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At The Iraqi Army Basic Training Academy In Taji, Iraq, A Counter-Insurgency Center Recently Opened Outside
All Instruction Is Now In Arabic And Courses Are Of Baghdad. (Department Of Defense Website, www.mnf-
Taught By Iraqi Noncommissioned Officers. (U.S. Army, Accessed 11/16/05)
Website,, Accessed 11/16/05)
• The Counter-Insurgency Center For Excellence
• The Iraqi Basic Training Program Has Also Provides Coalition Forces And Iraqi Security
Expanded At The Academy. Cadets Now Have Forces “With The Latest And Best Practices For
An Additional Ten Days To Learn And Perfect Conducting Counter-Insurgency (COIN)
Combat Skills. (U.S. Army Website, Operations In Iraq.” (Department Of Defense Website,, Accessed 11/16/05), Accessed 11/16/05)

1,000 Iraqi Army Soldiers Are Participating In The U.S. Military And Iraqi Forces Killed About 50
Operation Steel Curtain, An Offensive “Intended To Rid Terrorists During A Broad Offensive This Week In
The [Syrian] Border Area Of Havens For Foreign Western Iraq. (John Ward Anderson, “U.S. Widens Offensive In
Insurgents, Particularly Members Of Al Qaeda In Iraq.” Far Western Iraq,” The Washington Post, 11/15/05)
(John Ward Anderson, “U.S. Widens Offensive In Far Western
Iraq,” The Washington Post, 11/15/05)

“This Growth Has Continued Since The January 2005 “Across Iraq, More Than 2,500 Schools Have Been
Elections. One In Four Companies Says Its Staff Has Grown Renovated Or Received Repairs. In Addition, USAID Is
In The Last Several Months …” (Center For International Private Training 100,000 Primary And Secondary Teachers
Enterprise Website,, Accessed 11/16/05) Throughout The Country.” (Bill Crawford, Op-Ed, “Not All
Negative,” National Review, 11/9/05)
“The Number Of Iraqi Firms That Employ Women Has Grown
Significantly Since Last Year’s Survey. In Late 2004, 43% Of Under Saddam Hussein, Only One In Six Iraqi School
Firms Employed Women, While Now The Number Is 63%.” Children Had Textbooks. (Bill Crawford, Op-Ed, “Not All
(Center For International Private Enterprise Website,, Negative,” National Review, 11/9/05)
Accessed 11/16/05)
• USAID Has “Printed And Distributed 8.7 Million
“[N]early Three-Quarters (77%) [Of Iraqis] Anticipate Growth Revised Math And Science Textbooks …”
In The National Economy Over The Next Two Years.” (Center (USAID Website,, Accessed 11/16/05)
For International Private Enterprise Website,, Accessed

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