Insurance Benefit

Option 1 Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4

Option 2 Benefit Outpatients Benefits a) General Physician's Services - consultations and medication dispensed by physician for acute cases

PLAN B Network 100% Non-Network 100% up to RM20 per visit

b) Specialist Physician's Services - consultations and medication dispensed by physician - including pre-hospitalisation consultations and medication - on reimbursement basis c) Outpatient Preventive Care Childhood immunizations (by General Physician) - DTP and Polio - Measles - Hepatitis - MMR Annual gynecological examination - Pap Smear (by General Physician) - Mammography Periodic health examinations Age based preventive screening d) Outpatient Laboratory Services and Diagnostic Testing Lab,x-ray,MRI,blood work,other testing

RM200 per visit (with Referral)

RM200 per visit (with Referral)

100% 100% 100% 100% Not payable 100% 100% With Referral As based on age & health conditions, where necessary

100% With Referral

100% With Referral up to RM800 per visit

e) Long Term Medication Conditions (Optional Rider) - medications dispensed by physician for Long Term Medication Conditions (ie.13 Chronic Illnesses) - Non-Network - on reimbursement basis

Inpatient Benefits

Plan 2 Network

Plan 3 Non-Network ***

Plan 4

a (i) Hospital Room and Board - up to maximum 180 days per Any One Disability (ii) Intensive Care Unit - up to maximum 30 days per Any One Disability inclusive of Room and Board b) Hospital Supplies and Services c) Surgical Fees (including Daycare*)

Two-Bedded 100%*


100%* 100%*

90%/10% 90%/10%

d) Anaesthetic Fee



e) Operating Theatre



f) In-Hospital Physician Visit - up to maximum 180 days per Any One Disability g) In-Hospital Specialist Visit - up to maximum 180 days per Any One Disability h) Ambulance Fees i) Hospital Service Tax l) Post Hospitalisation Treatment - within 60 days from discharged from Hospital m) Daily Cash Allowance at Government Hospital - up to maximum 180 days per Any One Disability n) Worldwide Emergency Hospitalization Benefit Room and board limit/per day Maximum limit per Any One Disability (Out-patient + Inpatient)** Maximum Limit per Any One Disability Overall Annual Limit



100%* 100%* 100%* 100%*

90%/10% 90%/10% 5% of Room & Board 90%/10%



RM200 RM15,000 max

RM200 RM15,000 max

RM15,000 max RM30,000 max

Death Benefit with Total & Permanent Disability Benefit - Employee Only Optional Rider Outpatient Cancer Treatment & Outpatient Kidney Dialysis (Max per year, 100% reimbursement) Inclusive of Emergency Evacuation Benefit *Prior authorization is required for Network Benefit **Maximum Limit per Any One Disability and Overall Annual Limit are for all Inpatient, Outpatient, Network or Non-Network claims combined *** Admissions incurred with Non-Network providers (including 196218302.xls.ms_office Specialist consultation) will not be provided Letter of Guarantee


RM10,000 max

Benefit Schedule (5-10)