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“By Last Week, 22 Arab Sunni Armed Groups Had Maj. Gen. William Caldwell: “[T]here’s some great things that
Agreed To Join The [National Reconciliation] Process are happening … that the Iraqi Security Forces are doing,
Initiated By [Prime Minister] Maliki.” (Amir Taheri, Op-Ed, “Iraq: unfortunately, [it] just never reach[es] the attention of anybody.”
The Politician’s Progress,” New York Post, 7/12/06) (CNN’s “The Situation Room,” 7/12/06)

“At The Same Time, A Group Of 18 Senior Officers Of This Week Coalition Forces Handed Over Security Of The
The Former Regime’s Army Have Met With President Muthanna Province To The Iraqi Security Forces. (Bushra Juhi,
Jalal Talabani To Seek Ways Of Bringing Hundreds Of “Iraqis Take Over Security In Muthanna,” The Associated Press, 7/13/06)
Arab Sunni Cashiered Officers And NCOs Into The New
Iraqi Army And Police.” (Amir Taheri, Op-Ed, “Iraq: The Politician’s • This Transfer Of Security Marks The First Such
Progress,” New York Post, 7/12/06) Transfer Of An Entire Province. (Bushra Juhi, “Iraqis
Take Over Security In Muthanna,” The Associated Press, 7/13/06)
“[A] Number Of International Organizations Are Also
Returning To Iraq. Last Week, The Organization Of The To Date, There Are More Than 268,000 Trained And
Islamic Conference (OIC), A Grouping Of 57 Muslim- Equipped Iraqi Security Forces. (State Department Website,, Accessed 7/11/06)
Majority Countries, Ended Its Iraq Boycott By Reopening
Its Offices In Baghdad.” (Amir Taheri, Op-Ed, “Iraq: The Politician’s
Progress,” New York Post, 7/12/06)

“Coalition Forces (CF) Detained One Senior Al Qaida … “Since She Was A Little Girl In Sulemaniya, Shahla Always
Terrorist And Four Suspected Terrorists During A Raid Wanted To Be A Soldier In The Iraqi Army. But Women
In The Vicinity Of Tikrit July 3.” (State Department Website, Weren’t Allowed To Fight Under Saddam.” (Sarah Childress,, Accessed 7/11/06) “Everybody Must Make Sacrifices,” Newsweek, 7/10/06)

• “The Raid Successfully Targeted A Senior Al • “[A]s Soon As Hussein Was Gone In 2003, The
Qaida Member Known To Be Involved In Attractive Young Mother Put Her Name On The List.
Facilitating Foreign Terrorists Throughout Shahla Is Now A First Lieutenant.” (Sarah Childress,
Central Iraq.” (State Department Website, “Everybody Must Make Sacrifices,” Newsweek, 7/10/06), Accessed 7/11/06)
• Shahla: “Before, during Saddam’s time, women in the
“The Central Criminal Court Of Iraq Convicted 11 army could only be doctors. They didn’t recognize their
Detainees During The Week Of June 21 For Crimes, rank. Now, we see the difference. Now, they respect us.
Including Possession Of Illegal Weapons And Illegal Now they call us by our ranks.” (Sarah Childress, “Everybody
Border Crossing.” (State Department Website,, Must Make Sacrifices,” Newsweek, 7/10/06)
Accessed 7/11/06)

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