Multi-Technology Mobile Networks for Emerging Operators and Rapid Deployments


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wireless communication is the medium of choice worldwide for users demanding anytime-anywhere services and operators striving to further telecommunications access into regions not covered today. 2. now known as IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). while it took 12 years to establish the first billion subscribers.A. as well as a need to adapt underlying technologies to emerging applications. Taken together. Second. Tecore has incorporated IMS into its portfolio as well. CDMA. Rural environments are increasingly turning to wireless solutions as a cost-effective alternative for communications. Trends in Worldwide Communications • The worldwide number of mobile subscribers will cross the 3 billion mark in 2007-2008. Our IP-based core and access products have allowed an unprecedented level of functionality. we have dramatically improved functionality while minimizing space requirements. closing in on the number of wireline subscribers. 4 . Our solutions include core as well as radio access network infrastructure. indicating that we have entered an era when wireless is more than just an adjunct to wire line communications. these developments signal both a continuing increase in the adoption of mobile communications. First.5/3G data and VoIP in a single network. • • • • • • The industry has recognized the value of an IP architecture for next-generation mobile services. the next biggest driver for wireless communications is safety and security. it took less than a quarter of that time to add the next billion. For GSM alone. and delivering innovative new services such as Over-the-Air Prepaid Roaming. thus allowing a powerful bridge between current and future services. integrating multiple network components and value-added features in a single chassis. We also offer integrated value-added features to enable our customers to increase ARPU and retention.About Tecore Core Products Introduction Tecore Networks is a leading provider of multi-technology mobile networks for emerging operators and rapid deployments.S. In the U. the number of mobile phone-only households surpasses the number of wireline-only households. supported by state-of-the-art professional services. an award-winning offering enabling operators to capture roaming revenue directly from network visitors without the need for a roaming agreement. dynamically providing new types and levels of services. Built with the same standards-based voice and data technologies available to global carriers on an IP-based architecture. Outside of social communication. installation time and cost of ownership. including: • supporting multiple technologies including GSM. IP has proven to be the most robust and flexible platform for building and managing scalable networks. Technology Vision Tecore’s technology vision is based on two fundamental and revolutionary trends in communications..

6 billion mobile subscribers. or 93% of total subscribers worldwide Patented. 5 . IP-based platforms enabling convergence of multiple protocols Three-time winner of the Global Mobile (3GSM) Award ISO 9001:2000 certified All R&D and manufacturing in the U. integrated design to minimize space and power requirements. installation time and total cost of ownership Value-added features to increase ARPU and retention Bridge between traditional technologies and evolving IP-based architecture Compatibility with existing subscriber devices • • • • • Tecore’s highly flexible IP-based architecture is portable to evolving bestof-breed hardware platforms.A.Access Products The Tecore Advantage • Technology that is applicable to 2. • • The Tecore Value Proposition • • Multi-technology approach in the core and access segments of the network Compact.S.

installation time. The key attributes of the Network Center are: • Patented processing of multiple protocols including GSM. Wi-Fi and ultimately 4G technologies from a common baseline. and scalable to a million subscribers • The Network Center essentially concentrates the equivalent of multiple core network components and value-added features in a compact form factor. 1xRTT.Core Products Core Products iCore Network Center The iCore Network Center is a software-defined core platform that bridges networks from legacy TDM through next-generation IMS. eliminating limitations of proprietary hardware Built to be profitable for as few as 100 subscribers. operational complexity and cost of ownership Increased functionality and revenue opportunities through software-driven feature set Product line evolution enables operators to future-proof networks through incremental upgrades • • • • Figure 1 6 . software-driven architecture built on a carriergrade Linux platform. Benefits • Dramatically reduced space and power requirements. 2. providing a powerful service and revenue-generating platform for smaller operators. EV-DO. thus implementing an unprecedented any-to-any connectivity model to support GSM.5/3G data and VoIP on a single platform Integration of multiple network elements and value-added features in a single chassis IP-based. CDMA. Figure 1 highlights the benefits of the Tecore approach. GPRS/EDGE. CDMA.

The solution natively supports multiple messaging technologies and interworks with third party gateways through standard IP-based interfaces allowing connectivity and text message interoperability and access with networks around the world. The iCore SMSC/MMSC is a complete messaging solution integrated with the Network Center. shares many principles and components with the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards it precedes. compliance with IMS is evolutionary and not revolutionary. Figure 2 illustrates this evolution path. Local and peer-to-peer IP switching. Over-the-Air (OTA) Prepaid Roaming is a patent-pending offering that facilitates prepaid access to subscribers homed in networks that do not have roaming agreements in place with the serving operator. Regulatory features. On-net or peer-to-peer communications can be routed via IP to avoid unnecessary utilization of costly backhaul for calls that stay local. 2007 3GSM Award Winner Recognized as the Best Roaming Product or Service at the 2007 3GSM Congress. It is an effective solution for those new operators still in the process of developing roaming agreements. Prepaid services. requiring incremental development on a time-tested foundation. Fulfill regulatory obligations as a carrier by supporting lawful intercept. the Network Center can be equipped to handle high-speed data and multimedia services. Value-added and regulatory features • Integrated SMSC/MMSC. Provide an inexpensive calling option through the use of USSD strings. or to take advantage of free incoming calls. In conjunction with radio access network elements. Tecore’s prepaid solution implements a comprehensive set of features and services supporting the prepaid requirements of the network. Tecore offers a unique value proposition of interworking between existing mobile technologies and IMSoriented architectures. Thus. In this way. proven in significant deployments around the globe. while preserving support for legacy network platforms. and notifies them of service activation via text messaging. provides the users with a new local phone number. enabling a subscriber to use the home network for calls when roaming. the OTA Prepaid Roaming feature improves the mobile subscriber experience while simultaneously providing the network operator with an incremental stream of revenue. emergency calling. The system automatically activates prepaid accounts and services for qualifying subscribers. Over-the-Air Prepaid Roaming Tecore’s technology vision. and adapting existing components while maintaining legacy functionality to ensure support for the large installed base of subscribers on 2G-3G protocols. • • • • • 7 . 2.Access Products Figure 2: The Network Center’s evolution maps existing elements to their IMS counterparts. number portability and other requirements. USSD Callback.5/3G data capabilities. Supported as an integrated software package on the iCore platform or as a standalone iCore SCF Server. By enabling roaming in cases where such a service would not otherwise be available.

1700. 900. CDMA / 1xRTT / EV-DO Key Attributes: • • • Frequency bands: 450. GSM / GPRS / EDGE Key Attributes: • • • Frequency bands: 700. rapidly deployable or ad hoc communication systems • • • 8 .5/3G data and VoIP support omni and multiple sectored configurations concentrate multiple network elements – base transceiver station. 1900 and 2100 MHz Macro version includes high power configuration for outdoor networks Micro version includes low power configuration for in-building applications Pico version ideal for ultra-compact. 800. 850. 1800 and 1900 MHz Macro version includes high power configuration for outdoor networks Micro version includes low power configuration for in-building applications Pico version ideal for ultra-compact. The iCore Radio Access products can also interconnect with third-party core platforms based on industry standards. 700. and packet controller – into a single chassis Multi-protocol mobile networks serve residents and roaming traffic in remote Alaskan areas. LTE and other next-generation access technologies. Beyond CDMA and GSM – from Tecore or other vendors – the iCore Network Center can support industry-standard 3G. • • • Systems can be built to suit diverse license specifications from the following product lines. base station controller. WiMAX. CDMA. 2. Wi-Fi. or quadruple standard GSM BTS range The complete iCore product portfolio includes standard interfaces to enable interconnectivity with a wide range of alternative technologies and vendors. rapidly deployable or ad hoc communication systems Software-upgradable to support extended range of up to 75 miles or 120 km.Access Products iCore Radio Access Networks iCore Radio Access products share key principles with the Network Center: • offer IP as well as TDM routing to enable cost-effective traffic management support multiple protocols including GSM. 1800.

rural and remote cellular operators utilize leased lines for backhaul and connectivity to the PSTN. This feature is a critical component for rural. It overcomes a limitation on cell radius imposed by the GSM radio channel structure. Operators can choose to offer reduced rates for on-net calls. telemetry. generating savings for the operator and performance improvements for subscribers. On-net calls can be routed directly via IP. CDMA and multi-technology radio access network and core products. Where a leased line is not feasible. Traditionally. Any call on the network transits this infrastructure. providing an incentive for subscribers to refer others to join. The feature provides critical cellular communications to vessels traveling far beyond typical GSM cell range. One of the first customers deploying this solution is extending GSM coverage into some of the most lucrative but dangerous offshore fishing areas in the world. the alternative is an even higher priced satellite connection. who now can install less equipment without sacrificing performance. remote. 9 . new-license and emergency communications operators. making it an ideal solution for remote. who need to minimize total cost of network ownership and optimize the use of backhaul bandwidth. Extended-Range GSM Radio Access This feature achieves a cell radius of up to 75 miles or 120 km. calls originating and terminating on the network (“on-net”) result in unnecessary backhaul expense and latency. Operators can position an all-IP BTS anywhere in the world to quickly provide transcoder-free mobile-tomobile service. The dramatically increased range is particularly beneficial to operators in remote or rural locations. Thus. rapid response and tactical solutions. All of Tecore’s base stations provide the option for optimal connection of IP bearer traffic. avoiding the use of the backhaul network.Local and Peer-to-Peer IP Switching Tecore is first to market with local and peer-to-peer IP switching across its entire portfolio of GSM. and further increasing revenue and customer loyalty while reducing costs. quadruple the standard range of a GSM base station.

accessible via phone or e-mail Standard factory repair service/ replacement Proactive performance monitoring at state-of-the-art Customer Response Center (CRC) 10 . Our professional services team can provide knowledgeable. experienced personnel dedicated to a successful implementation. regional regulations and other factors Develop network architecture. installation and turn-up) Service application notes/brochures • • Customer Care • • • 24 hours x 365 days remote support. troubleshooting and alarm. topology and design for radio access and core segments Integration Services • • Provide access to Tecore’s Integration Lab Address third-party product integration and interfacing requirements Customize features such as announcement recording. airtime billing. coverage areas. Program Management • • • • Coordinate project planning and execution Provide budgets and progress reports Perform site survey and equipment engineering services Support the equipment procurement process Assess requirements based on traffic models.Professional Services Professional Services Tecore Networks complements its broad networking product portfolio with state-of-the-art professional services. delivering true end-to-end solutions. special trunk signaling and configurations • Deployment Services • • • • • Support equipment deployment logistics Verify that connections are in place Install and configure Tecore-provided components Assist in loading client applications and data Conduct post-installation follow-up Network Engineering • Training & Documentation • • Provide training at Tecore facility or on customer site Deliver manuals (user reference/ provisioning.

Critical personnel within the targeted coverage area are supported by both localized voice and data services. 1xRTT. GPRS/EDGE. • • • • In the new millennium. or for select groups as determined by the network operator. multitechnology voice and data-capable mobile network contained in one or two ruggedized transit cases. VoIP. The systems are easily scalable from as few as a hundred to thousands of subscribers. The resilience and robustness of communications networks have attracted particular attention. Features and Benefits • The only multi-technology switching solution for first responders Allows first responders to use either their personal cell phones or reconfigured phones. the iCore Rapid Response System is a complete. The Rapid Response System can be deployed as a standalone single site network. a multitechnology version fits in two. 1xEV-DO Can be enhanced with secure calling. VoIP. It can be installed and operational in under an hour. The Rapid Response System can be configured for GSM. call prioritization and push-totalk Vehicle mount and tactical transport options available Choice of local or remote management and administration Complete Rapid Response System — including core and radio access network elements — is compatible with existing subscriber devices and can restore lost communications in under an hour. and is completely integrated with the radio access network subsystems and ancillary components. state and local. or pre-commissioned phones Compact solution as small as a transportable suitcase Extremely fast deployment Easily connects to existing GSM. 1xRTT. and other emergency communications networks. or used as an extension to existing network infrastructure. PSTN. interconnected to the existing PSTN.Solutions Emergency and Tactical Communications interoperability among federal. EV-DO or a combination of these technologies. and is compatible with the majority of existing mobile devices in use today. chained together to cover wide areas. CDMA. CDMA. Specifically addressing these challenges. as well as ensuring • • • • 11 . A singletechnology system fits in one case. The system can also be configured to allow communications for the public in the event commercial networks go down. avoiding the need for adoption of yet another device. allowing for immediate coverage in emergency situations. significant natural disasters and security threats have spurred governments worldwide to focus on ensuring swift response and recovery. call prioritization and push-to-talk. satellite and trunk/LMR infrastructure Supports high-speed wireless data: GSM GPRS/ EDGE. It can interface with PSTN. and can be enhanced with secure calling. both as critical enablers for responders as well as infrastructure to keep communities together. satellite communications and trunk/land mobile radio systems to enable wide-ranging connectivity.

CDMA. Yet these providers face the challenge of significantly lower population density in their license areas compared to their metropolitan counterparts. The iCore Rural and Remote System provides operators with dual benefits: enhanced features to drive incremental revenue. • integrated value-added features to generate incremental revenue. emergency calling and number portability high degree of flexibility and control for the operator.Solutions Rural and Remote Communications As advanced communications proliferate worldwide. and zone billing capability for tailored service and rating structures • • Tecore’s innovative product portfolio goes further to help rural and remote operators address build out and cost challenges unique to their environments: • network interfaces including TDM and IP provide a wide choice of connectivity and backhaul options including satellite extended-range base stations reduce the amount of infrastructure required. better matching the population density being served • The Rural and Remote System provides: • a complete. such as Over-The-Air Prepaid Roaming to provide services directly to network visitors without roaming agreements regulatory compliance features: lawful intercept. and lower build out cost when compared to large vendor offerings. such as: complete or limited mobility support to allow the operator to deploy either regional or localized mobility commensurate with the business model and license specifications. 2. rural and remote operators are driven to offer state-of-the-art services to their communities.5/3G data and VoIP in multiple frequency bands superior voice quality compared to alternative solutions • • 12 . compact and costeffective mobile network including core and radio access components capability to process multiple voice and data technologies including GSM. and public demand to eliminate any technology divide grows. Lower population density translates into lower revenue per dollar of network build out – unless you’re working with Tecore.

Thus. End-to-End Solutions Tecore’s Professional Services team will work with you through the entire life cycle of the deployment project. network engineering. cost-effective. This explains why. starting with planning and design. For the task of actually designing and deploying the mobile network. staffing. and service launch of their business. Tecore has significant experience in deploying numerous greenfield wireless networks for new license operators throughout the world. and the challenges are many. standards-based technologies to deliver services. and those operators are turning to time-tested. Tecore can help you through the time-critical planning and implementation cycles with quick time to service and cost efficiency as primary goals. which offer an unmatched combination of service quality. from single city applications. even though the wireline base had nearly a century’s head start. 13 . systems integration.Solutions New License Networks The technology divide between developed and developing regions of the world is rapidly being addressed by mobile communications. and into commercial operation. operational flexibility and cost of ownership. training. Defining the target subscriber market. From network design to deployment planning and project management to subscriber equipment selection and integration. today. to Wireless Local Loops. and support. deployment services. to nationwide coverage. including remote Network Operations Center operations if required by the operator. mobile subscribers number approximately the same as wireline subscribers. deployment. and scalable mobile network upon which he can build his business. governments are making spectrum licenses available to operators to cover new regions. and establishing retail channels are only a few of the challenges facing a new operator. Tecore’s team can leverage this experience to help new license operators in the planning. The services include project management. building the operation. through development and deployment. Macro Capacity Networks for New and Existing Wireless Operators A new license wireless operator is concerned with all facets of developing his business. the operator needs a partner who he can trust that will bring the right mix of technology and services together to deliver a rapid.

MVNOs/Es can deploy the same core network as their markets expand to different regions. the Tecore solution supports multiple IMSI profiles allowing handsets to adjust their identity to the serving network while accessing a common profile in the HLR. Possible Configurations • Shared Access. Features and Benefits • • Complete end-to-end or modular MVNO/E solutions Patented multi-protocol architecture supports operator services across GSM. and support. Multi-IMSI Support. For VoIP backbone carriers. The MVNO/E shares access to the subscriber information and hosts the account in the licensed operator’s HLR/HSS. The MVNO provides storage and control of the subscriber profiles. USSD callback and enterprise roaming services. Our IP architecture facilitates a highly customizable operator environment. Fortunately. Tecore’s software-driven. range of features and cost-effectiveness these operators require.5/3G data and VoIP Optional edge gateways provide access localization and cost-effective backhaul handling Support for IN-/IMS-based services Integrated Tecore HLR/HSS support Modular architecture solution components can be distributed or integrated in a single system based on the operator’s business model Maintain control of subscribers. As MVNO/E opportunities become more specialized and targeted. such as establishing a brand. call processing. Backbone Routing. A differentiated business model in turn implies unique service offerings as well as varied operating parameters. alternative call routing. from multi IMSI/MSISDN support to Push-toTalk and other multimedia offerings.A. easing the deployment effort and allowing them to focus their efforts on the challenges of their business. An MVNO/E system can optionally be configured to support a range of services such as text messaging. the iCore Network Center provides an ideal compliment of standard network functions such as MSC. multi-protocol architecture provides just the modularity. Local Subscriber Control. the MVNO/E controls call and transaction processing utilizing their own IP network. and SMSC that facilitate the unique requirements of this market segment. pricing. The iCore’s ability to host multiple network occurrences from the same common infrastructure allows MVNO/ Es to leverage a single platform across multiple networks and vertical market segments. In fact. CDMA. prepaid. HLR. there is a decrease in the number of servable subscribers in the vertical market. So both CDMA subscribers in the U. and CDRs Quick deployment for fastest time-to-revenue USSD Callback as a cost-effective roaming alternative • • • • • • • • • • • Tecore’s integrated systems approach provides the ease of single platform deployment. or application that sets them apart from other operators in the market. • Multi-Network Support. Machine to Machine. management.S. 14 . 2. and GSM subscribers in Western Europe can be supported simultaneously with one common solution. For multinational MVNO/E applications. For MVNO/Es targeting metering or transport tracking applications.Solutions Mobile Virtual Network Operators / Enablers The critical success factor for an MVNO or MVNE is a differentiated business model to attract and engender loyalty from a target segment of subscribers.

mobile core network elements. and feature a complete suite of management and administration functions. the flexibility to augment network capabilities and provide increased capacity allows operators to adjust the network to the needs of their subscribers. a community event. including inside the crew’s and passengers’ cabins. value-added features to generate incremental revenue. easy to install and configure. but must also be compact. Tecore’s lab systems can be configured in a modular manner from our core and radio access network products to create the precise test bed required. These systems also have built-in interfaces for IN or IMS services that allow an operator or integrator to network test their application servers in a real network environment. Other Specialized Networks • • • • • • • • • • • • Private Networks Satellite Systems (Iridium.Solutions Specialized Mobile Networks Tecore’s IP-based architecture and turnkey solution set – feature-rich yet flexible. the deployment of the Tecore solution provides a transparent augmentation to the coverage and capacity of the network. Key attributes of the system are: complete. TDM and IP network interfaces to enable satellite backhaul and localized switching for on-ship calls. Prisons) Utility (SCADA Monitoring Communications) 15 . Inmarsat. and application servers before deploying new services or products in a live network. In addition to the proven solutions described earlier. or some other temporary gathering. Tecore’s shipboard system offers ubiquitous cellular coverage on the entire vessel. Tecore’s transportable solutions provide a self contained network that can be deployed and servicing customers in a matter of minutes supporting the full range of wireless service.5/3G data and VoIP in multiple frequency bands. Deployable capacity is a key to adapting a network to temporary changes in configuration. Traditional) Network Infrastructure Sharing Data Networks Disaster Recovery Back-up Systems Military Core Communications Military Training Test and Validation Aircraft / Airships Monitoring and Control (Governmental. such as Over-the-Air Prepaid Roaming to provide services directly to network visitors without the need for a roaming agreement. modular yet scalable – can be adapted to a wide range of new network environments. and cost-effective without sacrificing features and functionality. Tecore lab systems are available in a variety of hardware platforms. governments and integrators need to have systems that allow them to test their wireless networks in a lab environment. CDMA. The systems need to support all of the latest commercial standard protocols and interoperability. Shipboard Networks Marine industry demand for onboard cellular systems is booming. Transportable Networks Whether it’s the big game. compact and cost-effective mobile network. The systems simplify the task of testing wireless elements. thus enabling use of existing subscriber devices. Lab Systems for Network Testing and Validation Mobile operators. 2. we continually address more specialized applications. capability to process multiple voice and data technologies including GSM. Capable of operating in standalone fashion or integrated with permanently installed infrastructure. and integrated. including radio access network products.

tecore.6000 • Fax +1 410. MD 21046. 1700.Products at a Glance iCore Network Center • • • • • • • • iCore Radio Access • • • Frequency Bands • • Value-Added Features • Mobile Switching Center Visitor Location Register Home Location Register / Authentication Center Short / Multimedia Message Service Center International Gateway Signaling Gateway IMS Gateway (CSCF / HSS) Service Control Function / SIP Application Server GSM GPRS EDGE • • • CDMA 1xRTT EV-DO GSM: 700. 850. The core of convergence. iCore and their associated logos are trademarks of • www.6010 info@tecore. 1900 CDMA: 450.872.872. 800. 1800.A. U. Traditional) Network Infrastructure Sharing Data Networks Global Mobile Award Winner 1998 • 2006 • 2007 ISO 9001:2000 Certified • • • • • • • • • • • Localized Peer-to-Peer IP Switching Extended Range Base Stations Regulatory Features Disaster Recovery Back-up Systems Military Core Communications Military Training Test and Validation Aircraft / Airships Monitoring and Control (Governmental. © 2008 Tecore. 900. Inc. 700. 1900. 1800. . Inc. 2100 Integrated / Standalone Prepaid Service including OTA Prepaid Multi-Technology Roaming USSD Callback Standard Macro Network Rapid Response MVNO/E Laboratory Shipboard Transportable Private Networks Satellite Systems (Iridium. Tel +1 410.S. Prisons) Utility (SCADA Monitoring Communications) • • Customizable Configurations • • • • • • • • • • 7061 Columbia Gateway Drive Columbia. All rights An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company Tecore Networks. Inmarsat.