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Crossed roller type RSD. compact size. . loadcapacity 175. A variet sizes and lengths an such offering the designer maximum flexibility. Max. fitted with cylindrical rollers. length of one piece 1400 mm.500 N. Offers a high rigidity and compact size. 4. Roller diameter sizes 1. All products can be supplied in stainless steel or with various platings. For operations with extreme dynamics the ACCsolution is available. Needle guide precision type PNUA. Thanks to the entlarged contact area of the rolling surface the loadratings are 3 x higher. Longer lengths will be ground together and can be matched. Our all metal design offers zero cage creep in all mounting orientations.2842. with needle bearings offer extremly high stiffness and rigidity.5 – 24 mm. through-hardened 58 – 62 Hrc. Roller diameter sizes 3.3505 or 1. Max. 6 and 9mm.BEARINGS Linear Bearings PrecisieMetaal linear bearings are suitable for applications requiring high precision positioning. Type N+O and M+V. fitted with cylindrical rollers or balls. They can support loads and moments in every direction with a very smooth and preloaded operation. 1. Crossed roller type RSDE. Specifications Anti-friction guideways are made of bearing steel No.PM . limited strokelength and a long operational lifetime.

003) and a long operation lifetime. loadcapacity 3. Weight 2–70 grams. For rapid and precise linear motions. Max. Low profile crossed roller table type RTS (steel). Strokelength 10–950 mm. extremly low uniform coefficient of friction (<0. Strokelength 10–250 mm. Strokelength 12–130 mm. Strokelength 5–70 mm. are factory pre-loaded. Max. In 3 sizes available. loadcapacity 71. to achieve the best possible operating results.BEARINGS Frictionless Precision Slides PM frictionless slides. . loadcapacity 35. Max. to assure high accuracy.PM . Miniature precision stainless steel ball slide type PMM.672 N Dust-protected roller table type RTNG (steel /cast-iron). Each type comes with mounting holes drilled to a standard configuration to permit quick assembly in the application. The crossed roller slides. are ready-to-install 1-axis components for precise limited linear movements. Crossed roller table type RT (steel/cast-iron) and lightweight model RTA (aluminium).100 N. The mounting surfaces of the slides are precision ground.550 N. use PM linear bearings.

Strokelength 100 – 800 mm. XY-stage type KT-3-SRM (steel).020 N. Strokelength 100x100 up to 300x300. For more detailed information please consult PM – BEARINGS.02mm read outs) as well with precision ball screws. Reading accuracy 0. Max. Modular square X-Y stages MSS.000 N. Micrometer roller table type MT (steel). Linear bearings type M+V for high stiffness and precision. Max. scalering (0. Ball screws with different leads and accuracies. limit switches. loadcapacity 7. .01 mm. Roller table type RTNC (aluminium) with ball screw with pre-loaded double nut and protection bellows. Strokelength 25-100 mm.01 and 0. loadcapacity 2. loadcapacity 4. As XY-stage type KMT available.760 N. With standard Nema motor mount.BEARINGS Positioning Tables and Stages PM positioning roller tables and stages offer high precision positioning. Max. They can be equiped with leadscrews. reading accuracy micrometer 0. with crossed roller or needle roller bearings. Optional: Clamping Miniature roller table type RT-SRM (steel). Strokelength 7–50 mm.01 mm. motors and encoders.PM . Strokelength 25–150 mm. with clamping on both axis.

Crossed roller Gonio bearing type RGB. currently available in sizes up to 500 mm O. almost free of friction and pre-loaded. fitted with balls or cylindrical rollers. Rotating range max 360°. Frictionless ringslides type RPM (stainless steel). Package Precision linear bearing for unlimited travel. Simpler. double-sided track-rail type DS and slide type US for recirculating units type UK (ball type) and type UR (roller type). Guaranteeing high precision. 10°.BEARINGS Other Related Bearings and Slides Flat mounted table bearing FMB. stiffness and low friction. They allow the user a frictionless precision curved movement without play. For roller diameter 2 and 3 mm. They allow the user a precision curved movement.D. consisting of: base plate type UT. Accuracy in a Smaller.PM . FMB bearings. Rotating range approx. Ball diameter 3 mm... .

nl 3E-2004 . Box 174. +31 (0)523 61 22 58 Fax +31 (0)523 61 52 90 E-mail: info@pmbearings. technical support and followups whether in Asia.PM . Representatives are worldwide selected to serve you with the best technical advice and service guaranteeing fast and reliable deliveries in all local markets. 7700 AD Dedemsvaart The Netherlands Tel. the U. Worldwide representation Made by PM means the same high quality.O.pmbearings. combined with innovating linear technology.A.S. or Europe.BEARINGS PM: top quality used in high tech equipments PM – BEARINGS is specialized in designing and manufacturing linear bearings in top Website: www. 7701 SK Dedemsvaart P. Our local authorized representative Head-office PM– BEARINGS BV Galileistraat 2. PM products meet the highest accuracy and quality demands of today’s industry and are successful in use worldwide. new findings in research. Thanks to a long history experience.