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Features and uses of newly added QMOD-HDMI1.5 The QMOD-HDMI1.

5 is an HDTV Modulator with a HDMI input and an RGBHV input with upgradeable features which is a contemporary research. This new HD encoding technology gives us a better quality resolution and it has a lot of new features and great performance. Users have an option to upgrade the operations for dual-channel operation as well as digital signage scaling by entering the optional upgrade key codes.

Features: The QMOD-HDMI1.5 has the following features:Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4.

It has one (non-HDCP) HDMI input which has a resolution of video and audio up to 1080 pixels. It has one (Component input) RGBHV with video resolution up to 1080 pixels. It has two Composite video inputs for captioning, encoding and EAS. use. It has two sets of SPIDF and stereo coax audio inputs. Encoding:

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It creates a high-definition 1080i MPEG-2/720pixels stream for broadcasting. It accepts PCM, stereo, or pass-through Dolby AC-3 audio and it can also create two MTS. It has sub-channels for each input which supports two languages each. On composite video inputs, It includes captioning from Line 21 data. It has flex encoding downscales 1080p to 1080i which allows use of 1080pixels/720pixels 60Hz sources, and compensates for sources such as consumer HD cameras which has a capacity of 60/30 Hz . 6. The full video up- and down-conversion is taken care by the QHDMI-Scale upgrade key. 7. To create 2 HD channels, the selection of inputs is taken care by the QHDMI-Dual upgrade key.

Output Of QMOD-HDMI1.5: Each system has up to 270 HD Channels. It has channel 2-135 through a fully agile QAM 64/256 digital cable. From GigE Ethernet port, It streams IPTV. With an adjustable output level to 29 dBmV which is compatible with all cable format broadband systems, it distributes channel over an on-site broadband cable system. Operation:

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1. It has a set up with front-panel buttons and is easy to use menus, including inputs, channel, encoding, and RF options. 2. It has an onboard web page for setup and monitoring. It also has accessibility from front-panel USB port. To perform this action, Ethernet connection is not required

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It gains its control with IP Telnet commands Its efficient design is useful in saving rack space and power It also has power supply which is capable of compact switching It mounts in optional (RK2EZ) 19 dual or (RK1)1RU single rack kits It meets California energy standards and RoHS safety.