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The Dow Jones Industrial Increased Nearly 0.4% Household Net Worth Set A Record In The 4th Quarter
Thursday To Close At 11,253.24, Its Highest Close Of 2005, Increasing 2.3%. (“High Home Values Boost Net
Since May 22, 2001. (“Benign Inflation Data Cheers Stock Worth Of U.S. Households,” The Wall Street Journal, 3/10/06)
Market,” The Associated Press, 3/17/06)
The Institute For Supply Management’s Services Index
• The S&P 500 Increased 2.31 Points Thursday Rose To 60.1% In Feb. From 56.8% In Jan. (“U.S. Feb. ISM
To 1,305.33, Its Best Close Since May 22, 2001. Services Index Rises To 60.1 Vs 56.8 In Jan,” MarketWatch, 3/3/06)
(“Benign Inflation Data Cheers Stock Market,” The
Associated Press, 3/17/06) • The Index Was Above 50% For The 35th Straight
Month (Readings Above 50% Indicate Growth).
(“February Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business,”
Press Release, 3/3/06)

Productivity Has Grown At A 3.4% Yearly Rate Since
Early 2001, Up From 2.3% The Preceding 5 Years.
The Number Of Weekly Continuing Jobless Claims (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, Accessed 3/7/06)
Was Down To Its Lowest Level Since Feb. 10, 2001.
(“Jobless Claims Edge Higher,” MarketWatch, 3/16/06) Hourly Wages Are Up 3.5% From Feb. 2005, The Best
Annual Gain Since Sept. 2001. (“Jobs Data Suggest Economy
243,000 Jobs Were Created In Feb. – Nearly 5 Million Picking Up Steam,” The Wall Street Journal, 3/11/06)
Jobs Have Been Created Since Aug. 2003. (Bureau Of
Labor Statistics Website,, Accessed 3/10/06)

• The Jobless Rate In February Was 4.8%, Lower
Than The Averages Of The 70s, 80s, And 90s.
(The White House, Press Release, 3/10/06)
The Empire State Manufacturing Index Surged To 31.2
According To Manpower, Inc., 30% Of U.S. Companies Points In March, The Highest Level Since July 2004
Plan To Add Staff In The Second Quarter. (“Survey: 30 (Readings Over Zero Indicate Growth). (“New York
Pct. Of Companies To Hire More,” The Associated Press, 3/14/06) Factories Strengthen In March,” MarketWatch, 3/15/06)
Jobless Rates Were Down In 47 States Between Dec. • The Factory Job Market Improved As The
And Jan. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Press Release, 3/9/06) Employee Index Increased To 21.8 Points From
• Jobs Were Created In 30 States In Jan. (Bureau 6 Points In Feb. (“New York Factories Strengthen In
March,” MarketWatch, 3/15/06)
Of Labor Statistics, Press Release, 3/9/06)
Industrial Activity In The Philadelphia Region
• Nebraska (0.8%) Had The Largest Percentage
Expanded For The 9th Straight Month In March. (“Philly
Increase In Employment In Jan. (Bureau Of Labor Fed Shows Slower Growth,” MarketWatch, 3/16/06)
Statistics, Press Release, 3/9/06)
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