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“Turnout In Last Month’s Iraqi Election Was Much “Iraq’s National Security Adviser, Mouwafak Al-Rubaie …
Higher Than Originally Estimated … One Senior Said There Is A Rift In The Insurgency, Calling It A ‘A Major
Official Confirmed It Was More Than 75 Percent.” Step Forward In Our Fight Against Terrorism.’” (Rick Jervis,
(“Iraq Vote Turnout Over 75 Pct – Official,” Reuters, “General Sees Rift In Iraq Enemy,” USA Today, 1/26/06)
• “Hundreds Of Iraqis Staged A Demonstration In The
• “Results Issued … Put The Total Number … City Of Samarra On Tuesday In A Show Of
Of Votes Cast At 12.4 Million …” (“Iraq Vote Defiance Against Al Qaeda Militants …” (“Anti-Qaeda
Turnout Over 75 Pct – Official,” Reuters, 1/20/06) Protest In Iraq, Local Anger Mounts,” Reuters, 1/24/06)

“Shiite Leaders Have Begun Talks With Sunni And • “[Iraqis] In The Sunni Arab City Of Ramadi Have
Kurdish Politicians On A National Unity Turned Against Their Former Al Qaeda Allies …”
Government …” (Qassim Abdul-Zahra, “Shiite-Sunni (“Iraqi Rebels Turn On Qaeda In Western City,” Reuters,
Talks Start In Iraq,” The Associated Press, 1/25/06) 1/23/06)

“As Recently As Late November, Iraqi Army Units In Ramadi Spain Has Agreed To Cancel 80 Percent Of Iraqi’s
Never Ventured Into The Heart Of The City On Their Own.” Debt. (State Department Website,,
(Michael M. Phillips, “At Perilous Outpost, U.S., Iraqi Troops Work Accessed 1/25/06)
Toward Trust,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/24/06)
• “When Fully Phased In, The Agreement Will
• “Now … Four Of The Six Iraqi Infantry Companies Reduce This Debt Stock To Approximately
Are Capable Of Conducting Foot Patrols And Raids $123 Million.” (State Department Website,
Alone, Relying On The Marines Only For Armored, Accessed 1/25/06)
Transport, Medical Care For The Wounded And
“NATO Nations Have Donated 100 Million Euros Worth
Covering Fire From Observation Posts.” (Michael M.
Phillips, “At Perilous Outpost, U.S., Iraqi Troops Work Toward
Of Equipment in 2005.” (State Department Website,, Accessed 1/25/06)
Trust,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/24/06)

Over 750 Residents From Ramadi Have Signed Up This • “[Denmark], Estonia, Greece, Hungary And
Month For The Iraqi Police Force. (Michael M. Phillips, “At Perilous Latvia Have … Donated Various Types Of
Outpost, U.S., Iraqi Troops Work Toward Trust,” The Wall Street Equipment To The Iraqi Security Forces.”
Journal, 1/24/06) (State Department Website,,
Accessed 1/25/06)

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