An easy way to manage your canteen transactions!!! Many organizations provide canteen facility to its employees, but proper management of meals per employee is a cumbersome task. The software design provides a user

Purpose The Canteen Management System keeps track of daily activities carried out in a canteen. System helps canteen administrator to keep the track of daily food consumption.eport printing with all the criteria combination  Maintain and -enerate report of individual employees+contractor+subcontractor account on daily+weekly+monthly+yearly basis  'port to 'cel. also reduces employees' time for placing an order and simplifies all the canteen related process.friendly system that facilitates quick and efficient operation to cover larger section of employees for an organization. thumb scanning(  Maintains employee database with photograph which in turn also helps in maintaining all employee records. &ro'imity.  "dvance information on the usage of the canteen facilities by the employees on any day or shift can be notified to the caterers. The system is going to maintain a calendar for canteen so that administrators can preplan the menus for particular timeslot.  Special rules ) regulation can also be integrated within system. The software also provides paperless and cashless transaction solution and also has network based solutions to operate multiple counters simultaneously in a closed environment.educe administrative work  liminates human error in accounting  !ncrease efficiency by speeding up the overall process  .  /elps in resource+raw material planning for canteen  &revent food wastage  Secure and speedy transactions  . #S.. The system will also maintain available menus with their rates and quantity. The system will interact with RFId cards and Finger Print Scanner for mployee !dentification and "uthentication of transactions at #anteen Features !  asy swapping system on counter with transaction verification facility$%arcode. Project Scope The system will maintain location wise canteen details of particular organization. smart card.eports for quick interpretation of consumption .  *etails for *aily+weekly+monthly+yearly report meal taken by employee  "ccount report daily +weekly +monthly+ yearly  %ill printing on daily+ weekly+ monthly basis A"#antages !  mployee verification and employee details records  asy . options are available  Tailor made reporting can be developed as per requirement.

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