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Dear Student,

Important information on Edexcel GCE A levels

Over the past six months there has been a lot of discussion about A level change. The UK government and Ofqual the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in !ngland" has no# confirmed an important change to A levels effective from September $%&'. If you are a student studying an Edexcel GCE A level then you will be affected by the following change(

The immediate removal of the January exam series. Ofqual has required all a#arding organisations in !ngland to remove the )anuar* examination series from their A level qualifications delivered to students in !ngland. Therefore there #ill no longer be an exam series available in )anuar* $%&+ and be*ond for !dexcel ,-! A levels an*#here in the #orld. !dexcel ,-! A level exams #ill no# onl* be available in )une.

What does this mean for you

If you are planning on completing your Edexcel GCE A levels in June !"#$ or June !"#%
The onl* change is that *ou can no longer ta.e !dexcel ,-! A level exams in )anuar*. /o#ever, *ou #ill still be able to complete *our course as planned in )une $%&+. 0lease note that students stud*ing !dexcel ,-! A level 1a#, Accounting and the Sciences 2iolog*, 0h*sics, -hemistr* #ith &%%3 #ritten exam instead of course#or." #ill receive an 4nternational Advanced 1evel qualification, instead of an !dexcel ,-! A level. This is because these qualifications are regulated b* 0earson. 5ead more about our 4nternational Advanced 1evels b* visiting( www&edexcel&com'ial

If you are planning on completing your Edexcel GCE A level course in January !"#$
6e understand that the removal of )anuar* exams ma* be an issue if *ou #ere expecting to complete and cash7in *our full A level in )anuar* $%&+ for universit* entr* and #e have been hard to find a solution for *ou. 8or students #ho had planned to finish their A level course in )anuar* $%&+ there #ill be one final sitting of )anuar* exams O91: in the sub;ects listed belo#. 0lease note, students #ill receive an 4nternational Advanced 1evel qualification a#ard, instead of an !dexcel ,-!, due to Ofqual removing the )anuar* exam series from all Ofqual7regulated A level qualifications. 4nternational Advanced 1evels are regulated b* 0earson and are therefore not sub;ect to Ofqual and UK government changes. 5ead more about our 4nternational Advanced 1evels b* visiting( www&edexcel&com'ial

The following sub(ects and papers will be available for January !"#$ examination sitting)
2usiness Studies< Accounting< !conomics< =athematics< 2iolog*< #ritten alternative to practical course#or. course onl*" -hemistr*< #ritten alternative to practical course#or. course onl*" 0h*sics< #ritten alternative to practical course#or. course onl*" 0s*cholog*, 0aper ' 5eligious Studies, 0aper $ &A" !nglish 1iterature, Units ' > +

* Only exam papers usually available in the January examination series will be available in January 2014.

4f *ou are planning to complete *our !dexcel ,-! A level course in the sub;ects?papers mentioned above in )anuar* $%&+, the follo#ing points should be noted( :ou #ill be able to sit *our final A level exam and cash7in to complete *our A 1evel as planned in )anuar* $%&+. The specification and assessment remain unchanged@ therefore *ou can continue to prepare for *our final )anuar* exams in $%&+ in the usual #a*. :ou #ill be a#arded an Edexcel International an Edexcel "#E level regulated b* Ofqual. dvanced !evel regulated b* 0earson instead of

This option is onl* available to students #ho must cash7in and complete their A levels in )anuar* $%&+ for universit* entr*. 4nternational Advanced 1evel qualifications are recognised b* man* leading universities #orld#ide. :ou can find the full list of universities on our Degree -ourse 8inder #ebsite b* visiting( www&edexcel&com'dcf

I$ you are studyin% an Edexcel "#E level course that is not listed above you will now only be able to complete your course in the June examination series.

What do I do now
6e appreciate this is a lot of information to ta.e in. 4n order for us to ans#er *our questions full* please contact us b* telephoning *#!+ "#"" or emailing peial,pearson&com so that #e can discuss the options available to *ou.
:ours sincerel*,

=anos Kapterian =anaging Director 0earson Aualifications 4nternational