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Recovery, Prosperity, and Turmoil Social Effects of the Cold War A.

________________________: Was suggested method of personal protection against the effects of a nuclear detonation which the United tates government taught to citi!ens during the "old War. #. ________________________: An enclosed space specially designed to protect occupants from radioactive de$ris from a nuclear e%plosion. ". ________________________: "reated in &'() to investigate alleged disloyalty and su$versive activities on the part of private citi!ens, pu$lic employees, and those organi!ations suspected of having "ommunist ties. *. ________________________: "ommunists were said to $e placing su$versive messages into +ollywood films. The most famous group of $lac,listed individuals was ,nown as The +ollywood Ten, they refused to answer any -uestions from +UA" and were .ailed $y the government and $lac,listed $y +ollywood. Economic Effects (Truman) A. __________________________: +arry Truman/s domestic program which $uilt on Roosevelt/s 0ew *eal. Truman $elieved that the federal government should guarantee economic opportunity and social sta$ility. #. __________________________: A vol ". untary federation of la$or unions created in &'11 $y the merger of the American 2ederation of 3a$or and the "ongress of 4ndustrial 5rgani!ations. Economic Effects (Eisenhower) A. __________________________: amended much of the 0ational 3a$or Relations 6Wagner7 Act of &'(1, the federal law regulating la$or relations of enterprises engaged in interstate commerce. The act esta$lished control of la$or disputes $y enlarging the 0ational 3a$or Relations #oard. #. __________________________: Authori!ed the $uilding of highways throughout the nation, which would $e the $iggest pu$lic wor,s pro.ect in the nation/s history. Political Effects: A. __________________________: A prominent U government figure who was accused of, found guilty of, and .ailed for $eing a communist. +e fought for his innocence until his death.

#. __________________________: 8thel and 9ulius Rosen$erg were e%ecuted for espionage in ing ing Prison on &' 9une &'1(. They had $een convicted of giving American atomic secrets to the oviets during World War 44. Though the government was convinced of their guilt, many people were not and the de$ate over their guilt or innocence did not stop with their deaths. ". __________________________: mandated a ma.or reorgani!ation of the foreign policy and military esta$lishments of the U. . :overnment. The act created the 0ational ecurity "ouncil 60 "7. *. __________________________: A permanent rela%ation in international affairs during the "old War. 4t is a term usually associated with the relations $etween America, Russia and "hina. 8. __________________________: trategic Arms 3imitation Tal,s ; two rounds of tal,s and agreements $etween the U and U R concerning nuclear arms. Civil Rights Movement A. __________________________: "ongress on Racial 8-uality, an interracial organi!ation that tried to $ring change through peaceful confrontation. #. __________________________: court case that overturned Plessy v. 2erguson 6separate $ut e-ual7 and said that schools must $e integrated. ". __________________________: a civil rights leader appointed to the upreme "ourt in &'<=. +e ruled over many important civil rights cases for many decades. *. __________________________: Rosa Par,s challenged segregation on $uses in &'11 which led to the $oycott of the $us system. 8. __________________________: 3eader of the civil rights movement who advocated non>violent means of achieving e-uality. +e was assassinated in &'<). 2. __________________________: President 8isenhower sent in troops to protect ' African American students entering into "entral +igh chool in 3ittle Roc,, AR. :. __________________________: 5rgani!ation of young African Americans who wanted immediate change. They later $ecame associated with the #lac, Power ?ovement. +. __________________________: ?ethod of protesting segregation where people would sit in a restaurant until they were served.


__________________________: Protesters tested desegregation laws $y riding $uses into the south ; troops were sent in to protect them. 62reedom ummer7. __________________________: outlawed poll ta%es.


@. __________________________: ABB,BBB people came to Washington, *" to protest civil rights ; where ?artin 3uther @ing 9r. gave his C4 have a dreamD speech. 3. __________________________: called for e-ual rights in .o$s, schools, voting, and pu$lic services. ?. __________________________: Allowed federal officials to register voters where locals would not allowE eliminated literacy tests. 0. __________________________: 4mportant figure in the #lac, Power ?ovement who later changed his views away from violent protest. +e was assassinated in &'<1. 5. __________________________: ?ilitant group who fought for civil rights. They called for African Americans to unite ; #lac, 0ationalism. 6?arcus :arvey7. P. __________________________: aid that $ussing was a legal way to promote integration.

Rights for Others A. __________________________: 3eader in the 3atino rights movement. #. __________________________: fought for treaty rights and $etter conditionsFopportunities for 0ative Americans. ". __________________________: enforced the "lean Air Act and the "lean Water Act. *. __________________________: author of The 2eminine ?ysti-ue which told housewives it was o, to yearn for more than their accepted role as a wife and mother. 8. __________________________: fought for fair pay and e-ual opportunities for women. 2. __________________________: a womenGs rights advocate who started ?s. ?aga!ine. :. __________________________: oppose the womenGs movement.

+. __________________________: would have made discrimination $ased on se% illegal, $ut was never ratified. 4. __________________________: legali!ed a$ortion.

Counterculture 9. __________________________: movement $y young people who wanted to resist the mainstream of dominant culture. This included changing music ; roc, H roll.

@. __________________________: district of an 2rancisco which was a popular place for hippies to live. Technolog !dvances

A. __________________________: spread information and increased advertising. #. __________________________: first satellite launched into or$it $y the U R.

". __________________________: government agency created for space e%ploration. *. __________________________: gave money to improve science and math in schools. 8. __________________________: first man to or$it the earth 6&'<A7. 2. __________________________: first man to wal, on the moon 6&'<I7. :. __________________________: #egan to $e present in the government > ilicon Jalley "alifornia $ecame an important hu$ for high>tech development. +. __________________________: 4ntercontinental $allistic missilesE roc,ets invented to deliver $om$s. 4. __________________________: $ecame popular in the &'<Bs as more people $ecame concerned with the pollution associated with coal and gas.

"ietnam War A. __________________________: the idea that if one country fell to communism, another and another would fall after that. #. __________________________: 3eader of 0orthern Jietnam. ". __________________________: gave the president e%panded powers to conduct war in Jietnam. *. __________________________: ec. of tate for @ennedy who esta$lished U strategy in Jietnam.

8. __________________________: were chemical weapons used in the Jietnam War. 2. __________________________: turning point of the Jietnam conflict when the U decides they do not want to fight anymore after a series of attac,s $y 0orth Jietnam. :. __________________________: American troops ,illed IBB women and children. +. __________________________: switching out U troops for Jietnamese. 4. 9. __________________________: students were ,illed $y the national guard while protesting the Jietnam War. __________________________: &) year olds have the right to vote.

@. __________________________: the U withdrew from the war in &'=(. 3. __________________________: congress limited powers to conduct war. ?. __________________________: the capital of the south fell to the north. Jietnam united and $ecame communist. Presidencies A. __________________________: created provisions for the succession of the president and vice president. Presidencies (#enned ) #. __________________________: @ennedyGs program to help the poor, invest in space programs, and improve the economy. ". __________________________: program to send volunteers to other countries as teachers, health wor,ers and to do other pu$lic wor,s pro.ects. Presidencies ($ohnson) *. __________________________: 9ohnsonGs programs to help the poor, fund education, healthcare, regulate housing and protect the environment. 8. __________________________: oversee housing to help the poor. 2. __________________________: preschool program for low>income children. :. __________________________: volunteers to help poor areas. +. __________________________: healthcare for the elderly 6K<1 years old7. 4. __________________________: gives money to artists and academics.

Election of %&'( A. __________________________: was ,illed after winning the "alifornia primary in &'<). #. __________________________: democrats had to decide who to nominate to run in the presidential election ; +umphrey was nominated $ut the party was ma.orly split ; wea,ening it and allowing 0i%on 6Repu$lican7 to win.

Presidencies ()i*on) A. _________________________: People in 0i%onGs reelection campaign were caught $rea,ing into the *emocratic PartyGs head-uarters. 0i%on tried to stop the investigation and cover it up. 0i%on was reelected and the story $egan to come out #. _________________________: of the Washington Post uncovered a lot of the wrongdoings. ". _________________________: led the investigation and found that 0i%on had tape>recorded many of his oval office conversations. *. _________________________: 0i%on was told to turn over the tapes. +e did with &) L minutes missing. Presidencies (Carter) A. _________________________: Under "arter, 4n 0ovem$er &'=' 4ranians $ro,e into the U em$assy in Tehran, 4ran and ,idnapped 1A people. The hostages were $eaten and tortured and ,ept for III days $efore $eing released. #. _________________________: President 9immy "arter had 4srael and 8gypt meet to try and create peace in the ?iddle 8ast. ". _________________________: law which said any federally funded program could not discriminate $ased on se%. This impacted many educational institutions, particularly sports teams.