Demonstrating a GUNT training system during a seminar in Vietnam. Our Sales Director Mr. Andreas Göthel.


Individual Training – as important as reliable and modern equipment

from our catalogue 1 Belt and Rope Friction Industrial Process Control Plant ET 915 ....GUNT IN LATIN AMERICA Mexico Sophisticated systems backed up by our service engineers: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Set-up Installation Commissioning Test run Training of the instructors and academic staff GUNT systems at the Higher Institute of Technology. please contact your local GUNT partner or visit our website... from our catalogue 5 TM 220 . from our catalogue 3 WL 320 .. from our catalogue 3 Modular System for Refrigeration Technology.. ITS Puerto Vallarta RT 590 .. Venezuela Further export markets in Latin America: I I I I I I I Argentina Chile Colombia Bolivia Ecuador El Salvador Peru The first steps with the new GUNT systems at the Catholic University “Andres Bello” in Venezuela ET 810 ... with Computer-based Training Course For more information on the systems shown. from our catalogue 3 Water Cooling Tower with PC Data Acquisition Single-cylinder Steam Engine .

. San Jose HM 110 . It is our policy to deal through accredited exclusive sales agents. one professor from the university and our service engineer (from left to right) after training and handover of the HM 165 Basic Hydrology System.GUNT IN LATIN AMERICA IVE EHENS R P M CO CT PRODU ION MAT INFOR EBSITE RW ON OU Visit site b our we unt... The agents are competent and reliable partners of our clients in the colleges and universities. Costa Rica The training certificates presented by our project engineer www. from our catalogue 4 The test unit allows for a broad range of fundamental experiments in hydrodynamics 3 . from our catalogue 4 A demonstration unit explaining seepage processes.g Brazil Our agent for Brazil.. Marc Wiglinghoff Working with the Hydrodynamics Trainer at the National Institute for Professional Training INA. run-off and ground water levels The university of ULBRA Campus Palmas-Tocantis GUNT Export: Our products are distributed throughout the world. HM 165 .

University of Kuala Lumpur.. near Hamburg. Marc Wiglinghoff (left) discussing with instructors and lecturers at the Polytechnic Institute “Sultan Ahmad Shah” in Kuantan. catalogue 3 Temperature measurement with eight different instruments The instructors and lab engineers. Pahang Further export markets: I I I I I I I I I Singapore China Brunei India Indonesia Taiwan Bangladesh Pakistan Myanmar WL 202 . from our catalogue 4 Open water channel for hydraulic engineering experiments For more information on the systems shown. in our factory in Barsbüttel. Our project engineer Mr.GUNT IN THE FAR EAST Malaysia All GUNT systems are manufactured in Germany. design.. Heiko Lentfer HM 160 . by the head of our projects department. please contact your local GUNT partner or visit our website.. Campus Malacca . manufacturing. Mr. All under one roof: development.. together with our project engineer after successful commissioning and training at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering. Introduction to the HM 160 Multi-purpose Teaching Flume at the Polytechnic Institute Port Dickson.

from our catalogue 2 The assembly project Piston Compressor for Vocational Training in many areas of Mechanical Technology The GUNT system MT 140 being assembled Demonstration of the WP 300 Universal Material Tester during a seminar at the HWU... from our catalogue 1 Tensile test with the Universal Material Tester Mr. Andreas Göthel 5 .g Thailand Lab facilities at Chiang Mai University.GUNT IN THE FAR EAST IVE EHENS R P M CO CT PRODU ION MAT INFOR EBSITE RW ON OU Visit site b our we www. Thailand completely equipped with our products from catalogue 4 MAJOR PRINCIPLES FOR PRODUCT DESIGN: ■ ■ ■ Designed for long-lasting use in lab environment Extensive use of state-of-the-art industrial components Clear recognition of the learning contents ■ ■ ■ Ready for use Expandable due to modularity Provision made for PC data acquisition WP 300 . giving a lecture on theoretical concepts Vietnam MT 140 . Heiko Lentfer.. the head of our projects department.. Seminar held by our Sales Director Mr. Hanoi Water Resources University.

. please contact your local GUNT partner or visit our website. HM 170 . from our catalogue 4 Centrifugal Fan Demonstrator with interchangeable fan wheels PC data acquisition for the HM 280 Demonstrator under test . during tests with the HM 170 Educational Wind Tunnel. Amadou Wane (4th from left). from our catalogue 1 Deflection and support reaction with various bending beams For further information on the systems shown. Algeria.. (IUT) Doula WP 950 . from our catalogue 4 Educational Wind Tunnel for air speed up to 27 m /sec HM 280 ..... every system undergoes a comprehensive formal test procedure. Our sales support engineer. Mr. after commissioning and training at the Institute of Technology. Quality control schemes make sure that all individual functions of a GUNT system are factory tested.GUNT IN AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST Cameroon Prior to shipping. Algeria Further export markets: I Egypt I Ethiopia I Tunisia I Jordan I Iran I Irak I Lebanon I Yemen I Morocco I Pakistan I Oman I Katar I Bahrain I United Arab Emirates I South Africa I Botswana I Angola I Namibia I Syria I Libya I Senegal Lecturers and lab technicians from the Military College in Rouiba.

Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia GUNT systems for Technical Training and Engineering Education...g ET 910 . College of Technology. from our catalogue 3 Advanced modular refrigeration system.. HM 220 . On the right: our project engineer Palestine E ENSIV H E R P COM DUCT PRO N MATIO INFOR EBSITE RW ON OU Administration building. From simple demonstration to complex experimental plants. Nablus.. for set-up of complex refrigerant circuits One more successful handover of GUNT equipment (ET 910). Palestine Visit site b our we de unt. from our catalogue 4 Airflow study unit Free jet at fan outlet The introduction to the system HM 220 was appreciated. Marc Wiglinghoff 7 . Technical College Jeddah. www. More than 1100 individual systems available in many fields of technology. Our project engineer Mr.GUNT IN AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST Airflow measurement equipment at the Department of Mechanical Technology.

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