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108,000 Jobs Were Created In Dec. And Numbers The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index
Were Revised To Show 305,000 New Jobs In Nov. Rose To 103.6 In Dec., The Highest Since Before The
(90,000 More Than Originally Estimated). (“US Payroll Hurricanes. (“U.S. Consumer Confidence At Highest Level Since
Increase Below Expectations,” Dow Jones, 1/6/06) Katrina,” MarketWatch, 12/28/05)

• More Than 2 Million Jobs Were Created In 2005 • University Of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment
And More Than 4.6 Million Jobs Have Been Index Rose To 91.5 In Dec., Up From 81.6 In Nov.
Created Over 31 Straight Months Of Growth (“New-Home Sales Fell In The Month As Durable-Goods
Orders Gained,” The Wall Street Journal, 12/24/05)
(Since May 2003). (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, Accessed 1/6/06) Real Hourly Wages Are Up 1.1% Over Early 2001, The
The Jobless Rate Was 4.9% -- The Rate In Germany, Previous Business Cycle Peak. (Editorial, “Rodney Dangerfield
Revisited,” The Wall Street Journal, 12/30/05)
Europe’s Largest Economy, Is 11.1%. (Bureau Of Labor
Statistics Website,, 1/6/06; “German Unemployment • Personal Incomes And Consumer Spending
Rate Rises To 11.1 Percent In December,” The Associated Press,
Increased 0.3% In Nov. (“U.S. Spending, Income Up
0.3% In Nov,” MarketWatch, 12/22/05)
• France’s Jobless Rate Is 9.6%. (“France’s Jobless The Index Of Leading Economic Indicators Increased
Rate Drops Slightly,” The Associated Press, 12/29/05)
0.5% In Nov. After A 1% Increase In Oct. (The Best Since
Jobless Claims Fell By 35,000 Last Week, The Lowest June). (“Leading Indicators Gain Momentum,” MarketWatch, 12/22/05)
Level Since Sept. 2000 – The Four-Week Average Fell
The ISM Services Index Increased To 59.8% In Dec.,
9,750, The Lowest Since Before Hurricane Katrina.
(“Jobless Claims Plunge To 5-Year Low,” MarketWatch, 1/5/06) Indicating Continued Growth In The Sector. (“U.S. Dec. ISM
Services Index Rebounds To 59.8%,” MarketWatch, 1/5/06)

State Tax Revenues Were Up 9.2% In The 3rd Quarter

Of 2005 Over The Year Before. (“Next Year's Tax Relief Will Orders For Durable Goods (Goods Expected To Last At
Include Energy Credits, Higher Deductions,” The Wall Street Journal, Least 3 Years) Increased 4.4% In Nov., The Biggest
12/21/05) Jump Since May. (“New-Home Sales Fell In The Month As Durable-
Goods Orders Gained,” The Wall Street Journal, 12/24/05)
• 48 States (All But Rhode Island And Louisiana)
Expect Revenues To Improve Or Remain Stable Factory Orders Increased 2.5% In Nov. To A Record-
Next Fiscal Year. (“Revenue Is Starting To Burn Holes In High Of $407.7 Billion. (“Factory Orders Post 2.5 Percent Increase
States' Pockets,” The Washington Post, 12/21/05) In November,” The Associated Press, 1/4/06)

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