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Difference between Letter and Memos:Difference by purpose:Business letter are major the form of external written communication that

is used to communicate individuals or companies outside your own company. In the contrast to the Business letter, a memo goes within the organization. It is the most common form of written communication between people and departments. Difference by parts:Most Business letter contain seven standard parts 1) Heading (Senders name and address and date) 2) Inside address (receivers address) 3) Salutation 4) Body of the letter 5) Complimentary close 6) Signature area 7) Reference Section (information about message composer or typist). Optional parts contain Attention Line, Subject Line, Copy Notation, and Enclosure Notation. On the contrary, standard parts of the memorandum are fairly simple. They include 1) the date 2) the to line with readers name 3) the from line with your name and 4) the subject line. Optional parts include reference initials, enclosures, file number, routing information and department telephone number. Difference by Layout:The Business Letter can be designed by four basic ways 1) Full Block Format (every part begins at the left margin) 2) Semi Block/Modified Format (Commonly used format in which date, complimentary close and sign are placed at right hand margin) 3) AMS Simplified (All parts begins at the left margin and salutation and close is ignored) and 4) Personalized Format (Combination of Block and AMS format). In memos, the body is most important part because it contains message. The heading (To, from, subject line and date) can put in Horizontal or Vertical ways. Unlike letter, the memo body is not centered on the page. First lines usually begin a triple space under the last of the memo heading. Left margins are usually lined up evenly below the headings. Single spacing with double spacing between paragraphs is conventional. Reference initials are typed a double space below the body at the left margin. Copy notation may be placed after the reference initials. When Business Letter and Memos are written:Business letter are written to transmit something like check, documents, form etc, used by candidate to offer its services to the company ( CV or Resume), claiming or complaining about goods or services, in a reply of claim or complain, seeking information about goods or services and for placing orders to purchase goods. On the other hand, memos are normally written to make some announcement within organization. The typical occasion for memo writing include 1) announcing something such as event or celebration, policy, procedures , promotion, transfer, honors and prizes , admission or retirement, death of a employee. 2) Confirming something people have agreed on or 3) clarifying something in writing.