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The Warehouse Theatre Forum Series

Drawing a line from the Main Stage to Main Street, WHTs Forum Series, now in its fourth full year, takes an issue raised in the upcoming main stage play and relates it to our own community - assembling a panel of people with an investment or expertise in that area for a meaningful, audience-inclusive discussion. Panelists have included business and non-profit leaders, clergy, educators, scholars, public officials, artists, and other professionals. During the 201213, season, nearly 300 people attended the five forums, moderated by Maxim Williams. Forums are scheduled for each Wednesday before the opening of each main stage production, at 6:00 pm in the theatres meeting room. These events are free and open to the public. Attendees receive a $5 discount on their ticket to the play.

WHT Forum Series Schedule:

Family, Substance Abuse, and Breaking the Cycle
For August, Osage County by Tracy Letts Date: February 5 6:00 pm

According to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 8.3 million children in America live in households where one or more parent abuses alcohol or illicit drugs. This number does not even account for the many families where prescription drugs are abused. Families can offer great support to one another in good times and bad, but they can easily spiral into dysfunction which can continue for generations. What are the toxic inheritances of multi-generational substance abuse, and how can we break the cycle? Learning from Each Other: Wisdom Across Generations
For 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog Date: March 26 6:00 pm

We live in a culture which often values youth over wisdom - novelty over experience. But what gifts are we overlooking? What are the benefits of strengthening inter-generational relation-ships? Be it through mentoring, collaboration, or familial ties- what can we learn from those older - and younger than we are? How can we encourage more communication between the generations? AIDS and Altruism: Perspectives from the Early Years of the Epidemic
*In partnership with the Year of Altruism* For Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches, Part Two: Perestroika by Tony Kushner Date: May 28 6:00 pm

As AIDS took its grim hold in the 1980s and 90s, countless angels emerged in communities across America, who selflessly gave of their time, expertise, compassion and resources, to advocate and care for those who suffered from the disease and to prevent others from contracting HIV. Join us for a discussion, guided by the voices of many who witnessed and participated in everyday, extraordinary acts of altruism, and who continue to fight for an end to the epidemic.
*A series of additional events leading up to the Angels in America productions is planned. Contact Anne Tromsness for further details or visit our website.*

Community and Audience Enrichment

Other community engagement programs include our lobby displays for each production, pre-show talks (held on the final Thursday of each main stage run), and talkbacks, scheduled for the first Sunday of each productions run, directly after the matinee.
For more information and dates check out The Warehouse Theatre Website:

To learn more, contact Anne Tromsness, Director of Education at The Warehouse Theatre: or 864-235-6948 ext. 3