What components you have used? Why do you prefer lookup over join? What is DB Join Component?

How does it differ from normal join component? How do you debug Ab Initio graph? What version of Ab Initio graph you are using? What flavor of Unix you are runni ng? Where do you save your files? In local machine or server? What is Effective Metadata Management? If an xfr file changes, how do you figure out which dependent graphs have been c hanged? (Ans - search for that xfr in ksh scripts) What is multifile? What m_ commands you have used? What is difference between gather & merge? How does gather works internally? What is difference between Rollup & Scan? (Ans- Rollup = summary, Scan = running (cumulative) total) What is normalization component? What is re-partition? What is sandbox? What is is_valid, is_blank, is_defined? What are different kinds of partitions? How do you find top 5 employees basis of their salary (using graph only)? (Ans- use rollup & increment a variable) Explain phasing & checkpoint. How do you improve performance of a graph? What is phasing & checkpoint? How do you terminate running of a graph? [Ans - force_error] What is local lookup? What's difference between AI_SORT_MAX_CORE & AI_GRAPH_MAX_CORE? How do you improve performance of a graph? What is .abinitiorc file? What is the advantage of EME?

What is the diff between abinitiorc and . In which scenario.What is the best way of creating huge test feeds ? 27. What is BRE ? (Business Rule Environment . How you can delete an object from a tag ? 44. read & write multiple files component ? 41. When we should use 'jobid' for commit table (Output table component?? 32.You can ask about different vector functions. How can you run multiple instances of a graph in parallel? 24.direct load and conventional load ? 29. How can you SORT an already partitioned (round-robin) data ? 3. What is dependent parameter ? 18.How you can generate dml from a COBOL copy book ? 7.Will the version number change ? . Can we have more than one launcher process for a particular graph ? How abou t agent ? 22. What is diff between force_error & force_abort? 26. If you check in one file twice in EME.What is the difference ? 33.Layout . How we can remove temp files of a failed job if . Can you use scan to generate sequence number ? 39.rec files will not get created even if graph fails ? 25.abinitiorc files ? 11.What is regex (lookup)? When you should use it? 9. 37. What is standard environment ? 34. What is use of branch in EME ? 13.L1*. 5. Why creation of temporary files depends on the value of MAX CORE ? 10. What is dynamic lookup ? 17. why Skew should always be 0 ? 36.meta pivot. Can you read multiple input files using one input file component ? (Same DML ) 28. Why you should not keep the layout as 'default' for input table component ? 16.What is output index ? 20. As shell type parameters are not supported by EME. L1 . How you can break a lock in EME ? How can you lock a file so that only no on e other than EME admin can break it ? 14. What is the use of allocate()? 12. What is the significance of record required indicator of Join component ? 30. leading records. How you can delete an object from EME data store ? 43. .What is diff between API & Utility mode ? Why we need to use API mode when Ut ility mode had both the option . How internally partition by key decides which key to send in which partition ? 4. You can ask about . then how you can use shell type parameter (If you don't want to use PDL) without hampering lineage diagram ? 6. There are lot of new fuctions added in 2. How you can convert from ebcdic to packed decimal ? 8.15 .This is a recent addition in abin itio package) 19. How you can generate surrogate key? 40. When you should be using ablocal() ? How you can use ablocal_expr? 15. How you can track the records those are not getting selected from select in re format component ? 21.How do you find difference between two dates? 1. What is flow buffering ? How it reduces the chances of having deadlock ? 31. What is meta programming ? Can you generate xfr dynamically? 42. What is adhoc multifiles? 2. one with a tag and second without a t ag . What is PDL ? Give him a shell type parameter and ask him to convert it to PD L.rec is not available ? 35. What mpjret contains ? 38. you can ask about them ? 23.

How can you get all the fields form a lookup files ? (Which function) 1)What is endianness? is it hardware specific? I would be looking for his knowledge on base type integer and whether he knows t he difference why integer and real exists eventhough Ab Initio has provided deci mal 2)Which one of the base type gives better performance. Which function you should be using if you do not want to process non printab le char from a feed file ? 56.What is the default layout of watcher files ? 48. Why you want to set a modest number in limit ? 54. How you can encrypt a password and use it in dbc file? 55..What is the significance of vnode folder under AB_WORK_DIR ? 50. How can you export a component s internal parameters ? 67. How can you select only unique records from a set of records ? 52. .Why you should always keep largest input as driving input for Join ? 62.how do you do that using this concept 5)If i had to migrate the character sets of my existing graphs.. What Is private project and public project ? 64.If i had an input of 90 and need an output of 01:30. What is catalog and when you should use it ? 57. Why delimited DMLs take more time to process than fixed length DMLs? 60.index and machine sort 4)how is a "date" stored by Ab Initio. Can you run air sandbox run using pset ? 46. How you can use reformat as a router ? 58.integer or decimal? Why? 3)How many types of sort can you manage to do through Ab Initio I would be looking for his knowledge on key specifiers. Broadcast and replicate does the similar work .how d o you do that?Co>Op used is post 2.phonebook. How you can test a dbc file ? 68. How can you run a graph continuously without using continuous components ? 70. What is use of creating a save files? 44. What is the significance AB_AIR_BRANCH? 51.Why you get 'too many open files' error ? 49. What a catalog file contains ? 63. Why you should not use checkpoint after replicate ? 65.43.what are the opt ions available. 6)If you had to write a transform in reformat component without using the reform at function and run the graph successfully with functionality of reformat. What is air-project parameter ? 45.whether he knows about t ext.How you can create cross joined output using join component ? 47. How can you select only first and last record from a file without using next _in_sequence? 61. What is the significance of mp run command ? 69. How you can run a component for certain conditions ? 56. How next_in_sequence work in parallel layout ? 53.16 High Level Package of Reformat Component will take the last function as the prim ary function for the package. what s the diff then ? 66.. How many process gets created for a n-way parallel component ? 59.