CS 201 - DATA STRUCTURES UNIT – I Data Representation of Linear Lists: Formula-based representation, Linked representation, Indirect representation

, Simulating Pointers. Complexity analysis, Sequential Searc , !inary Searc , "atrix operations # add, "ultiply,transpose. $rrays and "atrices. UNIT - lI Sorting Metho s an Co!ple"it# Anal#sis$ !ubble sort, Selection sort, Insertion sort, %uick sort, "erge sort, Closet Pair o& Points, 'eap sort. UNIT – III Trees$ (e&initions and properties, representation o& binary trees, operations. !inary tree tra)ersal. !inary Searc *rees. $+L trees and operations on $+L trees. UNIT - I% Sorting $ "erge sort. %uick sort. Selection sort, eap sort. Complexity analysis. Sequential searc , binary searc . +arious types o& as ing. UNIT - % &raphs $ (e&initions and representation o& grap s. ,rap searc met ods. $pplications. !-trees. -perations on !- *rees. $pplications. S'ggeste Rea ing $ ..S. Sa ani. (ata Structures. $lgorit ms and applications in C//, "c,ra0 'ill, .112. 3.Cornen. Leiserson 4 5i)est, Introduction to $lgorit ms, Prentice 'all India, .116.