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I have hypothesized that people who have general admission student tickets typically leave the game early. I am interested in seeing if there is a difference between when you leave based on your seat. For the purpose of my research. since they had to arrive early to get a desired seat. 40 students had general admission student tickets. The general admission ticket costs $12 per a game and the seats are on a first come first serve basis. The game day habits of each student were classified into two groups: students who typically leave the game early or students who do not typically leave the game early. Table 1. Number of People . Alumni. The student section games open three hours before a game and students must get in line early to get the prime seats for big games. Data Collection Using a Qualtrics survey. These tickets cost $18 per game. however. I obtained 97 survey respondents for my survey data. the student has a reserved seat and does not have to worry about getting in line early to get a better seat. Forty of the respondents were students who had reserved group seating tickets. I discarded the respondents who did not have student tickets. Reserved group seating is for organizations and their members to have the ability to sit together in a guaranteed seat that is consistent throughout the season. I believe this because many of these general admission students have been in the stadium longer than students who have reserved group seating. The other option that the LSU Athletic Department offers is the reserved group seating. and Tiger Fans fill Death Valley to cheer the LSU Fighting Tigers to victory. The LSU Athletic Department generously offers two student ticket options: general admission or reserved group seating. and 17 of the respondents did not have student tickets.Introduction “Geaux Tigers” is a common phrase uttered on a Louisiana Saturday Night. Students.

Graphical Representation The following figures display my data on the entire population.# 1 2 Population General admission student seating Reserved group student seating Total Leave game early 30 20 50 Do not leave game early 10 20 30 Total 40 40 80 Descriptive Statistics 1..!/+01. and the proportion of the general admission student tickets and the reserved group seating student tickets who typically leave the game early or don’t typically leave the game early.-..6=! ("! '"! &"! %"! $"! #"! "! >+0!! ?5!! Figure 1. )*+. Histogram for students who typically leave the game early versus not leaving the game early ..-<+!+-.6!.203!45!651!26789-.+-*+!2:+! .

3!! 45!651!26789-.-<+! +-.6!.517!F21E+C2!F+-IC.50% No 12.6=! ?5! $'A! >+0! @'A! Figure 2.-<+!+-.6=! '"A! '"A! Figure 3. Proportion of reserved group student tickets leaving the game early vs. Numerical Measure Table 2.+-*+!2:+!.50% 25.00% 62.B+C+.00% 37.. Proportion of general admission students leaving the game early vs.50% Total 50. not leaving the game early 2.*+E!B.00% .00% 50.-.!DE<80085C!F21E+C2!G89H+203! 45!651!26789-..50% 25.6!.+-*+!2:+!.. Probability Table Population 1 General admission student seats 2 Reserved group seating Total Yes 37.00% 100.. not leaving the game early /+0+.

96 +1.96 ! !" ! ! !"!!"# ! !" 95% ! J! The margin of error can be solved using the formula below. I calculated the sample proportion of people leaving the game early as follows: !! Statistical Inferences 1. The probability results are constrained by the number of respondents who choose to answer the survey.609%. However. which is an unknown. as shown by the following normal distribution.609% .Table 2 shows the probability of the relative frequency of each occasion. ! ! ! ! ! !!!! ! ! ! ! ! -1. I have determined the margin of error for this study in 10. I set my confidence level at 95%. with a sample size n=80. Confidence Interval Estimations With ! = proportion of students leaving the game early. Margin of Error: !!!!" !! !!!!! ! ! ! ! 10. fixed value.

Null Hypothesis: Ho: !! ! !! Alternate Hypothesis: H1: !!! !! Test Statistic : !! ! ! !! ! !!! ! ! ! = 2. It can be concluded with 95% confidence that 51.10% of the population typically choose to leave the game early rather than stay.10% 2. conclude !! . then conclude !! .891%-73.0102 Conclude: H1 because the proportion of general admission students who typically leave the game is greater than 50% of the total students who leave the game early.315 One sided p-value= p[Z>. Test Statistic: . Hypothesis Testing the proportion of general admission students who typically leave the game is greater than 50% of the total students who leave the game early.891% ~73. Null Hypothesis: !! !!! ! !! Alternate Hypothesis: !! !!! ! !! Decision Rule: If (Z) ! !!!". ! ! !!!" ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!"#$ ! !!!" !!"#!!!"#! !" ! 51.9898]=.The formula below solves for the 95% confidence interval of !. Otherwise. Hypothesis Testing of Two Population Case We still need to resolve whether or not there is a difference in game day habits between the population of students who have general admission tickets or reserved group seating tickets. 3.

Students leaving games early is starting to become an epidemic among college football. Students who have reserved group seating tickets do not typically leave the game early as often as general admission tickets. This can be contributed to a number of factors including heat and exhaustion.!! ! !! !!! !! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! !! !! . . my hypothesis has been supported and there is a significant difference between leaving the game early and whether you have general admission student tickets or reserved group seating.0168 Conclude H1 there is a difference in how many people typically leave the early between general admission student tickets and reserved group seating Conclusion: According to my data. Maybe if LSU offered a reserved seating option to more students. than this problem can be alleviated and more students would cheer the Tigers on to victory.5 !!!!"!!!!!!! !!"!!!"! !!!!! !! !" !" ! !!!!" Two sided p value=. with d=. There is a correlation between reserved group seating and general admission tickets and their decision on whether or not to leave the game early.

Appendix: .