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“Al-Qaida In Iraq Is Concerned About Vice Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Adm.
Disorganization Within Its Cells In The Baghdad Edmund Giambastiani: “The amount of operational area
Area … According To Documents Released under the control of the Iraqis has increased significantly in
Monday By The U.S. Military.” (Tarek El-Tablawy, the past six months with 58 Iraqi army battalions
“Disorganization Worries Al-Qaida In Iraq,” The Associated overseeing vast areas of Iraq.” (Admiral Giambastiani, Press
Press, 5/8/2006) Conference, 5/9/06)

• “The Documents Indicate The Group Is Adm. Giambastiani: “The number of operations planned
Worried That Its Forces Are Unable To and executed by the Iraqis continues to grow. Seventy-five
Secure Solid Footholds Within Baghdad Iraqi security force battalions lead in operations, with
…” (Tarek El-Tablawy, “Disorganization Worries coalition forces in support.” (Admiral Giambastiani, Press
Al-Qaida In Iraq,” The Associated Press, Conference, 5/9/06)
• Adm. Giambastiani: “Nearly a third of those
“Coalition Forces Killed The Al-Qaeda ‘Emir’ Of operations are conducted independently by Iraqi
Samarra, Hamadi‘Abdal-Tahkial-Nissani, Along security forces.” (Admiral Giambastiani, Press
With Two Other Terrorists ...” (State Department Conference, 5/9/06)
Website,, Accessed 5/10/06)

At The End Of 2004, The Iraqi Ministry Of Construction And
A Water Treatment Facility In Fallujah Was Recently Housing Established The Iraqi Housing Fund, Lending
Completed And Over 60,000 Fallujah Residents Are Money To Iraqis At Below Market Interest Rates To Build
Expected To Benefit From Its Construction. (State And Improve Homes. (State Department Website,
Department Website,, Accessed, Accessed 5/10/06)
• As Of Mid-April, The Fund Had Made 4,421 Loans
Three Water Treatment Plants Were Recently
And Eight Hundred Homes Were Completed With
Completed In The Ninewa Province. (State Department
About 3,500 Under Construction. (State Department
Website,, Accessed 5/10/06)
Website,, Accessed 5/10/06)
• Almost Two Million Mosul Residents Will
• Over 40,000 Jobs Have Been Created Due To The
Benefit From The Increase Of Water Piped Into
Construction Of These Homes. (State Department
The City. (State Department Website, Website,, Accessed 5/10/06), Accessed 5/10/06)

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