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DA TE:  MON 5TH OCT., 1999 - TIME: 9.00 A.M. -1 00 P.M (4 HOURS) Rubric :

There are Eight Section in thi !a!er" An #er ONL$ ONE %&e tion 'ro( each o' the Section " Each )&e tion an #ere* carrie !0 "#r$ an* i to +e +o&n* e!arate,A certain that ONL$ $o&r In*e. N&(+er a!!ear on each o' the Scri!t & e* to An #er )&e tion No na(e are a,,o#e* on an- o' the Scri!t #hat oe/er"

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3ssu!ing you ha0e been gi0en the res1onsibility to dra6 u1 the docu!ent. . Page 1 o' 0 .-th C3/ has o0er one that is not co!1uteri:ed 7ist other areas o2 co!1uteri:ation that !ay be use2ul to an 3rchitectural Practice and the 1ro2ession as a 6hole. 8i0e a brie2 state!ent o2 your understanding o2 Co!1uter 3ided /esign 9C3/.uestion -% i. 1lease list and describe the !a<or 1oints to be included. 5hat are the ad0antages and disad0antages i2 any.uestion -% i. . /escribe the duties and obligations o2 the 3rchitect. 2or e!1loy!ent o2 an 3rchitect. iii.Conditions o2 (ngage!ent. ii. 3t 6hat stage !ust this docu!ent be signed. SECTION 2: ARCHITECTURE SERVICES AND REMUNERATION . . 7ist all the ty1es o2 statutory 1ay!ents that an 3rchitectural 1ractice has to !a+e.uestion &% he 3rchitect has o2ten been described as 7eader o2 Co!!unity he li0es in.SECTION 1: PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE. that an 3rchitects4 o22ice '. ii. 5hat are the di22erences bet6een the 1ractice described abo0e and a s!all one. 5hat is your understanding o2 the . iii.uestion &% i. /escribe at least se0en distinct 1arts o2 an 3rchitect4s o22ice including brie2 descri1tion o2 ex1ected acti0ities o2 each.

ii. 5hat are the 0arious ty1es o2 Clients 3rchitects are li+ely to encounter. .SECTION 3: THE BUILDING INDUSTRY AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATIONS . . iii. /escribe the 0arious ty1es o2 consultants an 3rchitect 6ould ha0e to deal 6ith in the course o2 his 6or+. 9iii.uestion -% Outline so!e o2 the econo!ic 2actors 6hich in2luence the construction industry in Kenya 6ith res1ect to% i. /escribe your understanding o2 the role o2 a Client in a gi0en 1ro<ect.uestion &% Outline so!e o2 the 0ariables o2 costs in the 2ollo6ing ex1enditures in the Building @ndustry% i. . 9ii. 1rogra!!es 7ist 0arious such 1rogra!!es you 6ould reco!!end 3rchitects to 1artici1ate in and outline the ad0antages o2 each. ii. ?ar+et Costs /e0elo1ers Costs Builders Costs Planning and Building Regulations Building /esigns and Controls Construction ?aterials and ?ethods . One exa!1le is the introduction o2 Continuous Pro2essional /e0elo1!ent 9CP/.uestion &= he Board o2 Registration o2 3rchitects and .uantity >ur0eyors is in the 1rocess o2 re0itali:ing and restructuring the 6ay the 1ro2ession is being run and organi:ed to !aintain high standards in this country. SECTION 4: ECONOMIC FACTORS TN BUILDING DESIGN AND COST CONTROL.uestion -% i.

SECTION 6: THE DESIGN TEAM . ii.000 s). 5here the standard contract gi0es the discretion to allo6 0aluation and certi2ication o2 !aterials stored o22 the site.!. 7ist E areas o2 concern raised by each o2 the design tea! !e!bers. B B B B B 8i0e a brie2 descri1tion o2 2ollo6ing 2or!s o2 contracts and state their a11lication% Cost Plus Contract 7abour Contract >chedule o2 Rates Contract 7u!1 >u! Contract Contract 6ith . 3t the 2irst design tea! !eeting.uestion &% i.uantities ii.uestion -% /escribe the chie2 roles and res1onsibilities o2 each !e!ber o2 the design tea! including the 3rchitect. . 6hat conditions !ust an 3rchitect satis2y hi!sel2 6ith be2ore he acce1ts a 1ay!ent clai! included in the a11lication.'C hectares in Nairobi4s D11er "ill area. Page 3 o' 0 .Page 2 o' 0 SECTION 5: METHOD OF MEASUREMENT AND SPECIFICATIONS . . Outline the 1rocesses that you 6ould use in co!1iling a list o2 Contractors to in0ite to tender 2or a !ediu! si:e 1ro<ect. a list o2 Client )uestions is being co!1iled to see+ clari2ication on the building brie2.uestion -% i. the ans6er to 6hich 6ill 2inali:e +ey design issues and enable the design 1rocess to 1roceed. 5hat are the 1rocedures that an 3rchitect should co0er to achie0e a coAordinated and satis2actory co!1letion and hando0er o2 a construction 1ro<ect.uestion &% he design tea! has been co!!issioned to design a 4 storey co!!ercial o22ice bloc+ o2 a11roxi!ately C. he site is a11roxi!ately 0.

b. Outline your ad0ice to the Client and list 6hich roles and res1onsibilities you belie0e should be assigned to the Pro<ect ?anager. Na!e another 2or! o2 contract 6hich 6ould be a11ro1riate 2or a s!all construction 1ro<ect and identi2y the construction tea! you 6ould ex1ect to 2ind on this scale o2 1ro<ect and outline their relationshi1s 6ith the Client and 3rchitect. On a co!1lex hos1ital 1ro<ect your client is considering a11ointing a Pro<ect ?anager in addition to the traditional design tea!. ii.uestion -% i. Dnder 6hich 1ro2essional body 6ould your 1ro1osal the 1er2or!ance o2 Pro<ect ?anagers be controlled and !onitored. ..uestion -% 3 C storey co!!ercial o22ice de0elo1!ent on E#4 hectare site in Nairobi4s D11er "ill area has been tendered and the !ain contract has been a6arded. /escribe the ty1e o2 construction 1ro<ect on 6hich you 6ould ex1ect to 2ind a Pro<ect ?anager and list his 1rinci1le roles and res1onsibilities. 6hich they 6ould raise.uantities.SECTION : THE CONSTRUCTION TEAM . SECTION !: PRO"ECT MANAGEMENT . ii. 5hat i!1act 6ill the a11oint!ent o2 a Pro<ect ?anager ha0e on the 3rchitect4s con0entional ter!s o2 a11oint!ent. . . 5hat ty1e o2 1ro2essional do you consider !ost a11ro1riate to assu!e the role o2 Pro<ect ?anager. @denti2y the !e!bers o2 the construction tea! you 6ould ex1ect to be in attendance at the !eeting and indicate s1eci2ic issues.uestion &% he construction tea! 0aries de1ending on the si:e o2 the 1ro<ect in )uestion and the ty1e o2 contract being used.uestion &% i. @n 6hat 6ays 6ill this a22ect an 3rchitect4s traditional role. iii. he 2irst site !eeting is ta+ing 1lace. /escribe the roles o2 the +ey !e!bers o2 the construction tea! during 1ost contract 1eriod under% a. 3 con0entional contract utili:ing the (ast 32rican >tandard $or! o2 Building Contract 96ith .

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