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Process Paper When deciding on subject to choose, I wanted to choose something that I would be interested in researching and something

I havent learned extensively about in school. The subject that immediately caught my eye was Medieval Europe, mainly nights and castles. !"ter some deliberation, I narrowed my topic down to the social, government and economic structure o" Europe during the Middle !ges# "eudalism. It was a topic that Ive brie"ly learned about in school, it stayed within my interests, and the social hierarchy "ascinated me. This topic also "ell per"ectly under this years theme o" $ights and $esponsibilities. !"ter "inali%ing my topic, I began my research by browsing various online encyclopedias to get a general overview o" my topic and to get ideas "or in&depth research. I gathered in"ormation "rom class materials and textboo s, as well. I then went on to use the resources provided by the 'ational (istory )ay website. *rom there, I "ound many use"ul resources including pictures. I continued my research by borrowing boo s "rom my local library about medieval Europe and "eudalism. I sought in"ormation "rom library re"erence materials as well. I also too advantage o" my states virtual library system, +!,I,E-, which contains numerous databases. *rom the databases I collected all o" the necessary in"ormation *or my project, I chose the website category because I thought it would be the most e""ective and e""icient medium to present my "indings. The website plat"orm allows me to incorporate text and multimedia in my project, and, in turn, allows "or the viewers to develop a better understanding and connection to the in"ormation. This plat"orm truly encompasses all o" the elements needed "or a success"ul project. .eginning my website, I

dra"ted an outline "or the "ormat. I collected all o" the necessary in"ormation, including text, photos and any other multimedia, and then used the Weebly online website editor to create it. I tried to utili%e all o" the tools available in the Weebly editor. *rom there, I "ormatted my website in a "ashion that I believe presented my "indings in the best possible way. My topic o" "eudalism greatly relates to this years theme o" rights and responsibilities. *eudalism was the social, economic and political structure o" Western Europe during the early middle ages and it permeated practically every aspect o" society determining everything "rom the relationships among the di""erent social classes, to who and how businesses ran. *eudalism directly relates to /$ights and $esponsibilities0 speci"ically because it deals with a social pec ing order in which people o" di""erent levels have di""erent rights and responsibilities.