Knightmare on Wall Street Tops Best Gift Ideas Lists for Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Worldwide

Edgar Perez, Author, The Speed Traders, and Course Director, The Speed Traders Workshop, Introduces Knightmare on Wall Street, The Rise and all o! Knight Capital and the "iggest Risk !or inancial #arkets, a "ehind$the$scenes %ook at Knight Capital&s '( )ears o! Tumultuous E*istence as an Independent Compan)+ New or!" N " #S$ %&e'em(er )*" +,)-. -- During the holidays you have a lot goinga lot more than usual, anyway. The addition of travel, family and year-end work quotas can make you feel like the stress is piling on. What can business executives and professionals can do to keep it all at bay !nightmare on Wall "treet, The #ise and $all of !night %apital and the &iggest #isk for $inancial 'arkets, the new book by (dgar )ere*, former 'c!insey consultant and celebrated author of The "peed Traders, is now available in his website http+,,www.'r(dgar)ere*.com with immediate shipping now available at http+,,www.!nightmareonWall" !nightmare on Wall "treet provides a fascinating account of what it took to elevate the firm to the cusp of the retail investing revolution of the late -../s, to struggle through booms and busts, and to bring the firm down, to end up ultimately being ignominiously bought up by a competitor. #eaders will discover a thrilling minute-by-minute account of the terrifying hours following !night %apital0s 1ugust -, 2/-2 trading debacle, with news-breaking research regarding the firm0s -3 years of tumultuous existence as an independent company. 1t .+4/ 1.'. on 1ugust -, 2/-2, right after the markets opened for the day, !night %apital began issuing an unprecedented number of erroneous orders into the market, due to an error in installing new software. !night %apital announced later a staggering loss of 566/ million. What followed after this shocking announcement were several rounds of desperate conversations with a number of vulture players who had smelled opportunity and were readying themselves to pick up bargain-priced pieces. 7n 1ugust 8, 2/-2, 9oyce confirmed that !night %apital had struck a deal with 9efferies, TD 1meritrade, &lackstone, :(T%7, "tephens, and "tifel $inancial, staving off collapse days after the trading mishap.

)ere* is widely regarded as the preeminent global expert in the speciali*ed area of high-frequency trading. ;e is author of The "peed Traders, 1n <nsider0s =ook at the >ew ;igh-$requency Trading )henomenon That is Transforming the <nvesting World, published in (nglish by 'c:raw-;ill <nc. ?2/--@, )ublished in 'andarin by %hina $inancial )ublishing ;ouse ?2/-2@, and <nvestasi "uper !ilat+ )andangan 7rang dalam tentang $enomena &aru $rekuensi Tinggi yang 'entransformasi Dunia <nvestasi, published in &ahasa <ndonesia by !ompas :ramedia ?2/-2@. )ere* is course director of The "peed Traders Workshop, ;ow ;igh $requency Traders =everage )rofitable "trategies to $ind 1lpha in (quities, 7ptions, $utures and $A ?;ong !ong, "ao )aulo, "eoul, !uala =umpur, Warsaw, !iev, >ew Bork, "ingapore, &eiCing, "hanghai@. ;e contributes to %hina0s <nternational $inance >ews and "ina $inance and The >ew Bork Times. (dgar has been interviewed on %>&%0s "quawk on the "treet, Worldwide (xchange, %ash $low and "quawk &ox, $7A &D"<>(""0s %ountdown to the %losing &ell and 1fter the &ell, &loomberg TE0s 'arket 'akers, %>> en (spaFol0s Dinero, "ina $inance, &>>0s &usiness Day, %%TE %hina, &, The", =eaderonomics, :)W 'edia, %hannel >ews1sia0s &usiness Tonight and %ents G "ensibilities. <n addition, (dgar has been globally featured on $A$actor, %olumbia &usiness, 7pen'arkets, "ohu, >ews.", Bicai, eastmoney, %aiCing, (T$, 48/doc, 1; #adio, %>$, %<T<%" $utures, Tongxin "ecurities,, %&>, %aixin, $utures Daily, Ainhua, %&> >ewswire, %hinese $inancial >ews,, <nternational $inance >ews,, $, $inance.", The !orea Times, The !orea ;erald, The "tar, The 'alaysian <nsider, &'$ H..., i'oney ;ong !ong, %>&%, &loomberg ;edge $und &rief, The Wall "treet 9ournal, The >ew Bork Times, Dallas 'orning >ews, Ealor (conKmico, $<A:lobal Trading, T7D1B 7nline, 7riental Daily >ews and &usiness Times. Media /onta't0 9ulia )etrova 'edia #elations %oordinator !nightmare on Wall "treet L--6-6-$7#D'"/ http+,, $Ends$

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