Theory of modern government My political views are not terribly strong, however I lean more towards the liberal side. a. Characters that would most accurately represent my political ideology would consist of Betty Boop, and Goofy. Like most Centre-leftists, I support the establishment of trade unions in order to achieve a higher minimum wage, decrease the unemployment rate, and ultimately protect the integrity of its trade. However, my final vote would probably go to the most convincing advertiser, as I am easily swayed by the press because I don’t have extensive knowledge on the underlying motives to each political group. Political parties a. The democratic party hopes to increase the wealth of American’s middle class, stop the unceasing flow of illegal immigrants, maintain the voting rights of Americans of all eligible race and ages, repress the imposition of gun laws in order to resists gun violence, protect certain women’s rights(the right for each woman to make their own health care decisions), and to implement equality for ALL Americans. b. The Republican party hopes to maintain the integrity of American’s free-market economy. They believe in the rise and fall of Americans in the marketplace. Additionally, Republics support common-sense reforms that are designed to lower cost and increase quality of American healthcare, and oppose government-run health care. Education is a high priority for Republicans, striving to maintain a “world-class” level of primary and secondary education. Energy independence, consisting of the production of nuclear power, solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower(reusuable resources) is greatly supported too. Nominations, Campaigns, and Elections a. The event that sticks out most to my mind is “A former First Couple Switches Roles.” This article tightly contrasted the differences between Bush and Clinton, the verdict being: there are none. In the political scene, there are always powers that are hidden “behind the scenes” that seemingly have more power than that of American citizens. With powerful connections and large sums of money, anyone could win a presidential election, shown by the election of 2000. A. Presidency i. Section II states that the president could potentially be Commander in Chief of the Army, Navy, and Militia when called into service, have the power to make treaties given two thirds of the senators concur, and also grant reprieves and pardons for offences. Often in times of crisis, we may take drastic measures that are not thoroughly thought out, and result in one being having practically the entire power of the US in the palm of his/her hands. Additionally, presidents could have sources that influence the opinions of senators and other statesmen, allowing him to grant treaties. The power to simply reprieve one of an offence is simply too much, as any president would inevitably have varying views from the general public, some of which may not be morally right. b. Bushism’s: “I’ve been in the bible every day since I’ve been the president.”




402 Morgan Stanley: $911. “Anyone engaging in illegal financial transactions will be caught and persecuted.677. This statement seems to talk about “un-thawing” Bush’s doings.770 US Government: $728. and a great father after politics. j.368 Total funds raised: $715. I find this statement humorous as bush was truly widely acknowledged by all after he was elected. it’s going to take a while to unthaw.013. B. e. Bank of America: $1. Google Inc. k. 1. Congress Obama’s Top Contributors: a.” I find this statement ironic as illegal financial transactions V. The Judiciary a.” Although Bush may have made some positive changes to US. “He was a great father before politics.305 JPMorgan Chase: $834. My to-be fiancée: Alexander Hamilton VI.” Bush seemed to get a lot of flak after he completed his office shift. d. “This thaw—took a while to thaw.076 Total Funds Raised: $446.204 2.645 3.033.997 . b. University of California: $1. c.245 2. a great father during politics.096 Wells Fargo: $677. f. 1.135. h. l.: $801. Microsoft Corporation: $814. i. but it may not have been the positive attention humans want. Amount of money acquired: $640 b.692 Romney’s Top Contributors: g. Goldman Sachs: $1.212.i. C.647 Harvard University: $668. he seems to get a lot more ridicule than praise.

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