KMSI Launch Yellowfin 7 Analytics Platform to Japanese Market Yellowfin 7, the latest iteration of Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence (BI) platform

, has been successfully launched in Japan via business partner yocera !aru"en# Akihabara, okyo, Japan, !ecember "7, #$"% && Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, helped launch Yellowfin 7 at the semiannual “Yellowfin Day” at a crowded auditorium in !ihabara, a district in the Chiyoda ward of "o!yo# Download Yellowfin Day a$enda http'((www)yellowfinbi)com(!ocument)i*+ !ocumentI,-#%.%7" %or a detailed o&er&iew of Yellowfin 7's !ey features and functions ( includin$ &ideo, presentation and ima$e materials ( http'((www)yellowfinbi)com(Y/0ommunity1ews&Yellowfin&launches& Yellowfin&7&analytics&platform&Makes&enterprise&wi,e&!ata&!is&"2$72* Rabie e)plained to representati&es from o&er *+, corporations that Yellowfin 7 focused on de&elopin$ and deli&erin$ three !ey areas- beautiful and intuiti&e user interface. a balance between the needs of enterprise /" and Data Disco&ery end0users. and a brilliant analytical e)perience to enable fast fact0based insi$ht# "o support those three ambitions, Rabie said the Yellowfin 7 included fi&e ma1or areas of enhancement- /mpro&ed content creation, multi0chart formattin$, enriched administration, as well as new collaborati&e decision0ma!in$ and 2obile 3/ capabilities# Mobile 3I enhancements Rabie said that the ma1or enhancements to Yellowfin's 2obile 3/ capabilities included• • • • "he inte$ration of 4toryboard into Yellowfin's nati&e i5ad application "he introduction of Yellowfin's browse functionality into its nati&e i5hone application restyled user interface for increased na&i$ability "he ability to create 3/ content, &ia the browser, on any mobile de&ice

0ollaborati4e ,ecision&makin5 Rabie said that Yellowfin 7 introduced a series of decision wid$ets to "imeline ( Yellowfin's personali6ed %aceboo!0esc feed, which catalo$s a users' acti&ities within Yellowfin in real0time ( to boost user en$a$ement and ma!e collaborati&e decision0ma!in$ e&en easier# “7ith these enhancements, we want to help en$a$e users in the decision0ma!in$ process ( to brin$ human e)perience and data to$ether to assist our customers to ma!e the best decisions possible,” said Rabie# 1ew a,ministration console “ hu$e e)pense of any 3/ pro1ect is the on$oin$ cost of administration and de&elopment, rather than software license fees,” said Rabie# “ ccordin$ to Gartner, 3/ administration and mana$ement ma!es up around 7, percent of the total cost of ownership#8 “7ith this release, we loo!ed at how we could reduce this on$oin$ cost for our clients by impro&in$ and streamlinin$ administrati&e features and functionality#”

6nhance, report authorin5 “4ome of the bi$$est chan$es in Yellowfin 7 relate to the way in which users can author reports,” said Rabie# “7e ha&e brou$ht Data Disco&ery into Yellowfin#” Yellowfin's new report builder includes• • • • new interface for hi$hly intuiti&e report buildin$ and ad0hoc analysis, which streamlines the steps re9uired to create 3/ content n all0new content creation can&as on which any selected fields are instantaneously &isuali6ed, enablin$ users to immediately see the result of their actions and attain instant insi$ht Enhanced formattin$ controls that ma!e reportin$ content easier to confi$ure for mass distribution, helpin$ Yellowfin customers !eep their content consistent with corporate stylin$ demands d&anced help features that empower more people to author 3/ content

Rabie said that Yellowfin's aim was to enable people of all business bac!$rounds to build, e)plore and analy6e analytic content# Multi&chart formattin5 :astly, Rabie said that Yellowfin's new multi0chart capability was another important addition to Yellowfin 7's new content creation process, “enablin$ end0users to create sophisticated independent analysis#” “Yellowfin 7's multi0chart capabilities allow users to create many charts from a sin$le dataset, enablin$ fast data e)ploration and analysis from multiple perspecti&es,” said Rabie# About Yellowfin' Yellowfin is a $lobal 3usiness /ntelli$ence ;3/< and analytics software &endor passionate about ma!in$ 3/ easy# Yellowfin is head9uartered and de&eloped in 2elbourne, ustralia, offerin$ a hi$hly intuiti&e *,, percent 7eb0based reportin$ and analytics solution# %ounded in +,,= in response to the comple)ity and costs associated with implementin$ and usin$ traditional 3/ tools, Yellowfin is a leader in mobile, collaborati&e and embeddable 3/ as well as :ocation /ntelli$ence and data &isuali6ation# %or more information, &isit www#yellowfinbi#com /or further me,ia information, inter4iews, ima5es or pro,uct ,emonstration, please contact' :achlan >ames, Communications 2ana$er on ?@* ;,<= A@*7 BCDB, ?@* ;,<B=* A=D @DA or lachlan#1amesEyellowfin#bi %or re$ular updates and news, follow Yellowfin on "witter ;EYellowfin3/<, :in!ed/n ;Yellowfin 3usiness /ntelli$ence< or email prEyellowfin#bi to subscribe to Yellowfin's free e0newsletter# 0ontact' :achlan >ames Yellowfin :e&el B@, =@, Eli6abeth 4treet 2elbourne =,,,, Fictoria, ustralia ?@* , = A@*7 BCDB

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