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“Iraq’s Security Forces Have Arrested [Yasser Sabawi “[An] Important Aspect Of [The Constitutional
Ibrahim] A Nephew Of Saddam Hussein On Suspicion He Referendum] Vote Was That Security Was Provided
Was Funneling Overseas Money To Iraqi Insurgents …” Mainly By Iraqi Police And Soldiers, Whereas U.S.
(Ibon Villelabeitia, “Iraq Arrests Saddam Nephew, Probes Militant Troops Provided That Necessity In January.” (George
Funding,” Reuters, 10/20/05) Melloan, Op-Ed, “Once Again, The Jihadists Suffer A Defeat,” The
Wall Street Journal, 10/18/05)
• “The Capture … Could Help Track Down The
Source Of The Funds From Abroad, The [Iraqi] “Iraqi And Task Force Freedom Soldiers Seized A Large
Interior Minister Said ...” (Sameer N. Yacoub, “Arrest Weapons Cache In Rawah Oct. 11.” (United States Central
Of Saddam Nephew Who Financed Insurgents Could Command Website,, Accessed 10/13/05)
Help Track Money’s Source, Officials Say,” The
Associated Press, 10/20/05) • Iraqi Intervention Forces And U.S. Soldiers
Discovered Hundreds Of Rocket Propelled
“U.S. Forces Killed 12 Militants In Western Iraq Including Grenades, Thousands Of Rockets And Hundreds
An Al Qaeda Leader Responsible For Attacks Around Of Pounds Of Bomb Making Materials. (United
Ramadi, A Focus Of The Sunni Arab Insurgency, The States Central Command Website,,
U.S. Military Said ...” (“U.S. Says Kills Senior Qaeda Leader In Accessed 10/13/05)
West Iraq,” Reuters, 10/20/05)

Middle East Expert Amir Taheri Notes “[A] Closer The Washington Times: “Iraqi Voter Turnout [For The
Look Shows That The Iraqi Economy … Performed Constitutional Referendum] Increased From The 58
Surprisingly Well.” (Amir Taheri, Op-Ed, “Guess Who’s Percent Who Cast A Ballot In The Jan. 30 Elections For
Coming To Dinar,” The Wall Street Journal, 9/14/05) National And Provincial Parliaments To Between 60 And
63 Percent ...” (Editorial, “Positive News From Iraq,” The
• “[Iraq’s] Current 4% Growth Rate Is Higher Washington Times, 10/17/05)
Than The Average Rates For The Members
Of The Arab League.” (Amir Taheri, Op-Ed, “Widespread Participation … By Sunnis … Was Taken As
“Guess Who’s Coming To Dinar,” The Wall Street Evidence Of A Desire To Reject Insurgent Violence And
Journal, 9/14/05) Place Their Trust In The Political Process.” (Sharon Behn,
“Constitution Headed For Win In Iraq,” The Washington Times,
Iraq’s GDP Has More Than Quadrupled From 2003. 10/17/05)
(Nina Kamp, Michael O’Hanlon and Amy Unikewicz, Op-Ed,
“The State Of Iraq: An Update,” The New York Times, 9/9/05) New York Post: “[The Referendum Results] Vindicate
Iraq’s Debt Has Been Cut By Nearly A Third. (Nina U.S. Policy, And Are A Giant Step Toward Regional
Kamp, Michael O’Hanlon and Amy Unikewicz, Op-Ed, “The Peace.” (Editorial, “The Iraqi Referendum,” New York Post,
State Of Iraq: An Update,” The New York Times, 9/9/05) 10/17/05)

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