39 Of 45 Planned Border Forts For Northeast Iraq Have Been Completed. (Department Of Defense Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

“A US Army Corps Of Engineers (USACE) Water Project In Hillah Is Complete.” (State Department Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

“These Posts Will Allow Increased Security Along The Iranian Border As Well As To Provide A Place To Train The Border Police.” (Department
Of Defense Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

“This Project Will Improve The Water Supply For 150,000 Babil Province Residents.” (State Department
Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

“Iraqi Soldiers Assumed Control Of Part Of Salah Al Din Province … In A Transfer Of Authority Ceremony At An Iraqi Army Outpost Near Balad, Iraq [On] April 15.”
(Blackanthem Military News,, Accessed 4/20/06)

Construction Was Completed On A $1 Million Water Distribution Project In The Baghdad Province. (State
Department Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

Cooperation Between Citizens And Coalition Forces Allowed Iraqi Soldiers To Successfully Provide Security To The Region. (Blackanthem
Military News,, Accessed 4/20/06)

“The Project Affects Approximately 20,000 Residents In The Neighborhood Of Northwest Baghdad.” (State Department Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

“U.S.-Sponsored Reconstruction Efforts Have Renovated Or Rebuilt Nearly 3,000 Iraqi Schools, Retrained 55,000 Teachers And Administrators And … Revised Or Redacted Millions Of Textbooks That Glorified 35 Years Of Tyrannical Rule.” (Jonathan Finer, “For Iraqi Students, Hussein’s
Arrival Is End Of History,” The Washington Post, 4/15/06)

Iraqi’s National Youth Soccer Team Recently Came To Texas To Participate In The International Dallas Cup. The Iraqi Teens Started Off Outscoring Opponents 16-2. (CBS’ “Evening
News,” 4/17/06)

A Youth Center Recently Reopened In Baghdad. (U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

“13 Of 15 School Projects Are Complete In Karbala.” (Bill
Crawford, “Generals, See Progress” National Review, 4/17/06)

“The Youth Center Offers Programs And Training In Weightlifting, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo And Soccer.”
(U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

“Construction Of New Classrooms Is Now Complete In Mosul.” (Bill Crawford, “Generals, See Progress” National Review,

Amb. Zalmay Khalilzad: “This facility and the activities in which Iraqi youth will participate within its walls, have much to say about the transition through which Iraq is going.” (U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Website,, Accessed 4/20/06)

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