TERMS RELATED TO PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE ƥ PSYCHOLOGY: dynamic interinter-connected relationship between a personƞs thoughts. body reaction and behavior and their social and cultural experiencies . feelings.

ƥ PSYCOLOGICAL INTERVENTIONS: These are defined as the nonnon-biological interventions that are instituted to treat mental disorder or to promote mental health and wellwell-being. .

ƥ FEAR: ƥ Fear is a very powerful and a primitive human emotion. It his of two types of responses:responses: * biochemical response * emotional response .

increased heart rate and high adrenaline levels. . his/ her body responds in a specific way. This results in preparing for Ɲfight or flightƞ.ƥ Biological response: ƥ When a person confronts a perceived danger. ƥ It is automatic and is crucial to a personƞs survival. Physical reactions to fear include sweating.

These reactions may also be violent. .ƥ Emotional response: ƥ It is highly subjective and personal. ƥ Most persons show negative reactions ƥ It could be in the form of mental paralysis wherein the brain under the influence of fear stops thinking or reacting and may trigger irrelevant actions posing increased danger to the victim under fear.

ƥ STRESS: ƥ Events and situations leading to both biochemical and emotional responses in a human mind thus affect human psychology. . ƥ There are primary stressors that set in because of personal experiences and mostly while disaster effects are active.

ƥ These are compounded when more number of people feel a loss simultaneously and fear gives way to anger and protest. .ƥ The secondary stressors set in at individual or community level and cause longlong -lasting effects.

ƥ STRAIN: ƥ The effects of stress feltby humans lead to: Tension fear helplessness anxiety conflicts hopelessness suicide .

It is developed due to lack of awareness or repeated actions on the part of the victim going without facing any incident. .COMMON BEHAVIOR PATTERN ƥ Complacency ƥ Poor awareness Complacency is the biggest drawback in the community particularly in the developing world.

while rumors are spontaneous and generated among the victim and also propagated by them.PILLARS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE ƥ Propaganda ƥ Rumors Propaganda is either strategic or tactical. .

capacity building programs for the people. ƥ Active community participation. .COUNTER ACTION ƥ Collection and distribution of information ƥ Check on grapevine ƥ Educating masses on preventive. mitigation measures and preparedness. ƥ Effective media participation.