Eligibility for IES Exams

Union Public Service commission (UPSC) conducts Indian Engineering Services Examination (IES) to make recruitments in different Government Departments for different engineering services or posts !"ere are four ma#or categories under $"ic" t"e recruitment process completed including Civil Engineering% &ec"anical Engineering% Electrical Engineering and Electronics ' !elecommunication Engineering !"e #obs under t"ese categories are "ig"l( reputed and t"erefore t"e competition is reall( toug" )arge number of students appl( for t"e exams for limited number of vacancies generall(% *++, -++ vacancies !"e selection process for exam includes $ritten test and personal intervie$ rounds !"e candidates need to .ualif( $ritten test first% onl( t"an t"e( are .ualif( for t"e personal intervie$ rounds !"e $ritten test consists of /+++ marks $"ereas t"e personalit( test consists of 0++ marks Eligibility criteria for IES Exams Indian Engineering Services or IES "eld on 1ll,India basis and t"e eligibilit( criteria to appl( for t"e IES exam is as follo$s2 Nationality: 1 candidate needs to be2 (a) 1 citi3en of India% or (b) a sub#ect of 4epal% or (c) a sub#ect of 5"utan% or (d) a !ibetan refugee $"o came over to India before /st 6anuar(% /780 $it" t"e intention of permanentl( settling in India or (e) a person of Indian origin $"o "as migrated from 5urma% Pakistan% East 1frican countries of 9en(a% Sri )anka% t"e United :epublic of !an3ania% Uganda% &ala$i% ;ambia% Et"iopia and <ietnam% ;aire $it" t"e intention of permanentl( settling in India Prepare online for UPSC IES Mechanical Engineering Exam, Visit goo.gl/g7bQQ Age Requirements: 1 candidate s"ould attain t"e age of 0/ (ears and maximum of =+ (ears 1ge relaxation is provided for certain lo$er sections of societ(

as $ell as to Government servants in certain categories Educational Qualifications: !o be eligible for t"e IES examination% a candidate must "ave (an( one of t"e follo$ing)2 > 1ttained a degree in Engineering from a Universit( incorporated b( an 1ct of t"e Central or State )egislature in India or ot"er Educational Institutions establis"ed b( an 1ct of Parliament or declared to be deemed as Universities under Section = of t"e Universit( Grants Commission 1ct% /7?8@ or > Completed Section 1 and 5 of t"e Institution Examinations of t"e Institution of Engineers (India)@ or > 1ttained a degreeAdiploma in Engineering from suc" foreign Universit(ACollegeAInstitution and under suc" conditions as ma( be recogni3ed b( t"e Government for t"e purpose from time to time% or > Completed Graduate &embers"ip Examination of t"e Institute of Electronics ' !elecommunication Engineers (India)@ or > Completed 1ssociate &embers"ip Examination Parts II and IIIASections 1 and 5 of t"e 1eronautical Societ( of India@ or > Completed Graduate &embers"ip Examination of t"e Institution of Electronics ' :adio Engineers% )ondon "eld after 4ovember% /7?7 > Candidate for t"e post of Indian 4aval 1rmament Service (Electronics Engineering Posts and Engineer Group B1C in Direless Planning and Coordination DingA&onitoring Ergani3ation) ma( possess an( of t"e above .ualifications or t"e .ualification mentioned belo$ namel(2 & Sc degree or its e.uivalent $it" Direless Communication% Electronics% :adio P"(sics or :adio Engineering as a special sub#ect Prepare online for UPSC IES Mechanical Engineering Exam, Visit goo.gl/g7bQQ Source2 iesacadem(