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“Coalition Forces Killed One Of Al Qaida’s Top Five Gen. George W. Casey, Commanding General,
Terrorists In Iraq, Sheikh Mansur … Mansur Was Al Multinational Force-Iraq: “Al-Qaida in Iraq forces are
Qaida’s Top Spiritual Leader In Iraq And A ‘Right Hand significantly hurt, and the elected Iraqi government headed by
Man’ To Former Leader Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.” (State Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is making a strong stand and
Department Website,, Accessed 6/28/06) representing the Iraqi people ...” (Department Of Defense Website,, Accessed 6/28/06)
“Iraqi Forces Captured A Key Al-Qaida Suspect Wanted
In The Bombing Of A Shiite Shrine …” (Bassem Mroue, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. J.D. Thurman, Commanding General
“Iraqis Announce Capture Of A Tunisian Al-Qaida Member Wanted Of Multinational Division–Baghdad: “I’ve seen the 9th Iraqi
In Samarra Shrine Bombing,” The Associated Press, 6/28/06) Army (Division) grow in skill, capabilities and confidence into a
highly proficient, effective fighting force.” (Department Of Defense
• “Yousri Fakher Mohammed Ali, A Tunisian Also Website,, Accessed 6/28/06)
Known As Abu Qudama, Was Captured After
Being Seriously Wounded In A Clash With • Gen. Thurman: “They have never failed nor wavered
Security Forces North Of Baghdad …” (Bassem in any mission. They have earned the confidence of
Mroue, “Iraqis Announce Capture Of A Tunisian Al-Qaida the Iraqi people. The people of Iraq can be very proud
Member Wanted In Samarra Shrine Bombing,” The of them.” (Department Of Defense Website,
Associated Press, 6/28/06), Accessed 6/28/06)

Construction Is Complete On A Girls’ School In The Iraqi A Result Of The 2006 United States-European Union Summit
Province Of Karbala. (State Department Website, Was The Issuance Of A Joint Declaration Pledging To Assist In, Accessed 6/28/06) Building “[A]n Independent, Stable, Secure, Democratic,
Prosperous And United Iraq At Peace With Its Neighbours [Sic]
• Over 450 Young Girls Will Enjoy A Brand New …” (State Department Website,, Accessed 6/28/06)
School With 12 Classrooms. (State Department
Website,, Accessed 6/28/06) • The Declaration Also Called On The International
Renovations Are Complete On The Malk Al Ashtar Community “[T]o Show Its Support For The New
School, Formerly Known As The Saddam Hussein Government In Particular By Increasing Development,
School. (State Department Website,, Accessed Rule Of Law, And Security Assistance, Offering
6/28/06) Capacity Building Support, And Providing Generous
Debt Relief.” (State Department Website,,
• 2,000 Iraqi Students Will Now Attend The New Accessed 6/28/06)
And Improved 31-Room School Building. (State
Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos Said That
Department Website,, Accessed 6/28/06)
Spain Is “[G]oing To Be Working On Issues Such As Support
For [Iraq] In Communications, Health Issues, Education, And
Others.” (State Department Website,, Accessed 6/28/06)

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