Wedderburn Latavia Wedderburn College Writing Mrs Lago 11/7/13 Pregnancy Complications The toughest obstacle for a woman to surpass is pregnancy. There are countless hitches that can arise before and during the process of birth. There is no clear distinction between complications of pregnancy, symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy, but throughout the nine month process the baby as well as the mother carrying it, is at great risk. Many individuals feel for the duration of pregnancy the baby alone is affected if something goes wrong, but the carrier is also at risk. A woman has a fifty-fifty percent chance of survival during pregnancy without complications, so imagine her chances with it. Another source that determines whether an individual is at high risk of a complicated pregnancy is age. Studies have shown that the optimal age for childbearing is between twenty and thirty years, with a steadily increasing risk of prenatal mortality… Children of mothers nineteen years and younger and the first born of mothers thirty-five of age and older are at an increased risk for prematurity and other pregnancy complications … Additionally, babies born to woman over thirty-five years of age have an increased risk of genetic defect such as Down’s syndrome and other genetic abnormalities (Crandall et al, 1986). One might question how this topic impacts me personally at this age, but it does have some effect on me. I am a woman as well, and soon I will have a child of my own and depending on what age I have it, these complications can occur before and during my delivery. So yes, this topic pertains to me as well as every woman who is over or under the age of childbearing and


Wedderburn wants to know if they should or shouldn’t go through with it. Some of these facts are unknown to most women so it’s up to those who are educated in this certain area as well as physicians to inform those who are unaware of these problems. If not, not only the woman will suffer, but the baby and the family members will as well. No one will ever gain from the loss of a baby or it having an illness. When I grow up my first career will be a Registered Nurse focusing on obstetrics. Soon after that I will go for an obstetrician/gynecologist. Being in this line of work, now one should see how it will affect me beyond the fact that I am a woman. My whole life surrounds this issue. I’ve always dreamt of being an obstetrician and if that become my final career choice, why wouldn’t I care if my patients have or is prone to have a complicated pregnancy. Their lives as well as their babies will be basically in my hands. Stop and think about the information provided above. Now, reviewing all the wrongs that can occur during pregnancy, if one of these complications were to happen to someone, which put them and their baby at risk, would they still continue with the pregnancy? Should one get pregnant over the age forty-two or under the age of nineteen knowing the high risk of complications? Knowing the risk and the harm that comes with it.



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