Hindi Consonants

So now you’ve completely mastered the Hindi Vowels it’s time to move on to Consonants! Consonants in Hindi are ‘nicely’ sorted into groups of around 5. This makes lessons easy, we’ll cover one group each lesson!

These are all the Hindi Consonants we’ll be learning about! Wow, they look confusing don’t they? Don’t worry, by the end of this section I promise you’ll know all of them!

I know there’s a lot of consonants in Hindi and it can get quite boring just going through them so why don’t you sprinkle in a few lessons from the Conversational Hindi Section as you go through! Just like with the Vowels, I’ll show at least one example word for each letter! Group 1: क ka to ङ ṅa Group 3: ट ta to ण ṇa Group 5: प pa to म ma Group 7: श sha to ह ha Group 2: च ca to ञ ña Group 4: त ta to न na Group 6: य ya to व va

Now with the Hindi consonants there’s actually a bit more to know than just the letters, so once if you’ve got all the letters covered then let’s carry on learning some extra rules…