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1 Oct - World Vegetarian Day. 1 Oct - China's National Day 11 Oct - United Nations' International Day of Girl Child. 11 Oct -World Sight Day 14 Oct - World Standards Day. 16 Oct - World Food Day. 17 Oct - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. 2 Oct - Birth anniversary of Gandhi Ji and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji. Declared as International Day of Non-Violence by UN. 24 Oct - United Nations Day & World Polio Day 8 Oct - Indian Airforce Day 1283 (One two Eight Three) has been written by Pele (Brazilian Football Player). 24 Akbar Road has been written by Rashid Kidwai. Development Misplaced has been written by Krishan Bir Chaudhary Gandhi Before India has Been written by Ramachandra Guha. Third Curve has been written by Mansoor Khan. Eleanor Catton, New Zealand author of age 28 years has been honored by 2013 Man Booker Prize for her novel The Luminaries. She has become youngest ever to win this prestigious literary honour. Nobel Awards 2013 -> Physics - > Francois Englert (Belgium) & Peter Higgs (Britain). Medicine -> James E Rothman (USA) & Randy W Schekman (USA) & Thomas C Sudhof (Germany) Chemistry -> Martin Karplus (USA), Michael Levitt (USA-Israel), Arieh Warshel (USA-Israel) Literature -> Alice Munro (Canada) Peace -> Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (Reason - Their Anti Chemical Weapons work in Syria, Headquarters is in The Hague, Netherlands) Economics -> Eugene Fama (USA), Robert J Shiller (USA), Lars Peter Hansen (USA) Recent Indian VIP Visits to Foreign Countries -> Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Visited USA and Met USA President Barack Obama. Indian President Pranab Mukherjee Visited Belgium and Met Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo. Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid Visited Brazil and Met Brazilian Foreign Minister Luiz Alberto Figueiredo. Indian President Pranab Mukherjee Visited Turkey and Met Turkish President Abdullah Gül. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Visited Indonesia and Met Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Indian Prime Minister's Special Envoy to Japan Ashwani Kumar visited Japan and Met Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida. According to a survey by GIREM (Global Initiative for restructuring Envirnoment and Management), Bangalore (Also Known as Silicon City) is Commercially the most desirable Destination of India. Afghanistan for the first time qualified for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. African Country Gambia Decided to Leave Commonwealth of Nations. (The Commonwealth of Nations is an organisation of 53 member countries that were mostly territories of the former British Empire.) Alexander Stubb, The commerce Minister of Finland Visited India. Arundhati Bhattachaya is appointed as new chief of SBI (State Bank of India). Arvind Mayaram committee submitted its report to the government regarding irregularities in operations of National spot Exchange


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Arvind Mayaram committee submitted its report to the government regarding irregularities in operations of National spot Exchange Limited. First one will be organized in England. India's Boxing Player Nikhat Zareen won silver in AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships being held at Bulgaria. Indian Software Services Firm WIPRO's Chief Ajeem Premji has been honored by Asian Business Leaders Award 2013 by London based Asia House. B Ashok is appointed as the new chief of IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation). India and Russia started Joint Militraty Exercise Indra 2013 in Rajashtan's Thar Desert. Indian Railways appointed Arunendra Kumar as chairman of Railway Board. Berzail and South Africa) Foreign Minsters' 10th Meet held during 68th Session of United Nations General Assembly in New York. Geological Survey of India Accquired Korean Origin Deep water exploration sea Called 'Samudra Ratnakar'. Edword Snowden. 35. Indian Navy Inducted its Largest Offshore Patrolling Vessel Called 'INS Sunaina'. 45. 58. 25. 40. 27. 56. 32. Founder of M S Swaminathan has been honored by 28th Indira Gandhi National Integration Award 2012. 41. 43. 57. India Signed BDCA (Border Defence Co-Operation Agreement) with China to resolve border patrolling issues and other disputes related to Border between Two Countries.20 Tournament 2013. India qualified for World Cup Wrestling Tournament for the first time. 31. 34. Government Decided to Double the Amount to be given to Bihar under National Food Security Mission. Singapore. China Open Tennis Tournament 2013 -> Novak Djokovic (Serbia) won in men's Category by beating Rafael Nadal (Spain).8 Million tons allotted previously. 26. It is his Third term as President. Indian Origin Business Person Prem Vats signed an agreement to accquire Mobile Phone Maker 'Blackberry'. USA. 51. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited delivered the first Hawk Mk-132 advanced jet trainer aircraft to the Indian Navy in Bangalore. 46. 50. ICC (International Cricket Council) announced to start Test Championship from 2017. Government created a Committee under chairmanship of Arvind Mayaram for Clearly Distinguishing Between FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) & FII (Foreign Institutional Investors). India's Former President and Missile Scientist AP J Abdul Kalam Honored Famous Cartoonist R K Laxman with Bharat Bhushan Award. Ilham Aliyev is appointed as president of Azberjaan. India signed an agreement with Six East Asain Nations (Australia. IBSA (India. 28. 37. (Former CII officer who leaked detais of USA's National Survieleience Program) has been honored by Sam Adams Award by Sam Adams Association (An association of Ex-CII Personnel). Bangladesh Government honored Former Indian President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and Prime Minister Guljari Lal Nanda with Mukti Sangram Honor 2013 for their Contribution in Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971. Cyclone Phailin Hits Coastal Areas of odisha and affected several states of INDIA along with Nepal and Bangladesh. Serena Williams (USA) won in Women's Category by beating Jelena Jankovic (Serbia). 29. World cup 2014 will be held in Uzbekistan. 38. 39. India Post launched instant electronic money transfer service in partnership with Wall Street Exchange. Government Decided to transorm swaran Jayanati Shahri Rojgar Yojana into Natioal Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM). (a company of UAE's Emirates Post Group). 52. 54.24.6 Million Tons of Foodgrains instead of 2. Cambodia. 44. India Beat Malaysia to win Sultan of Johar Cup Hockey Tournament 2013 by beating Malaysia in Malaysia. 49. Indian Reserve Bank of India (RBI)'sGovernor Raghuram G Rajan has been honored by Deutsche Bank Prize for Economical Economics 2013. Famous Indian Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar Announced His Retirement From International Test Cricket. New Zealand and Laos) for cooperation in renovation of Nalanda University. Brunei. 33. Girish B Pradhan Is appointed as New chief of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. 47. Indian Premier League Champion Team Mumbai Indians won the Champions League T . 36. IRAN Allowed IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)'s Officials to inspect sites of its Disputed Nuclear Programme. 42. Bosnia and Herzegovina qualified to appear in the FIFA World Cup 2015 to be held in Brazil. 53. India signed 51 Million USD Loan Agreement with International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for Tribal Empowerement of Tribal Communities in Jharkhand. 59. Global Hunger Index Report 2013 (Presented by International Food Policy Research Institute) India Ranked 63rd out of 120 Countries (Has Improved from 67 from Last Year) Government Appointed A P Shah (Former Chief of Delhi High Court) as chief of a Panel formed for evaluating measures for Road Safety. 30. 48. 55. Now Bihar would get 5. .

4 % Previously) Legendary Singer Lata Mangeshkar has been honored by First Ever Yash Chopra Memorial Honor 2013. 65. 62. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has eased up terms for attracting more Foreign Investment into the country by introducing a New class of Foreign Investors called FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors).6. USA's National Engineering Academy Famous Indian Industrialist Ratan Tata as its Board Member.0 % (6. Latest GDP Growth Rate Predictions for India by Various Financial Agencies -> Asian Development Bank .4. 64. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA). Indian female Hockey Team won bronze in Asia Cup Female Hockey tourmanent 2013 by beating China in Malaysia. 74.7% (6% Previously) World Bank . They will be areawise the shortest nation to participate in this tournament.The proposals are based on former Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar committee report. 79. Shivendra Singh Dungarpur won Bimal Rai Awad 2013 for his film Celluloid Man.4.5 % Previously) PMEAC (Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (Led by C Ranrajan)) . Mulatu Teshome is appointed as New President of Ethiopia. 69.The proposals are based on former Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar committee report. 93. Goa is Most and Odisha is Least developed state in Country at present. 78. 84. Social Activist Anna Hajare has been honored by Allard Award in Canada for his fanous Anti Corruption in India. According to it. Tourism Department Started A Scheme called Working Tours under Its Tourism Development Program "Incredible India". 61. 77. .7% Previously) Credit Suisse . Uttar Pradesh's First Mega Food Park Opened in Jagdishpur of Amethi District. Sitaram Sharma is appointed as new chief of Kolkata's Maulana Abul Kalam Institute of Asean Studies. 87. Trinidad and Tobago have Qualified for FIFA Football World Cup 2014 to be held in Brazil. USA Based Syanford University's Scientists have developed a Super Small Carbon Nano Computer Called Saidrik.3 Billion Dollars. S Vardarajan is appointed as new chief of Bharat Petroleum Corporation. a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) for reforming the state higher education system. 81. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has eased up terms for attracting more Foreign Investment into the country by introducing a New class of Foreign Investors called FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors). Uttarakhand became the first Indian State to create a special Mining Vigliance Force to stop Illegal Mining in State. Megan Young of Philippines has won Miss World 2013 Contest in Bali. 70. Scientists Discovered Largest Volcano so far. 76. Pakistan Social Activist Malala Yousafzai has been honored by Civil Society Award by Queen Rania of Jordan. 72. RBI Stated that India's fresh Reserve of Foreign Capital has increased upto 277.based Asia House.5% (6. 90. Prafull Chandra Pant is appointed as the new Chief of Meghalaya High Court. USA Goverment decided to bring a Shutdown of 7 Days in Government offices to Cut Costs. Indonesia. 92.75% (5.7% (6. RBI appoints Committee on Financial Inclusion (Comprehensive Financial Services for Small Businesses and Low-Income Households) under thye chairmanship of Nachiket Mor.3.8 % (5. US Senate approved appointment of Indian Origin Person Rani Ramaswamy as a member of US National Council on the Arts. 68. 89. 67. 83.5% Previously) Crisil. 91. Raghuram G Rajan Committee submitted its report regarding evaluation of backwardness of States and distribution of development funds.5. to restrict use of Chemical Weapons by Extremists. 66. World Human Capital Index Report 2013 (Released by Geneva Based World Economic Forum) -> 63. FPI is made by combining provisions of FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) & QFI (Qualified Foreign Investors) and Risk Factor has been reduced to attract more investment. 60. Pakistan Child Rights Activist Malala Yousafzai has been honored by Sakharaov Human Rights Honor by European Union.1 Mukul Mudgal Committee Submitted Its Report on Governing Indian Cinema by reviewing Cinematograph Act. Microsoft Launched New version of its famous Operating System Software Called Windows 8. named 'Tamu Massif' near East Japan Sea. 82. 1952. Ruchira Kamboj is appointed as India's new envoy to UNESCO Paris.7 % Previously) International Monetary Fund . 88. 86. United Nations appointed Sigrid Kaag (Netherlands) as Special Coordinator of the joint mission of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the United Nations in Syria.4. 85. S Srinivasan is appointed as new chief of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) for the third term. FPI is made by combining provisions of FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) & QFI (Qualified Foreign Investors) and Risk Factor has been reduced to attract more investment. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed The Great Indian Busterd as an Endangered Species as there are now only 250 Birds in India Belonging to this Species. 73. 75. 80. 71.

Switzerland is ranked first in terms of Human Capital Index. World Human Capital Index Report 2013 (Released by Geneva Based World Economic Forum) -> Out of 122 Countries.93. Finland is the second. 95. India is Ranked at 78th Place out of 122 Conuntries. World's Oldest Sample Storage System found in Iran. Search Current Affairs . World Slavery Index Report 2012 (By Australian Walk Free Foundation) India is at the top in this report showing India has most slaves in world. It is about 5500 Years Old. 94.