September 16th-I contributed by asking a question in regards to the relativity of tradition.

I asked that, as polygamy is spoken of in the Bible yet is not considered a healthy practice by today s social norms, !hat makes this different from anything else mentioned in the Bible that is no! taboo" It !as #iet$sche s The Genealogy of Morals that prompted me to raise these ostentatious marks of erudition. September 1%th-In regards to the nature of income and life e&pectancy, I asked !hat !ould happen if you brought this up to radically capitalist 'epublicans" (ould they argue that this empirical data is entirely false" )r !ould they see it as only *ust" September +,rd-(hen it !as brought up that sociologists tend to favor culture over biology, I asked if this could result in a loss in credibility in other academic fields. -fter all, culture is not quantifiable. September !ondered, though did not voice my inquiry, ho! /eorbe 0erbert 1ead s definition of the 2)ther2 !as similar to the 3acanian conception of it. 4ruth be told, both have such a comple&, intentionally multilayered, post-continental meaning behind them that I !ould have been confused had I articulated my curiosity. September ,5th-I questioned *ust ho! in-depth the functionalist analogy for the human body can be. 6oes it mean that every respect component of the human anatomy can have an equivalent in society" )ctober +nd-I asked if the Saphir-(hoorf 0ypothesis !as inherently synonymous !ith the concept of linguistic determinism. )ctober 7th-I asked !hy it !as that the term 2status symbol2 seems to have become populari$ed and even normali$ed in the modern-day vernacular. (hy is it that this, as a sociological principle, has stuck" )ctober 8th-I asked if there !as ever a nation !hich !as on the line bet!een industrial and post-industrial, if it s possible for a nation to be a bit of both as opposed to merely in transition. )ctober 19th-#:)ctober 16th-I questioned if the different types of organi$ations ;utilitarian, normative, etc.< could account for destitution. 4hat is to say, if an overabundance in any one or more of these organi$ations could result in an imbalance !hich impacts the !hole of society, outside of political affairs. )ctober 1%th-I confess that, due to a state of somnolence, I remained silent and merely took notes. )ctober +1st-See the above e&cuse.

as compared to those in the Industrial 'evolution<. sociology may be more focused on the human condition. 4hey may lose scholarships and financial a principle< is focused more on human nature. 6ecember +nd-I asked !hy it !as that.2 6oes it have its roots in any kind of monarchist. I questioned the origins of laisse$-faire leadership. . generally speaking. specifically that 2if society simply condensed all criminals in *ail. due to the 4itle I@ complaint being brought to a federal level. and consequently may not be able to attend the university. #ovember 11th--bsent due to hospitali$ation.S. -fter all. *ust because they can only afford food that is generally detrimental to their health" #ovember +nd-4hough not relevant to the lecture.5th-6ue to the fact that recent trends in the ?. Is it the bane of democratic theory" #ovember 9th-I confess I did not take any notes for this class.)ctober +. the )ccupy (all Street movement operates under a similar assertion. !orking-class -mericans had easier access to their immediate needs . economy have made it more difficult to move up the ladder and even !orsened the status of some people. )ctober +%th-I asked !hat the origins of the belief stated in the lecture. and is receiving si$able funding from the state. then the rest of society !ould live happily ever after. that students !ho are both male and female no! have their education at ?>onn *eopardi$ed. #ovember 1%th. I questioned the fact that.I brought forth the fact that. !hereas psychology . even at a place such as ?>onn !hich values its engineering and math programs. =udeo->hristian tradition" )ctober .rd-I questioned if 'obert 1erton s theory of deviance amongst lo!-income homes !as instantly questioned !ith rebuttal from more far-right economists. #ovember 16th-3ittle to no participation. still neglects its sociology department" Is it a trend in industry" 6ecember 9th-I made a distinction that. #ovember 8th--bsent due to hospitali$ation. 6oes this mean that they are truly better off.