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I B.Sc. Fashion Design I I Diploma in Fashion Design and Boutique Management I I M.Sc. in Fashion Design I I M.A. in Fashion Administration I I Govt. Certificate Course in Garment Mfg. & Fashion Designing I I Paithani & Khadi Production T raining Courses I I Computerised Fashion Designing & Garment Mfg. I

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Mahatma Gandhi Mission. Management. This activity of the trust provided an ideal base for starting as Institution for training and education in the field of Garment manufacturing and fashion designing. Biotechnology. and Nanded in the Maharashtra State & fourth campus was recently setup at Noida (UP). Their dyeing and printing is done with natural dyes. After receiving the recognition as study centre by YCMOU. Cotton and Silk Handloom fabrics. MGM introduced Bachelor and post graduate level courses in fashion designing. MGM Institute of Fashion Designing has started its educational activities with Paithani and handloom training and government vocational board’s one year certificate course in garment manufacturing and fashion designing. Medicine. The trust has recently ventured into manufacturing Paithani. established 1982. Mumbai. The trust has several institutions covering disciplines like Engineering. a most popular traditional MaharashtrianSaree. Preserving Indian Heritage Through Natural Resources and Technology . Journalism and others. has number of Institutions in its four campuses at Aurangabad.

Traditions & Culture while imparting them a basic and higher education in textiles. KHADI OVER THE DECADES. MOVED FROM A FREEDOM FIGHTER’S IDENTITY FABRIC TO A FASHION GARMENT Our Institue Pledges to promote Khadi.MISSION Our Institute Aims at enlightening the students about Indian Heritage.Apparels and Fashion Designing assuring them Bright professional career and future. VISION Our Vision is to create an academic atmosphere where highest standard of Professional practices are observed and all-round development of students including social concerns about our traditional values and environment is ensured.Silk and Wool dyed/printed with natural dyes.using .made from natural fibres like Cotton.Paithani Sari & Apparels.

 Sourcing natural dyes from different plants. This main objective will be achieved through following Programmes. Dry-cleaning. INDIAN HANDLOOMS. etc. These fabrics will be used to make fashionable garments. light. The very first fragment of Indian handloom was excavated from the parts of Egypt before finely woven and dyed cotton fabrics were found in Mohenjo Daro (Indus Valley Civilization).eco-friendly and energy saving techniques.  Innovative designs will be created by weaving on Paithani looms and by printing using natural dyes on cotton. silk and wool fabric. There were some more excavations that speak of the golden .  Age-old Paithani Khadi Manufacturing activities will be revived so as to provide gainful employment especially for women through training programs. Indian hand loom fabrics have been known since time immemorial.  To develop dyeing & printing techniques using the new extracted dyes from Plants.  To create testing facilities at the Institute to check Quality of the dyed fabric particularly with reference to its colour fastness to washing.

.) and used to export cotton and silk to great Roman Empire. In fact Khadi had a most helicons role in marriages where Indian brides ware presented with hada charkha to encourage spinning of the yarn. The interaction between the Hindu and Muslim rulers during Medieval period gave rise to new styles. Buddhist era scripts also have woolen carpets. The piassavas in the 18 th century had a special love for paithani textiles. PATHANI SARI The art of paithani sari is more than 2000 yrs old developed in the then splendid city of pratishthan ruled by the legendary satavahanas ruler. Nizam of Hydra bad was attracted to the Paithani and mode several trips to paithan. KHADI History of Khadi meaning any fribric that is handspun ad hand woven dates back to ancient times when the Aryans in the Vedic period produced their cloth. Even. Peshawar in 18 th century encouraged this fascination art of Paithani and Patronized production in Paithan. It was in 1972 that Gandhi Launched a movement of spin your own cloth and buy handspun cloth which gained momentum making Khadi the fabric of the freedom struggle. Paithani was capital of the satavahanas dynasty (200 B.history of Indian handloom. the Vedic literature also has mention of Indian weaving styles. Now Paithan in Marathwada. By gold embroidered sari with its wonderful designs and woven borders.c. The Marathas extended their patronage to textile activities. considered as one of ten. Paithani sari mode from fine silk and expensive sari.

. These programmers provide opportunities to both boys and girls to become responsible members of the society who will generate value addition and resources for the new age of global economy. ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES YCMOU in consultation with the experts in field of fashion designing have come up with new academic programmes in line with the objects of the university and are created to help the fashion industry to get required human resources.Father of our Nation MAHATMA GANDHI Was First true Indian Designer when he urged the people of India to wear Khadi Garments.

1 yrs . In Fashion Design (V 31) Duration .10 + 2 from a recognized board in any discipline First year Second year Element of Design fashion Fashion Studies Fashion Model Drawing Fashion IIustration Pattern making and Construction I Communication Skills Introduction To Textiles Computer Application -II Machinery and Equipments Fundamentals of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Traditional Textiles and Embroidery of India Garment Construction History of Fashion Third Year Envoirnment Science Recent Advances in Apparel Industries Range Development Men’s Wear Principles of Management Women’s Wear Textile &Garment Quality Analysis Assurance Draping Surface Ornamentation Techniques Pattern making and Construction -II Computer Application -I Diploma in Fashion Design and Boutique Management (V36) Duration .UNDER GRADUATE COURSES B.3 Yrs Eligibility . Sc.

Eligibility . lnchargeetc to have strong base for higher education l fashion decision.12 thStd pass or Equivalent or 10 th pass plus Preparatory to Graduation or equivalent. Programme outline First Sem Fashion Studies Pattern Making and Construction Surface Ornamentation Techniques Fabric sourcing tar Fashion Design Computer Application Second Sem Fashion Marketing Entrepreneur Skill Development Visual Merchandising Creative Design Project Range design development and costing The prospects after completing the course: To avail the opportunities to work in the fashion industry As Assistant Designer / Assistant Merchandiser / Assistant Stylist / Pattern Maker / Assistant Production. Any Degree from Recognized University + Min. Sc. MASTERS COURSES M.2 yrs Eligibility . in Fashion Design (V 32) Duration .Degree in Fashion Design from Recognized University. 60% in CET Programme outline .

Programme outline Economics for Manger Accounting & Finance for Manager Apparel Production and Quality Management Brand Management .2 Yrs Eligibility .Graduation from recognized university and passing special YCMOU entrance test.A.FFirst Year Aesthetic in Design Design Management Fashion Art Appreciation Design Development Process Fashion Studies Research Methods and of Statistics Surface Ornamentation Technique eaSecondYearr Brand Design Aesthetic in Design . in Fashion Administration (P 94) Duration .II Fashion Forecasting Advance Styling Range Development Project Dissertation M.

development of resources. . guest lectures.Introduction to Fashion Business History of Fashion Business Management & Organizational Behaviour Fashion Merchandising Fashion Category Management Research Methods & Quantitative Techniques-I Advertising and Sales Management Fashion Buying and Merchandising Retail Mathematics Logistics and Supply Chain Management Project Industrial Training (1Month) Research Methods and Quantitative Techniques -II The prospects after completing the Course: To avail the opportunities to work in the fashion industry as Merchandiser / Assistant Production Incharge. the students will have to bear expenditure towards extra services like study four. FEE STRUCTURE Head of Fee University Program (UPF) Study Center Fee (SCF) Total program fee Proposed annual Fee 22000 /18000/40000/- In addition to the Study Centre fee. Fashion buyer executing the Managerial level Jobs in Fashion industry. Category Manager. Brand Manager. Store Manager.

consumable etc. Duration) This test is administered to judge the skill. idioms and phrases. The examination fee repeater students per course shall 400.Sc. Fashion Design The candidates applying for M. General Ability Test (GAT) : 30 Marks (1/2) hr.00 Fees for Foreign Nationals will be Five times that for Indian Nationals. Detailed Prospectus are available at website http:/ycmou. antonyms.correct spelling etc. one word substitutes. CREATIVE ABILTY TEST (CAT) : 50 Marks (2 hrs. 2) English Comprehension: This sub-test is to test one's ability to comprehend a situation from a give passage. ENTRANCE TEST  M. Words with corresponding meaning.(FD) will be administered with General Ability Test (GAT) and Creative Ability Test (CAT) for the written entrance examination. plural.000 /. An important aspect of the test is candidate's . singular. innovation and design ability of the candidate. Duration This test will comprise of various sub-tests as given below: 1) Communication Ability : This sub-tests is aimed at testing the language ability of the candidates in day to day communication in English It Includes question on synonyms. power of observation. for which the center will charge extra amount of not more than 20.per annum. 3) General Knowledge: This sub-test is aimed to evaluate the candidate's general knowledge and current affairs related to Fashion Industry.

It includes questions on synonyms. Cost Sheet. rate of interest. . division. The sub test consists of questions on addition. idioms and phrases. plural.test is aimed at testing the language ability of the candidates in day to day communication in English. INTERVIEW BY EXPERTS – 20 Marks On the day of examination the students will be interview by expert's panel  M. singular. work and task. correct spellings.knowledge about fashion including Concept Development. antonyms. etc. Students will be provided with the theme and will have to develop two designs with the details mentioned above. Surface Ornamentation) Flats and Specs. words with corresponding meanings.A. General Ability Test (GAT) : 50 Marks (60 mins Duration) This test will Comprise of various sub-as given below: 1) Quantitative Ability: This sub-test is designed to test the quantitative ability of the candidates. percentage. Story Board. Fashion Administration Entrance Test The candidates applying for this program will be administered with General Ability (GAT) and Management Ability Teat (MAT) For the written entrance examination. ratio and proportion. one word substitutes. 3) English Comprehension: This sub-test is aimed to once ability to comprehend a situation from given passage 4) Analytical Ability : This sub-test is designed to test the candidate’s inference and logic from the given information. Color Board. multiplication. distance. fraction. 5) General Knowledge and Current Affairs : This sub-test is designed to test the candidate’s general knowledge and current affairs. 2) Communication Ability: This sub. (Fabric Market.

KHADI.N. Paithani. Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi Mission. his concern for alternative source of energy and clean environment formed the basis of activities of KPRT centre. PAITHANI RESEARCH AND TRAINING (KPRT) CENTRE Khadi. duration) It is a test to judge the managerial effectiveness and interpersonal skills of the candidates.Kadam.Managerial Ability Test (mat): 50 marks (1 ½ hr. This test comprises of various sub-tests as given below : 1) Case Study : This sub-test is based on a situation of an industry environment. Research and Training Centre. was established in 2010. 2) Logical Ability : This sub-test is aimed to evaluate the candidate’s ability to identify the logic reason involved in a particular problem given and applying thelogic in solving the problem. thanks to the inspiring support and guidance of ShriA. It helps to evaluate the candidate’s managerial ability. Broad activities of the centre consist of: . His unfailing devotion towards ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. concepts and practice of creative lateral thinking are likely to be useful.

shawls. g) Dyeing: The finished khadi is dyed in beautiful natural colours from all the plant and mineral sourses available in nature and produces eco-friendly colorful dyed khadi. f) Knitting Section: Here woolen and khadi Knitting is done and various types of Sweters. c) Warping: The threads from the bobbins are winded together on warping wheel parallel to each other forming a warp beam of around 80 meters. h) Block Printing: Vegetable Printing is done using wooden and metal blocks with natural color pigments.salwar kameez.Shirts etc. KPRT centre aims at developing new techniques of producing totally ecofriendly cotton fabrics using natural dyes which are free from pollution problems generally .Beautiful Paithani is Created by the artisans developing a range from traditional to fancy Sarees with delicate floral motifs( flowers like lotus ald leaves) and animal motifs (Parrot.they pass through startching process and then winded together in bobbins on charkha. b) Winding: Cotton yarns produced in spinning section are brought forward in winding section to add strength to these yarns.Peacock and Swan) namely as Muniya. e) Paithani Weaving: Paithani Saree is Manufactured using coloured silk yarn.spinning of cotton yarns is done on charkha using solar energy where 10 women use 25 charkhas and produce 13-14 kg cotton yarn.Short kutas.a) Spinning:In this Section.ladies tops on jeans.Nehru shirt. d) Weaving: Khadi Cloth is manufactured on takes around 10-15 days to make 1 Paithani Saree on the Handloom.Ladies knitted tops are made.Bangdi Mor etc.Jackets.Sakhali mor.There are 2 looms for weving Paithani Sarees.jacket. and then stitched adapting the latest styles in fashion. i) Garment Designing & Stitching: Fashion Designer designs various patterns of khadi dresses like kurtis.There are 4 pitlooms and 2 paddle looms which produce around 50 mtrs khadi daily.Frocks.The warp beam is placed on the loom and the weft bobbin thread is placed on the shuttle.The weaving is done by interlacing of warp and weft khadi yarns on the loom.

Affiliation Govt.associated with synthetic dyes and meet the required quality (color fastness) standards.S. 01 Training Courses Code No. Certificate course in Garment FD Mfg. .C. Printing. No. Vocational Board MGM 02 03 Govt. SCFD and Fashion Designing Duration: 1 ½ Years MGM (PW) MGM 04 Minimum Qualification: . Duration : 3 to 6 months Paithani weaving and Fashion PWFD Designing Duration: 1 ½ Years Handloom weaving.S. Passed. Dyeing. and Fashion Designing Duration: 1Year Short Term Course in Computerized CFD Fashion Designing and Garment Mfg. Sr. KPRT centre aims at reviving handloom fabrics and paithani sari – a Maharashtrian heritage by introducing specialized training program at the centre and carrying out relevantR & D activities. TRAINING PROGRAM The following courses are offered by KPRT centre.

Basic Designs. Course No.includes six month training of manufacturing paithani sari and one year course of fashion designing (course 1). Course No. Course No.includes six month course of handloom weaving and one year course of fashion designing (course I). Career Opportunities: After undergoing the training.includes the following copies · · · · · Introduction to World Fashion. · Computer aided Fashion designing.2: . tailoring. female. Drafting Pattern Lay out and grading Construction (Practicals) Various Garments of children. male. Course No.This course is of short duration of 3 to 6 months and includes training in computerized fashion designing and garment manufacturing using commercial software. Fashion illustrations (Child. .Brief :. . Vocational Board Mumbai. Female. Colors and its effects. The examination is conducted and certificate is awarded by Govt. 1: .4: .3: . approved full time course. Male) Design Ideas. there are several avenues open for the students. The course 1 is govt.Details of the course. They can work as supervisors in cutting.

for famous. They can start their own boutique or work as freelancer fashion designer. Another feature of this newly established Institute of Fashion Designing is its location at an exciting place like Aurangabad which acquires distinction of being unique in the word. Mahatma Gandhi Mission has started from the year 2011 an Institution offering courses at undergraduate. textile designer and merchandiser in garment export house or mills. laboratories and class rooms supported by highly qualified. Students undergoing degree & diploma courses are exposed to these production activities and are immensely benefited. With higher Qualification they can achieve managerial assignments. DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE Considering the growing opportunities today in the field of garment manufacturing and fashion designing. handloom fabrics.9322950306 Email: sureshdd43@gmail. The city it well connected to all major cities via air. For further information and career guidance students are well come to visit the Institution. packing and other departments of a garment manufacturing unit. Ajanta and Ellora caves and is a hub of cultural and traditional activities like manufacturing popular silk Paithani saries and Himroo shawls. At MGM`s Khadi Paithani Research and Training Centre (KPRTCentre) traditional Paithani saries. They can work as fashion designer. Deshpande Director MOB:.embroidery. Institute has well equipped fashion design . natural color dyed fabrics and aesthetic dress materials & garments are produced. experienced and committed teaching faculty guiding them in all aspects right from the fibers to fabrics and fashionable garments. Dr. rail and road. postgraduate & diploma level in garment manufacturing and fashion designing. S. D. Good Hostel accommodation is available for the needy students.

Cidco. Aurangabad -431005 Maharashtra INDIA Phone.0240-2471066 0240-2470167 cell-+91 9322950306 . sureshdd43@gmail.CONTACT US Mahatma Gandhi Mission Institute of Fashion Designing and Khadi. Paithani Research & Training Center JNEC.

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