differences. . If the linker begin the sentence we need a comma after the clause. a stronger contrast give us emphasis.

      In addition (to)… (is similar to and. In addition to working during the day. these linkers go in the middle of a sentence. in addition you need a lot of time to practice. add an extra idea or give emphasis.… (is often use after one or two sentences) As well as.… Are placed at the beginning of the sentence. also and too) Furthermore. she also works at night. you need a good memory. Moreover is most formal. when we talk about the same topic or to join paragraphs. Any topic or essay you write. To play the piano well.ADDING IDEAS. This type of linkers are use to give more information. when give one example. vegetables as well as many others things. . furthermore less formal and in addition (to) is the most common. Are consider words transitions = bridge (two ideas are connected by a bridge).… ( means and or in addition to) Moreover Besides ( meaning addition) Another reason. Besides watching star Wars what else do you like to do? In addition to is following by a gerund. to support in a general topic we can use this linker. two reason to work together. soup. Yesterday I bought apples.