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Introducing the All-New ParaZapper UZI-3 Now with 41 Frequencies in 8 odes

The new ParaZapper UZI-3 model gives customers the good experience they expect from the best appers! with performance that allows them ap with more accurate consistency! when they want! in a model they will be proud to own" Pinson! #$! %ec &'! ()&3 - David Etheredge, President Para Systems Inc., has described the new UZI-3 model as one of the two the best a!!ers, along with the ParaZa!!er" #$. %he UZI-3 delivers leading !erformance and &'ality, bac(ed by )'rrent )ontrolled *))+ technology in addition to a ,-.. volt o't!'t to more effectively (ill microbes. In addition to the increased fre&'encies and mode selections, the new ParaZa!!er" UZI-3 model has a s'!erior a!!ing ability i.e. able to (ill microbes. %he UZI-3 model has a distinct s!ecific fre&'ency feat're that allows the s!ecific fre&'encies in each mode to r'n for s'fficient time in se&'ence with each other. /%oday, c'stomers e0!ect the best e0!erience from their technology- they are co'nting on technology to (ill !arasites and microbes in them, wherever they are,/ said David Etheredge. /%he new ParaZa!!er" UZI-3 model gives c'stomers the good e0!erience they e0!ect from the best a!!ers, with !erformance that allows them a! with more acc'rate consistency, when they want, in a model they will be !ro'd to own./ %he UZI-3 model is designed with -.1. !ercent acc'rate fre&'encies 'tili ing many of 2oyal 2aymond 2ife3s fre&'encies and technology that far e0ceeds the )lar( a!!er. %he acc'rate fre&'encies ma(e the micro-controller a!!ers s'ch as this one to wor( better. %his model em!loys the constant c'rrent or c'rrent controlled o't!'t technology which is better, safer o't!'t that meets Dr. )lar(3s recommendations. 4ther c'tting edge feat'res fo'nd in the 5'lda )lar( a!!er that are not !resent in other devices in the mar(et incl'de6 Selectable a'tomatic rest !eriod6 this o!tional model !resents an a'tomatic 1- min'te rest !eriod between cycles. %ho'gh not one of the Dr. )lar( recommendations, this is technology gives an '!!er hand in a!!ing. 7ood connection indicators6 in this !rod'ct, the stat's indicator serves as s good connection indicator with the changing colors witho't red'cing that o't!'t. 8arger contacts6 this !rovides a greater amo'nt of electrical signal to !rod'ce greater effectiveness than wo'ld be achieved with smaller contacts. /9e introd'ced m'lti!le fre&'ency a!!ers beca'se they can reach more organisms, and the UZI3 model is the latest in the mar(et with ama ing ca!abilities in (illing microbes/ said David. 4ne of the most !o!'lar a!!ers is the %erminator style a!!ers and these are very !o!'lar for their convenience. :ccording to David Etheredge, /%hese a!!ers are limited beca'se of two feat'res. ;irst, these electrodes are only abo't the si e of a !enny, which is way too small, ca'sing s(in b'rns, even holes in the s(in from 'sage. :dditionally, these electrodes are right ne0t to each other, essentially shorting o't m'ch of the signal./ Peo!le who have tried both a!!ers,

while they still li(e the convenience of the %erminator, !refer the effectiveness offered by the best ParaZa!!er !rod'cts./ %he best res'lts come from 'sing a < !oint contact system with one negative contact and 3 !ositive contacts. In some cases, 'sing this config'ration with !addles and !ads can almost do'ble effectiveness and satisfaction. Para Systems Inc., the ma(er of the !ositive offset a!!ing !rod'cts as s!ecified by Dr. )lar( s'ch as the ParaZa!!er" ))I, ParaZa!!er" UZI, ParaZa!!er" ))1, ParaZa!!er" #$, and the new ParaZa!!er" UZI-3 model. ;or more information on !ricing and delivery, visit 5'lda )lar( Za!!er )o. at htt!6==h'ldaclar(!ara a!! Contact: David Etheredge Para Systems Inc. 5'lda )lar( ParaZa!!er sales ..3> ?alboa )t. Pinson, :8 3.,1@ 1-.-A.@-3B-B salesC! htt!6==h'ldaclar(!ara a!! DDD

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