Iris Magic 1000 BK

World Best Dual Iris Camera
This Dual Iris scanner has proven algorithm which gives world’s best accuracy and with automated iris acquisition for ease of use, simultaneously captures the best quality dual iris images in only seconds. The Dual Iris Scanner ensures clear in-focus iris images with the sharpest iris texture, unlike most auto focusing iris cameras; accomplished via use of patented algorithm for determining optimal iris focus. BioEnable SDK greatly simplifies the application program development in the host PC and is both, powerful and easy to use.

Who said it wasn't possible at this price...
capture mode Focal Distance

Auto Capture with buil-in quality check (incorporets NIST quality consideration) 12 cm- 17 cm from the front of camera mirror to eyes (Optimal distance =14 cm, Facas depth = 5cm)

Key Benefits:
ItiTech's Proven algorithm= Ø Words'-best accuracy Compact with USB interface = Ø Easy hardware integration Powerful & easy to-use SDK= Ø Removes the drudgeries of application software development Security infrastructure= Ø PKI encryption system Local De-duplication Powerful Ø Quality Measurement available

Image resolution Sensor Resolution

Output is ISO standard 640 x 450 Pixels per eye, 8 bit Grayscale (ISO/IEC 19794-6) (Higher Resolution Output Available as Option) VGA (1.3M & 2M option ) (Pixels) Camera Case : 117 x 56 x 39 mm (4.6 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches )


Camera Case with IP54 : 122 x 60 x 40 mm (4.8 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches ) Alignment aid : 195 x 146 x 83 mm (7.7 x 5.7 3.3 inches )

Power IIIumination Environmental Usage Resolution Connectivity Security Certificates

Single USB Bus Powered (DC + 5V+ 5% ) Two infrared LEDs, one per eye, (Retained Intensity of 0.2 mW/cm for each LED) 0'C to + 50 'C Operating; 0% to 95% Humidity, Non-Condensing Indoor; Outdoor (avoid direct sunlight and bright reflections ) Spatial : > 60% @ 4.0 Lp/mm, Pixel /mm USB 2.0, USB-IF certified PKI (2048bit) and AES (256 bit); x509 Certified, PFX/PKCS#12 Certificate Eye safety (ICE 60825-1), FCC class A, RoHS, IP54 (option), USB-IF, WHQL, STQC


Toll Free : 1800 209 2131

MP. USB Powered Ø IR illumination Imaging wave length Environmental Usage Illumination Ancillary SW HOST OS Applications Ø Secure Identity management Secure Logon for Desktop/Web Ø Civil ID applications Ø Ø Child Identification Ø UID Aadhaar Authentication NORTH Region (J&K. Assam. Karnataka. Haryana.. Kerala) 020 – 66813621 020 – 66813622 020 – 66813625/6 020 – 66813627 BioEnable Technologies Pvt.668136772. W x H x D = 7. New Delhi.020 – 66813624 | Software Enquiry . Channel Enquiry . Non-condensing Indoor. Odisha. Tripura. Chandigarh. With this product we have joined the select list of global companies who have their own Iris scanning technology. 850 nano meters 0°C to +50°C Project / Tender Enquiry .011. Features Ø High resolution Iris images Ø Easy to operate design Ø Works with multiple Iris Software Ø Development Kits Ø USB interface.5cm Attractively designed. Sample codes in C#. BioScan 10 was first Slap fingerprint scanner by an Indian company and was developed in collaboration with an European OEM manufacturer. An ISO 9001 : 2008 Company WEST Region (Maharashtra.66813622 | International SALES : +91-9326170556. U.1cm x 17. H. Tamil Nadu. Goa. Ltd. SDK. The device has a force capture mode.41522335 | Hyderabad . Manipur. 0% to 95% humidity. Nagaland. Bioenable Iris one is the first Iris scanner to be designed & manufactured by an Indian company. for single eye. easy to carry Specially designed rugged case to meet IP67 requirement. Jharkhand) EAST Region (West Bengal. Outdoor (avoid direct sunlight and bright reflections) Six infrared LED's.P.Bioenable Iris One BioEnable launches Single eye Iris Scanner called “Bioenable Iris one”.020 . Demo Application Program.+91 9959644644 www.020 . Earlier BioEnable launched BioScan10 an Slap Fingerprint scanner certified by STQC india for UID Aadhaar . Bioenable Iris one was designed and developed with over 2 years of research.. Rajasthan) SOUTH Region (Andra Pradesh. Specifications Item Capture Capture Distance Interface Image Resolution Power Device dimension Case <=2Cm.. Arunachal Pradesh.Net MS Windows family 32bit/64bit Specifications Force Capture.bioenabletech.5cm x 9. Mizoram) Delhi .single eye. +91-20-66813623 Toll Free : 1800 209 2131 sales@bioenabletech. Uttarakhand. Gujarat. USB 2. light. 8 bit gray-scale Single USB Powered. BioScan Iris one has been developed by BioEnable without any collaboration or support from existing iris manufacturer.P. Punjab.0 Output is ISO standard 640*480 pixels .