Data Visualization Summit

Influence Decisions With Data Visualization
April 9 & 10, 2014 Santa Clara, CA

Bloomberg • Chief Operating Officer. The Associated Press VP. The AP • Data Visualization Designer. Ray Vella Studio Web App Developer. IBM T. The University of Texas System . CAST Founder. CAST Director & Creative Lead. Twitter • Lead Data Scientist. User Experience. Vanderbilt University Educational Software Architect. CNN Money • Graphics Editor. Empathy Lab • Interactive Designer. The Boston Globe • Global Interactive Editor. Beats Music Previous Speakers • Creative Design Director.J Watson Design Direcotr. Gui. Parsons Institute Editorial Producer. TimeScape Data Visualization & Design. GigaOM Interactive Editor. The Wall Street Journal • • • • • • • • • • • Research Scientist. MIT • Digital Design Director. Microsoft • Senior Data Visualization Scientist.Confirmed Speakers Speakers Confirmed Speakers • Senior Data Scientist.

Nokia • Senior Senior Data Scientist . Advanced Analytics . provides the gold standard event within Data Visualization. Director /Director 56% 81% Attendees are companies with at least 300 employees 25% 13% 11% 8% 8% Global Head / Head Snr.Yahoo! • F TI L . Data Visualization .Google • Director.Nasa • Lead Data Analyst . Manager /Manager Academic (1%) Delegates include Architecht . helping you connect with decision makers. Job Title Of Attendees 78% Attendees are at Director level or above 3% President /Principal Company Size Of Attendees 1000+ Employees 300-999 Employees 50-299 Employees Less than 49 Employees 21% SVP/VP 12% C-Level 42% Snr.Nike • SVP Research NBC Universal • Director.Who Will You Meet? There is no question that IE. You will be meeting senior level executives from major corporations and innovative small to medium size companies.

One of the top benefits is that data becomes easier to understand. NBC News. compiled and combed through. but it allows for a greater coverage of trends and patterns within structured & unstructured data. In fact. When not making images about algorithms and bio chem. Visualizing Complex Subject Matter for a Broad Audience The data’s been collected.. Often. and outliers that would not have been noticed with traditional tools. visuals are critical to helping the world at large understand the significance and ramifications of important and groundbreaking research. . The Creators Project and Popular Mechanics to name a few. She lives in Boston and is passionate about beautiful and compelling imagery. By looking at effective examples of science and technology imagery – and some that missed the mark – I’ll explore how clear and robust visuals are crucial to our understanding of complex work and how they help us to see more clearly the world we may inhabit in the future. or the promise of more efficient algorithms. She illustrates and designs largely for the world of science and technology and her work has been featured on Wired online. She also likes dogs. Trends detected. the BBC. Publication is imminent. This has made it possible to quickly understand trends. The Data Visualization Summit brings together leaders and experts in the field to ! explain and clarify the numerous benefits of using data visualization. more accessible and presented in a format that helps people better interact with the data as well as analyze it. she draws images of people in cities and exhibits her work. patterns. however there are new sets of data visualization tools that can take your analysis to a whole new level.About The Summit Data visualization greatly enhances not only data comprehension. The Power of Good Imagery. can illuminate those things that touch all of us—from the power of our cell phones to drug delivery devices to improved methods of learning online. Previous Speakers Christine Vielmetti Daniloff Director. or the significance of information extracted from big data sets. Now it’s time to share the work with the greater world. Images that show how deep-science works in the lab. Typically data is used for mining and reporting. The Data Visualization Summit will run concurrently with the Big Data Innovation Summit to add to these fantastic networking opportunities. accessible imagery. the most inviting path into complex material is through beautiful. But words and charts alone are not enough. Creative Design MIT Christine Daniloff is the Creative Design Director at MIT. advances and discoveries have been made and tested.

to our research approach. a notoriously tough crowd to engage. and interactive dashboard visualizations with the aim of empowering middle schoolers to take ownership of their goals and progress. VA based company specializing in information visualization and professional dashboards. Hadoop. Visualizing your LinkedIn Network with InMaps . data visualization and design. Data as Art Through Visualizations Art informs technology and technology informs art. and coax them towards their personal best. ! Further. Sal Uryasev Data Scientist Linkedin Sal Uryasev is the resident data werewolf at LinkedIn. Sal. Design National Center on AIM Kim Ducharme is Director of Design at CAST. one of the most popular visualizations on the web. including LinkedIn Skills. we share lessons learned while creating online educational environments that put struggling readers in charge of their learning.Kim Ducharme Director. From Middle-Schoolers Middle schoolers. 5 Lessons we Learned About Data Visualization. ! Sal specializes in data visualization. where she makes graphs. I discuss taking the same critical eye toward information design and data visualization as we would traditional means of communication and student insights. the first LinkedIn Data Visualization Scientist. Kim was with WGBH for 17 years. a rich network of reading content. data standardization and most importantly.linkedin. tells stories and talks to strangers. We played at the intersection of learning analytics. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School. ! LinkedIn InMaps (inmaps. before joining CAST. She's originally from Long Island. ! Before LinkedIn. where she headed up the interactive design group. These days she lives in Brooklyn. actually have a lot to say. will reveal some personal lessons on what an InMap says about the type of networker that you are. Kim teaches Interactive Information Design. where she!heads up design strategy and user experience for the development of interactive learning to engage. a and just downright hacking. information design and data visualization. and our design strategy.linkedin.A True Story Data visualization is a powerful tool for reducing a complex data set to actionable insights. does exactly that. Rani worked in the high desert as a culture editor at the Santa Fe Reporter. he worked on a data visualization framework at Juice Analytics. ! a design consultancy for user experience design. machine learning. and our quest through data platforms that led us to coming up with our own hybrid data visualization solution..! Rani Molla Editorial Producer GigaOm Rani is a multimedia journalist and an editorial producer at GigaOM. prototypes. She is founder of SenseMedia. and tools that expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning — a framework for creating flexible. affecting everything from how we operated as a group. As an adjunct faculty member at Northeastern. LinkedIn InMaps (inmaps. inform.. Before that she served as editor in chief of her Midwest alma mater's newspaper. !This talk tells the story of crunching through large networks on Hadoop. !He has worked on a number of data driven products. it’s useful to pay attention to how artists and designers solved problems before computers were involved. F TI L . where she specialized in data visualization and digital media. at the same time. Before heading to the big city. Technology enables new ways to present information but. She writes mostly about technology. The Oberlin Review. ! In this talk. inclusive curriculum. ! Data visualizations were central to our process.

How Do We Filter and Present Data to our Audience in a Clear and Exciting Way? How do we filter and present data to our audience in a clear and exciting way? With millions of daily readers. Tal is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. video. We accomplish this in part by presenting the data in multiple levels of interaction. with varying demographics and degrees of sophistication. How do we decide which stories are broad enough to attract a large audience.. we must present information as quickly and clearly as possible.Michael Workman Director. illustrator Eric Palma. and data visualization.. our readers can engage with the content while making it easy to understand the key concepts we are trying to convey. Prior to the Journal Sarah was infographics director at Fortune magazine and Fortune. Tal enjoys speculating in global financial markets and is interested in using mixed media to explore the intersection of art. Design The Boston Globe Michael Workman oversees the design and user experience of The Boston Globe's digital products and leads a team of data visualization programmers who work in the Globe newsroom. At first glance. And They Lived Happily Ever After. some of the best practices for visualizing data and dissect some successful (and some not so successful) examples of visual storytelling. now what? How do you find the story within your metrics in a way that informs and delights your audience? ! We'll look at the process of extracting narratives from datasets. She lives in Brooklyn.. Telling Stories with Data You've got data. She is a 15-year veteran of The New York Times where she worked as a graphics editor across all major news desks and as assistant editor managing the business graphics team. Sarah Slobin Senior Graphics Designer The Wall Street Journal Sarah Slobin is a senior graphics editor on the interactive graphics desk at The Wall Street Journal.. Prior to CNNMoney. where he majored in graphic design.5 Lessons we Learned About Data Visualization. Tal was the lead designer for the Business section of The Daily. By making the visualization fun. Tal Yellin Interactive Designer CNN Money Tal Yellin is an interactive designer at CNNMoney. and visually exciting. Her work as a visual journalist varies from deep data dives and visualizations to populist stories told with audio. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in history from CUNY—Queens College. ! He focuses on data visualization and infographics. NY with her daughter and her husband. where his work was recognized by the Society for News Design. finance. if they continue to explore. photography to illustrative infographics and diagrams. F TI L . He joined the Globe after 14 years as a print and online designer at The Baltimore Sun. From Middle-Schoolers Visualizing the News Using data to tell stories on the web presents unique challenges for journalists. more information is revealed. the first tablet-only news publication. yet focused enough to yield a cohesive narrative? How do we present data visualizations on devices of all sizes ! when the every user comes to our content with the same hunger for information? Find out ! how The Boston Globe has approached these questions in the context of longterm projects as well as breaking news. a viewer gets the overall picture.

government awards providing information design. naval vessels. and database developers. Creative Lead Parsons Institute for Information Mapping Jihoon Kang is Associate Director and creative lead at Parsons Institute for Information Mapping.S. Ray Somnath Founder TimeScape Somnath Ray is the founder of TIMESCAPE and the architect of its geo-temporal navigation interface. !Who is the cadre? !A team of visualization developers.S. For starters. !How do you find them? !That's the cherry on the pie! Jihoon Kang Director. !How? ! This all starts with developing a proactive and iterative framework that is made up of an integrated data visualization cadre. study history. under the direction of the late Prof. ! ! In 2012. !If your customers want pie (charts) then give it to them. information design. Boston and New Delhi. Feed Them Pie:! Processes. he was awarded the Humanitarian Award for Design Innovation by the MIT Technology Review. in 2007 Ray won first ! place in the eVolo International Skyscraper Competition.! Brent’s M. where he has been the Co-Principal Investigator on four U. testers.! Ray leads the TIMESCAPE team at DPlay Labs. analysts. throw out the established rule book. Previously he worked at Northrop Grumman where he built dashboard applications that collected and transmitted metrics aboard U.B. Ray holds an MSc in Design and Computation from MIT where he worked on the City Car Project as a part of Media Lab's Smart Cities group.Brent Meyers Data Visualization Developer Quintiles Brent Meyers is a Data Visualization Developer at the clinical research organization Quintiles. and the project was covered by the BBC. and communication with data in conjunction with Graphic User Interface (GUI) design and User Experience (UX) design. !This tyranny not only stymies "good" visualization design. and brew beer. which is a suite of SaaS applications that aid in efficiently bringing bio-pharma products to market. !These horrid charts can be blended into an effective report after establishing a rapport with your customers. I found that the data visualization "world" had fallen under the spell of an inflexible rule-base tyranny. education and his time as a naval officer have taught him the art of global communication and clean design concepts. He is also the publisher of the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping Graphic User Interface (GUI) Design and User Experience (UX) Design Jihoon Kang’s presentation will focus on a few of his projects touch on data visualization. that operates across the domains of interaction and architecture. but also "good" data design. If Your Audience is Hungry. In his free time Brent endeavors to improve his Krispy Kreme Challenge race time. Ray's works have been published and exhibited in New York. Ray also holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia University. The New School. Earlier. Practices and Ruminations on Visualization Reports In the midst of witnessing a hysterical debate over the use or non-use of pie charts. F TI L . Graphic User Interface (GUI) design and user experience (UX) expertise to design and develop nextgeneration Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems as well as the investigation of best practices for big data visualization.! Currently he works on Quintiles Infosario®. William Mitchell. a design and technology lab he founded in 2011.A.

you see how varying one parameter affects the others. F TI L . a venture-backed newsreader company. they will play with your data and do the work of convincing themselves. by Inc. Leslie Bradshaw Chief Operating Officer Gui. I'll talk about my work creating interactive data visualizations to convey conclusions in astroparticle physics. Dan received his master's degree in computer science at Vanderbilt in May 2013. and those interaction inform your conclusions. recently winning the NYC NASA space apps challenge and the Bit. generated over $13M in revenue during her six year tenure as President and COO. and farmer. Having built a world-renowned data visualization company (JESS3) at the age of 24—which counted Nike. social scientist. technology. If you provide the same capacity to your audience. In addition to serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Guide. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Chicago and co-founder of her family's pinot noir vineyard in Oregon's Willamette Valley. datadriven Leslie is a passionate entrepreneur. and Intel as clients. 500 in 2012—Leslie now advises storytelling agencies and data visualization startups in her spare time. including interactive simulations of all our local galaxies. where he also completed his undergraduate degree in computer engineering. she is a Fellow at the US Chamber of Commerce where she explores the economic and policy implications of big data. NASA. Leslie is also a regular contributor at Forbes and has been recognized by Fast Company as one of ‘The Most Creative People in Business’. You try Hack to the Future events. 430 spot on the Inc. Google. C-SPAN. Dan built a software interface in collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to assist in collecting and analyzing data from an instrument that could be used to determine the composition of materials within our solar system. and entrepreneurship. Prior to working on this project.Jonathan Roberts Research Scientist New York University Jon Roberts has ten years of research experience on topics ranging from producing dark matter at the Large Hadron Collider to how the highest energy cosmic rays reach us from distant galaxies. and earned the No. Think about how you understand data as a data scientist. Magazine as a ‘Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30” and by Mashable as one of ’44 Female Entrepreneurs to Know’ Dan Burger Web App Developer Vanderbilt Universtiy Dan Burger is a web applications developer at Vanderbilt University and is currently active in the development and maintenance of Filtergraph. He consults on data science and visualization problems with New York tech startups and can often be found at hackathons in the city. Playing With Galaxies Adding interactivity to a data visualization allows your audience to play with data.

networking events & annual subscription to IE. annual subscription to IE. Ways to Register +1 415 992 7502 +1 323 446 7673 Register Here F TI L . 2014 Santa Clara. membership $1995 Access to all Data Visualization. membership. Full access to co-located Big Data Innovation Summit $1295 Early Bird Price (before Aug 08) $1595 Early Bird Price (before Aug 08) $1795 Early Bird Price (before Aug 08) Group Discount Offers 3 Silver Passes: 5 Silver Passes: 3 Gold Passes: 5 Gold Passes: $3000 ($1000 per attendee) $4500 ($900 per attendee) $3900 ($1300 per attendee) $6000 ($1200 per attendee) For group discounts on All Inclusive * Team discounts are applicable at the point of registration only. larger groups or special requests contact Patrick by calling +1 415 992 7632 or email plewis@theiegroup. networking events. CA Registration Pricing Silver Pass Gold Pass Diamond Pass $1495 Access to all sessions & networking events $1795 Access to all sessions.The Information Data Visualization Summit Date: Location: April 9 & 10.

.com Group passes only available when all participants register together. or you will be charged the full fee.. larger groups or special requests contact Rose by calling +1 310 598 7733 or email rpalmer@theiegroup. Payment Options. Early Bird Pass Options until Jan 31. membership Diamond Pass: Access to all Data Viz sessions. Delegate Information. 2014 Early Bird Silver: $1295 Early Bird Gold: $1595 Early Bird Diamond: $1795 Attendees ____ Attendees ____ Attendees ____ Group Discount Pass Options 3 Silver Passes $3000 ($1000 per attendee) 5 Silver Passes $4550 ($900 per attendee) 3 Gold Passes $3900 ($1300 per attendee) 5 Gold Passes $6000 ($1200 per attendee) Regular Pass Options after Jan 31. . You must notify The Innovation Enterprise in writing of a cancellation. The Innovation Enterprise reserve the right to make changes to the program without notice. Team discounts are applicable at the point of registration only. 2014 incur an administrative charge of 50%. Pass Types. networking events.. NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT.. Cancellations before August 8. please call Rose on +1 310 598 7733 or fax this registration form to +1 (323) 446 7673 1. CARDHOLDER’S SIGNATURE Invoice me Discover BILLING ADDRESS INDUSTRY Prices are exclusive of VAT. annual subscription to IE. 2014 | Santa Clara For registration or more information on the program. NAME OF EACH ATTENDEE TITLE OF EACH ATTENDEE COMPANY ADDRESS STATE/PROVINCE EMAIL OF EACH ATTENDEE ZIP/POSTAL CODE DEPARTMENT INDUSTRY CITY COUNTRY BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER 2. Pass Descriptions: Silver Pass: Access to all sessions & networking events Gold Pass: Access to all sessions. 2014 you will be charged the full fee.. Places are transferable without any charge to another Summit occurring within 12 months of the original purchase. 2014 Silver Pass: $1495 Gold Pass: $1795 Diamond Pass: $1995 Attendees ____ Attendees ____ Attendees ____ For group discounts on All Inclusive Passes.Registration Form Data Visualization Summit April 9 & 10. If you cancel your registration after August 8.. membership & Strategic Analysis Report 3. Check (Make checks payable to The Innovation Enterprise Ltd) Visa CARD NUMBER CARDHOLDERS NAME Mastercard American Express EXPIRATION DATE Diners Club SECURITY NO. networking events & annual subscription to IE. Any cancellations within a group registration will in turn incur an increase in registration fee for the remaining group participants.

15.19.30 10.00 .10.00 Coffee Break 15.00 12.30 Session Six 10.15.00 15.13.30 Session Seven 13.00 Lunch 12.10.00 .00 17.30 Session Four 15.30 Session Two 10.17.30 13.13.00 .30 Session Eight 15.30 .Schedule Day One 08.15.00 Lunch 12.30 .30 Session Three 13.30 10.00 Coffee Break 10.10.30 .12.00 F TI L .00 Day Two 08.00 17.30 .30 .10.30 .00 Networking Drinks 17.30 Session One 08.00 April 10 10.00 15.00 April 9 10.00 15.00 12.00 .17.00 .30 Coffee Break 15.00 19.12.30 13.15.30 .00 .30 .30 15.00 .00 Coffee Break 10.30 Session Five 08.

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