Speech Fundamentals Spring 2013 COMM 135 A COMM 135 B COMM 135 C TR 8 TR 10:45 TR 12 HH 314 HH 314 HH 314

COMM 135

Professor: Chip Hall Office- HEN 107 Office Hours: MWF 10-11, 2-3 TR 2:30-4:30 Office Phone Number: 471-3443 E-mail: chiphall72@gmail.com- use this if you need a quick response. bhall@cn.edu- I don’t check this as often- but if you don’t get a response from the other, give it a try. Please note that it’s bhall and not chall. Course Description: Emphasis on understanding and applying principles of effective public speaking. Practice in speech construction and delivery. Textbook: Gilstrap and White, Effective Public Speaking Purpose of the Course: To initiate familiarity with the public speaking process and develop knowledge of strategies for reaching public speaking goals. Students should not only develop public speaking skills but also understand the necessity and usefulness of those skills in the community. Goals: Students should experience greater confidence when approaching public speaking based upon speaking experience and an understanding of effective structure, content and delivery skills involved in an effective speech. Student Learning Outcomes: A student should see growth in analytical skills and ability to formulate arguments. A student should learn to research and develop engaging oral content, and develop both verbal and nonverbal skills. A student should leave the class with a basic knowledge of speech structure.
Students will demonstrate the ability to compose and deliver a well-organized oral presentation suitable to the topic, purpose, setting and audience.

A student should end the class competent in delivery, research and persuasion. A student should develop written outlining skills and be able to adapt from preparation outlines to performance outlines. Students should also demonstrate mastery of written expression through two writing assignments. In addition students could become adept at both visual aid construction and usage.

If you foresee a problem arising in the future. After that day. If you must miss because of a dire emergency. After that point. prior notice is appreciated.Students should also develop an understanding of some basic communication theory. Otherwise. If you are absent or out of town. If you come in after your name is called. Students should also begin an understanding of basic ethical communication principles. I will gladly accept them early.missing more than 8 class periods for any reason (excused or not) will result in an F for the course. Note: all papers are due at the BEGINNING of class on the day they are due. Attendance Policy: You will be responsible for all in-class assignments as well as evaluating your fellow classmates on their presentations. there must be a verified written excuse from your doctor (not the on-campus clinic). both of our memories will be fuzzy and I will be quite reluctant to mark you present.this is a performance class. No late papers will be accepted without significant penalty. you will receive an F for that presentation or test. varied activities. You will need official documentation to make up any missed speech or test. The best policy is to simply be on time.however. if you do not go on the assigned day. I will be much more willing and able to work around such instances if I know about them in advance. Please plan on attending even on days when you are not speaking. You are allowed to miss the equivalent of two weeks of this class without penalty. In addition the school has adopted a new absence policy. Please bring hard copies to class. You may not make them up earlier. it is your responsibility to alert me after class on that day. The amount of grade penalty for such a make-up will be determined on a case by case basis. Plagiarism and/or cheating will result in an F for the course and possibly further more extreme action . All documented make-ups must be completed on the last day of finals. you will lose an entire letter grade per absence. Methods of Instruction: While there will be a significant amount of lecture. Emailed papers will not be accepted. Students will give several speeches and be involved in numerous. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class. have your paper there by some other means.

etc. 3) Informative speeches. it is important that you are there.you will be paired with another student and give a three minute speech about them. After your speech. ~For all remaining speeches you will be required to turn in a bibliography and an outline. You will be required to have three sources in the text of your speech backing up what you say. 2) Tribute Speeches. You will be graded on creativity.you will be asked to give a 5-7 minute speech explaining either something your audience knows nothing about (new technology.you will be asked to give a 6-8 minute speech with the intention of changing your audience in some way (attitude. new treatments for burn victims. However. action. etc.you will be asked to give a 4-6 minute speech honoring someone. you should view and critique your own performance. No late outlines or bibliographies will be accepted. The outlines must be turned in as a hard copy the day you speak.) or something we are familiar with that is being used in a new way (medicinal value of coconuts. For every classmates’ speech you miss. you will lose one point on your own speech.this will help your anxiety and the interest level of your audience. Please make every effort to attend! Self-Evaluation: The speech of tribute will be recorder on a disc. etc.) Most speeches will follow a problem/solution format. The purpose here is to get you more comfortable with the public speaking situation and each other.) You must use THREE visual aids with TWO types represented. either real or fictitious. specialized information. Sample topics will be handed out as we get closer to the time for this speech. You will receive your speech grade . It is tempting to miss classmates speeches. In order to get credit for the sources you STILL MUST mention them in the text of your speech. You will turn in an outline before your speech that follows the guidelines we cover in class. Be sure to choose someone you really admire. You should follow the guide that for each main point of the speech you need only one 4X6 notecard 4) Persuasive Speech. The outline MUST follow the format of a PREPARATION outline detailed in the textbook. especially at the end of the semester. composure. and depth of information conveyed.Special Requirements: 1) Intro Speeches.

Academic Support: Any student with a special documented disability (learning. time limit and conclusion. Cover as many of these items as seems appropriate for your given speech. A minimum of two full page (double spaced) typed evaluation of aspects of your speech which could include such things as: introduction.) which may affect class activities should contact David Humphrey. 3268. cited sources. verbal and nonverbal delivery. Include a cover sheet. Please be thorough. Students will have to provide appropriate documentation Grading Scale: 100-90 A 89-80 B 79-70 C 69-60 D 59 under. visual aid choice and usage.from me after I receive the critique from you. qualified sources. Kathleen Manley Wellness Center. sight. mobility. hearing. etc.paper or plastic?. organization. . Grade Breakdown Intro Speech 5% Tribute Speech 15% Informative Speech 15% Persuasive Speech 20% Test 1: 10% Test 2: 15% Self-Evaluation: 10% Outside Evaluation: 10% *The instructor reserves the right to adjust the grading procedure. content. Write in first person. Coordinator for Students with Disabilities ext.

previews and summaries ~ Be given with confidence. poise and obvious preparation An “A” speech must: ~ Fulfill all “B” standards ~ Be highly creative ~ Show a high level of audience connection ~ Be adaptable ~ Show extensive research and documentation ~ Have distinct style ~ Be polished A “D” speech will ~ Be obviously unrehearsed ~ Be unsupported or unreliable An “F” speech will ~ Violate ethics by being untrue. plagiarized or intentionally distorted NOTE*** There will be a 1 point penalty for every 15 seconds over or under the time limit.Basis for speech grades A “C” speech must: ~ Be original ~ Fit the assignment ~ Fit the audience ~ Fit the time limit ~ Be on time ~ Be adequately supported ~ Have a clear thesis ~ Be well structured ~ Be extemporaneous in nature ~ Meet any specific requirement given prior to the speech A “B” speech must: ~ Fulfill all “C” standards ~ Be engaging ~ Fit the speaker well ~ Be well documented ~ Have effective transitions. .


Speech Critiques T 3/5 Meet in library.Schedule of Class Sessions .Tribute topic due R 1/31 Reasoning T 2/5 Outlining/ Intros & Conclusions R 2/7 Sample Tribute T 2/12 Tribute Speeches R 2/14 Tribute Speeches T 2/19 Tribute Speeches R 2/21 No Meeting T 2/26 Visual Aids R 2/28 Inf.Informative topics due R 3/7 Midterm R 3/12 outline review T 3/14 Language T 3/26 Informative Speeches R 3/28 Informative Speeches T 4/2 Informative Speeches R 4/4 Persuasive Strategies T 4/9 Persuasive Speech Critiques R 4/11 Meet in library.TENTATIVE R 1/10 Intro to class T 1/15 Intro Speeches R 1/17 No Class Meeting T 1/22 Speech anxiety R 1/24 No Class Meeting T 1/29 Listening.topics due .

T 4/16 Sample Persuasion T 4/23 persuasive speeches R 4/25 persuasive speeches T 4/30 persuasive speeches .

TENTATIVE W 8/20 Intro to class F 8/22 Speech Anxiety M 8/25 Speech Anxiety II W 8/27 Intro Speeches F 8/29 Intro Speeches M 9/1 Labor Day W 9/3 Listening F 9/5 Choosing a topic/Research.topic due M 9/8 meet in library W 9/10 Reasoning/Outlining F 9/12 Intros and Conclusions.info topic due W 10/8 Language F 10/10 no class meeting M 10/13 Midterm W 10/15 small group communication F 10/17 Informative Speeches M 10/20 Informative Speeches .Schedule of Class Sessions .delivery styles M 9/15 Sample Tribute W 9/17 Tribute Speeches F 9/19 No class meeting M 9/22 Tribute Speeches W 9/24 Tribute Speeches F 9/26 Tribute Speeches M 9/29 Tribute Speeches W 10/1 Tribute Speeches F 10/3 Informative Speech Critiques M 10/6 Meet in Library.

W 10/22 Informative Speeches F 10/24 Informative Speeches M 10/27 Fall Break W 10/29 Informative Speeches F 10/31 No Class Meeting M 11/3 Informative Speeches W 11/5 Persuasive Speech Strategies F 11/7 Persuasive Speech Critique M 11/10 Sample Persuasion W 11/12 Persuasive Speeches F 11/14 no class meeting M 11/17 Persuasive Speeches W 11/19 Persuasive Speeches F 11/21 Persuasive Speeches M 11/24 Persuasive Speeches W 11/26Thanksgiving F 11/28 Thanksgiving M 12/1 Persuasive Speeches W12/3 Persuasive Speeches .