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Weeks 1 Davarius Weeks Professor Lago ENG 1100 College Writing 2 September , 2013 Workplace As a child we tend to want

to be movie stars , signers , docters , and every other occupation the general population sees as the money makers. However , we do not take the time to dig deep into those jobs and figure out the necessary steps it takes to get there. Movie stars go through schooling. Singers spend a lot of time and money trying to find a record deal . Doctors go through years of school and the majority of their gross income goes income goes towards the loans they took out in order to even become one. The moral of this story is, the work force is like Sour Patch Kids. There may be sweetness , but sourness accompanies it. Workers are getting younger and younger. Computers are taking over the jobs of workers. The pay has changed . These are only a few examples of some of the things I took note on during the interview process of experienced workers. Unlike a past few decades, we are introducing younger people into the workforce. As I interviewed a secretary at my doctors office, she stated that shes never seen so many nurses in their twenties until the past few years. I then asked. Has this changed the way things are around the office ? . She explained the younger bosses the pace is faster. However, with young bosses comes less experience, thus less wisdom. Older people are said to have more wisdom than the younger era. Therefore, we younger people tend to make more careless mistakes and have poorer decision making skills.

Weeks 2 Next , I interviewed my mother , who is a doctor and the head of the pathology department at Deborah Heart and Lung Center. My question for her pertained to the amount of schooling she did to obtain her degree in relation to the amount of money she paid to get there. A lot of college students wish to earn other degrees but unfortunately cannot because she simply do not have enough money to further their education .My mother stated , as Americans , we are expected to receive masters and doctorates in order to achieve complete happiness. In order to provide for a family of three or more you have to have a decent paying job which will will require some type of college education or vocational training , yet the amount of money it takes to get there scares most people away. This is something that Im sure majority of us can agree on. There are a lot of people who hold a lot of potential and contains a a lot of knowledge but are afraid to attend to post secondary institution because of the outrageous prices of schooling. Over time , the prices of college tuition has risen , along with the unemployment rates. According to a chart showing unemployment rates , seven point seven percent of graduates who had earned a degree in architecture are unemployed. We are pressed to get a graduate degree yet we are not guaranteed a job following the schooling. Along with the long years of schooling and long work hours comes the alienation of your family. Knowing someone with experience in this matter , I interviewed my father. He is an officer in the air force . He has worked hard all his life. He graduated second in his class and worked his way up to the top rank. However , along with success somes a significant amount of time put in to achieve success.Therefore , my question to him was , Did you find your job often taking away from the time you wish you had with your family ?. He responded , Yes. He explained that being in the military meant traveling to different countries, often being gone months at a time. He missed my sisters prom. He misses her graduation and other events most parents cannot wait to attend. However , he also explained that we cannot just say no to bosses just because we have to attend events such as school

Weeks 3 concerts or watching our child go off to college. Military officials are not empathetic to such circumstances. My last interview was with my grandmother. She has worked at the same place for 40 years. Having worked so many years , I knew she had to have seen a lot of change within her job. So , my question pertained to just that . What change have you noticed that differed from back when you first started the job? I asked. The biggest change she said she has seen is the amount of people who are in and out of the job within the blink of an eye. She explained that back n the day people worked for months and even years before finding a new job. Some even made a career out of the job that already had. school prepared the young couple to move and change jobs frequently , and theyve done so. Since graduation , in fourteen years at work Rico has moved four times.. In most parts of the world today , we are trained so that we can find jobs easily During my grandmothers time , workers were trained in one area. This is bad because if they lose that job they arent trained to do anything else thus being unemployed. In our society today , we are trained in many areas , thus making is easier for us to find work . Nothing is permanent. Everything changes within due time. The rate of unemployment , college tution , and other things work related have decreased or increased within the past decades. Those who have worked for 40 plus years have seen a difference in the workplace whie people in the younger era dont know the difference , all we know is that its costy to get a good education. However , it is not all cons . Although were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get this costly education were also trained in many different areas , making is easier to find work. We just have to work a little harder. The moral of the story is , over time , work will be harder to find , college degrees are going to be harder to obtain , but overall , the younger population will run the world.