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Test Paper :42 Paper Type : Whole Testpaper Test Date : 23 January 2008 Test Location : SVITS Indore

Posted By : Chhabi Neema TCS PAP ! "N 23rd JAN#A!$ 2008 T% ! W ! 3 S CTI"NS&&&&&&& 1.Verbal('Synonym (0)Antonym (0) !eadin* Comprehension+ Antonym ,'- .er/ies 0m 1A!!"NS (2T% 2ITI"N+ Synonym ,'Prepare all World list tests # Can lea3e 4i. Test o5 Synonym 6 Antonym + 2. Quanta,All 7s 8ere 0m pri3ious papers99&&so sol3e last yr papers99&& 3. Logical Reasoning There 8ere 3 /ases ea/h ha3in* 0,- :s999&all 0m barrons (2th edition u /an lea3e /ases ha3in* 3 or less than 3 :s99999&&do prepare all /ases ha3in* 0 or more than 0 :s 0m analyti/ test o5 - model test papers& Some :s 8hi/h I remebr are9999999& (+ It 8as a Number series 0) ,-) (() ,(0) 22) ,,, 2+ It 8as a 8ord S NSATI"NA; i5 you inter/han*e (st 8ord 8ith 2nd )3rd 8ith 0th n so on 8hta 8ill be the (0th 8ord 5rom ri*ht&&< 3+ =ind the sin*ularity matri. 5rom a *i3en set o5 matri/es'%int det>0+& 0+4at/h the 5ollo8in*? a& 1ra@e CA! ,A a type o5 b mother 8omen ,A a superset o5 /& Cea*le 2"B ,A A part o5 d&mushroom 3e*etable ,A Not a -+ 'a+ 2CDi 'b+(Ci '/+ D,2i 'd+ (,Ei &=ind 8hi/h o5 the abo3e is ortho*onal& Ans a6/&'& produ/t is 0+ D+ 8hi/h is po8er o5 0 < a& 20-2 b& /&00FD d& e& ans 00FD E+=ind the 3alue o5 the DE8 to the base E& 8+one :uestion li@e *'0+>( ) *'(+>2+ *'n+>*'n,(+,*'n,2+ 5ind *'D+< F+A po8er unit is there by the ban@ o5 the ri3er o5 F00 meters 8idth& A /able is made 5rom po8er unit to po8er plant opposite to that o5 the ri3er and 3000mts a8ay 5rom the po8er unit&The /ost o5 the /able belo8 8ater is!s&0G, per meter and /ost o5 /able on the ban@ is !s&-G,per meter& =ind the total o5 layin* the /able < '%int,F00H0C'3000,F00+H-+& (0+A =l*ht ta@es o55 at 2 A&4 5rom 32 N 00 and tra3els 5or F hours to rea/h the destination 8hi/h is at (2 N -0 W& =ind the lo/al time o5 destination 8hen the 5li*ht rea/hes there< ' soln ? ( de*ree >0 minutes&& Ne*le/t the latitudes && 00 , ',-0+ >F0 de*ree > F0 H 0 >3D0 mins >D hrs&&&&&time o5 rea/hin* > 2A4 C 'F , D+Isubstra/tion as 5rom east to 8estJhrs >-

A&4 ans+ ((+ "ne /ur3e problem 8as *i3en && . y 0&FF 0&00( F 0&F FF (&FF8 FFF 3 I5 y > 5'.+ 5ind 5'.+< Ans lo*. (2+ & A 22 array is de/lared as AKF)EL and ea/h element re:uires 2 byte& I5 AK ()( L is stored in 3000& =ind the memory o5 AK8)-L < '%int,3000C'EHEH2+C'0H2++ (3+ A /an /opy -0 papers in (0 hours 8hile both A 6 1 /an /opy E0 papers in (0 hours& Then 5or ho8 many hours re:uired 5or 1 to /opy 2D papers< Ans > (3 (0+ A > 0 ( 0 ( 0 0 0 0 ( 1>000((0(00 C>0((00(((0 8hat is 'A # 1+# C < ans ? > 2-(-+What is the lar*est D bit prime number < Ans ?> D( (D+& In 4adras ) temperature at noon 3aries a//ordin* to ,tM2G2 C 8t C 3) 8here t is elapsed time& =ind ho8 mu/h temperature more or less in 0pm to Fpm& '%int,put 0 6 F in e: n sub+ (E+& =ind the result o5 the 5ollo8in* e.pression i5) 4 denotes modulus operation) ! denotes round,o55) T denotes trun/ation? 4'3E3)-+C!'3&0+CT'E&E+C!'-&8+ '%int, (F'3C3CECD++ (8+& The siNe o5 the bu/@et is N @b& The bu/@et 5ills at the rate o5 0&( @b per millise/ond& A pro*rammer sends a pro*ram to re/ei3er& There it 8aits 5or (0 millise/onds& And response 8ill be ba/@ to pro*rammer in 20 millise/onds& %o8 mu/h time the pro*ram ta@es to *et a response ba/@ to the pro*rammer) a5ter it is sent< Ans 30 min'(0C20+ (F+& '4omentumHVelo/ity+G'A//eleration H distan/e + 5ind units Ans mass 20+I5 VO#P;V% is 8ritten as S#!4IS ) 8hat is S%2V2< 2(+ Sele/t the odd one out a& S7; b& 212 /& S$1AS d& %TTP e &In*ress ans ? > %TTP 22+& Sele/t the odd one out& a& Ja3a b& ;isp /& Smalltal@ d& i55el& Ans& b 23+& Sele/t the odd one out a& "ra/le b& ;inu. /& In*ress d& 212 Ans& d 20+& Sele/t the odd one out a& WAP b& %TTP /& 1AAN d& A!P Ans& / 2-+& The siNe o5 a pro*ram is N& And the memory o//upied by the pro*ram is *i3en by 4 > s:uare root o5 (00N& I5 the siNe o5 the pro*ram is in/reased by (P then ho8 mu/h

memory no8 o//upied< Ans& 0&-P 2D+& Number o5 5a/es) 3erti/es and ed*es o5 a /ube Ans& D) (2) 8 2E+& =ind the 3alue o5 QQC2- , CCQ(D) 8here Q denotes Rs:uareR and C denotes Rs:uare rootR& Ans& D2( 28+Some :s 8ere o5 pie /hart 6 bar *raph so bettr 2 prepr it 0m !S A*ra8al& There 8as no S3e mar@in* 6 se/tional /uto55999but there may b uppr /utt o55 they 8onTt open the /uto55 9be /are5ul i5 u ha3e done su55i/ient :s9&then lea3e some :s9&&ne3er try 2 attamp 8hole paper /orre/tly& !"T#RV!#$ There 8ere 3 rounds99& Tec%nical &'R ( )R99999but due 2 shorta*e o5 time they /on/luded d result in te/h 6 %! only99& Tec%nical? In te/hni/al they as@ed me 2 ma@e a pro*ram' I 8as as@ed 2 re3erse my name+ n then they as@ed about my subUs999999 te/hni/al round is 3ery imp in TCS so be /are5ul in this round99999999&& (+2o prepare 0 / 6 /CC' espe/ially pro*ramin*99&&+ 2+ 1e thorou*h 8ith the subUe/ts u ha3e 8ritten in ur resume& 3+Ne3er try 2 ma@e inter3i8r 5ool&i5 u donTt @no8 d ans then bettr 2 apolo*ise& 0+They 8ere 8ith d syllabus o5 re/ent sem&so prepare atleast basi/ de5inations 0m d subUs o5 re/ent sem99 I 8as as@ed some :s 0m ea/h subU o5 re/ent sem& -+I5 u r 0m ele/troni/s)Instrumentation or ele/rti/al99bettr 2 prepare u r bran/h subUs& As I m 0m instrumentation they as@ed me about Instrumentation 6 4easurment'althou*h I didnTt mention it in my /3+& D+2o prepare pra/ti/al appli/ations o5 ur subUs&I 8as as@ed d name o5 pra/ti/al instruments99&&&n ho8 they used in industries999pra/ti/al Transdu/ers'Pnumeti/ 3al3e)di55 3al3es li@e air 2 open air 2 /lose)!T2)themistor)AC 6 2C ma/hines9999&et/+& A5ter /learin* d te/hni/al&i 8as /alled 0 %!99& 'R ?In %! they as@ed me about 5amily ba/@ *round99&hobbies&ho8 I utiliNe my hobbies9998hy t/s &et/9999& (+ Some :s r /ommon in %!&'li@e introdu/tion999&&8hre u / ur sel5 a5tr - yr&8hy TCS99leadrship :uality a//ordin* 2 u n many more99999+but ne3er mu*up d ans o5 su/h :s9999only see d pattrn ho8 2 ans su/h :s999&n also prepare ur ans di55 0m othrs9&&as they easily re/o*nise d sme ans 0m ea/h /andidate& 2+ In this round they /he@ ur /on5iden/e) /ommuni/ation s@ills) presen/e o5 mind 6 stress mana*ement9999&' be /on5ident&n /ool9999in stress inter3ie8 they may as@ some :s li@e& ! u loyal 2 ur 5amily999&*i3e - reasons 8hy should 8e reUe/t

u<<&&&&&&or they may say&8e r not *oin* 2 ta@e u99&&8ht u ha3e 2 do is 9999&&2&be /alm n /ool9999&+& 3+ Al8ays ha3e a smile on ur 5a/e&&n sho8 5eel *ood 5a/tor99&&ne3er sho8 disinterest in ansrin* d :s&should al8ays ha3e eye/onte/t 8hile ansrin*& 0+ Very imp point &they may as@ same :s in di55 8ays99&u should *i3e d same ans ea/h time9999999they as@ed me d same :s in my te/hni/al n %!'althou*h both times inter3ers 8ere di55&+& -+ I5 u r 0m a bran/h othr than /omptrs &then do prepare the ans 0999&8hy so5t8ere<<<&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&n 8hy should 8e ta@e u<<<<<this :s 8ere as@ed 0m most o5 the /andidate o5 di55 bran/h& D+ 2" prepare basi/ in5ormation about t/s&'espe/ially its 3ision mission n 3alues99 its C ")/hairman&&/ompnyTs status&re/ent ne8s about /om99& et/+& E+ =inally they as@ed me do u 8ant 2 as@ anythin*<&&&&&&so 2" prepare some :s 0 this&&+

All 2 1est 999&&see u at TCS999999& This is Chhabi Neema 5rom SVITS' Indore + pla/ed in TCS

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