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Major General Rick Lynch: “[J]ust before the first of the President Bush: “[T]he Iraqi people reached an important
year, we were averaging about 44 captured foreign nationals milestone in their journey on democracy. Iraqi leaders
per month, and now we’re down to less than half of that.” announced agreement on the top leadership posts for a
(Gen. Rich Lynch, Press Conference, 4/20/06) national unity government.” (President G.W. Bush, Statement By
The President On Iraq, Sacramento, CA, 4/22/06)
• Lynch: “I talk every Thursday about the weapons
caches and weapons finds. And if you looked … [at] • President Bush: “This agreement represents
2005, we came across 2,880 weapons caches and compromise and consensus among many different
since the first of the year almost 900 weapons Iraqi groups, and it came after months of patient
caches.” (Gen. Rich Lynch, Press Conference, 4/20/06) negotiations.” (President G.W. Bush, Statement By The
President On Iraq, Sacramento, CA, 4/22/06)
• Lynch: “[I] believe that the most important indicator
… [is] the number of tips, actionable tips, that we are
Amb. Zalmay Khalizad: “[New Prime Minister Jawad Maliki]
receiving from the people of Iraq. They have indeed
is an Iraqi patriot. He opposed Saddam Hussein in the ‘80s,
reached the point where they’re tired of the
had to leave the country because of the threat against his
insurgency, and they realize that they are indeed the
life.” (CNN’s "Late Edition," 4/23/06)
target of attacks by the insurgency.” (Gen. Rich
Lynch, Press Conference, 4/20/06)

Major Kevin Charter Who Just Returned From Iraq: “They “Baghdad Is To Get Its First Water Park And Wave Machine -
are so grateful for us being there and toppling Saddam. Even Thanks To A Scottish Company [Murphy’s Waves].” (John
the Sunnis, who benefited under Saddam, thanked us.” (Bill Ferguson, “Exclusive: We’ll Build Wave Pool … In Baghdad,” Daily
Crawford, “Generals, See Progress,” National Review, 4/17/06) Record, 4/11/06)

Marine Corps Capt. B.J. Grass: “[T]here’s a lot of good • International Sales Manager Jim Stuart: “I am
things happening [In Iraq].” (Meg Jones, “Marine Tells Of Life delighted to be involved in this project and it shows that
With Iraq’s Army,” Milwaukee [WI] Journal Sentinel, 4/12/06) rebuilding in Iraq really is happening.” (John Ferguson,
“Exclusive: We’ll Build Wave Pool … In Baghdad,” Daily
Spc. Michael Sward: “They’ve got heart. The Iraqi police Record, 4/11/06)
love their job … The majority of them are fighting for their
families, their communities, where they live. This is their “[T]he Iraqi Economy Is Improving, And Has Doubled In The
home.” (Department Of Defense Website,, Last Three Years.” (Bill Crawford, “Generals, See Progress,” National
Accessed 4/26/06) Review, 4/17/06)

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