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Frazier 1 Heather Frazier Mrs.

Dunbar Senior Project Paper October 4, 2013

E uine !"ternati#e $herap%

$he re"ationship bet&een horse an' hu(an has chan)e' 'rastica""% o#er the %ears. For centuries peop"e use' horses *or co(p"ete"% 'i**erent reasons. +ac, then no one &ou"' ha#e e#er thou)ht that peop"e cou"' be hea"e' &ith the he"p o* horses, nor &ou"' the% e#er ha#e i(a)ine' a"" these a"ternati#e therapies that are no& a#ai"ab"e *or horses, an' &ith horses. $o'a% there is E uine -o)a an' E uine !cupuncture, there is a"so ps%chotherap% *or hu(ans a"on) &ith ph%sica" therap%. $here are so (an% t%pes o* a"ternati#e therapies out there that are no& a#ai"ab"e to horses an' their o&ners. E uine !"ternati#e $herap% is a &a% to hea" an' restore the bo'%, &ithout usin) (e'icines. $here are (an% 'i**erent t%pes o* a"ternati#e therap% *or both horses an' hu(ans. $hese therapies are not on"% interestin) &a%s o* i(pro#in) %our (enta" an' ph%sica" hea"th, but cou"' be a )reat career path *or so(eone &ho is passionate about horses. E uine Massa)e $herap% is an ancient therap% that &as *irst 'ocu(ente' aroun' 2,.00+/ b% the /hinese. E uine (assa)e has a "ot o* the sa(e ua"ities as hu(an sports (assa)e because, "i,e peop"e, ani(a"s can su**er *ro( (uscu"ar pain an' 'isco(*ort, &hich can chan)e the &a%

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the% (o#e. !"thou)h the practice has been aroun' *or thousan's o* %ears, 0E uine (assa)e therap% is a re"ati#e"% ne& an' )ro&in) *ie"' in the e uine in'ustr%. E uine (assa)e is the therapeutic app"ication o* (assa)e techni ues 'e#e"ope' an' use' b% hu(an ath"etes, app"ie' to the horse0 1E uine Massa)e $herap%, 12. Horse o&ners are beco(in) (ore an' (ore intereste' in e uine (assa)e. 3ot on"% is (assa)e a cure *or certain injuries, but it4s a"so a )reat pre#entati#e *or *uture injuries. E uine Massa)e $herap% is bro,en 'o&n into speci*ic (o#e(ents. $hese (o#e(ents can a**ect the horse either throu)h the horse4s (usc"e tissue or the horse4s ner#ous s%ste(. 5sua""%, both are a**ecte' at the sa(e ti(e. E uine Massa)e is the therapeutic app"ication o* han's6on (assa)e techni ues, it he"ps increase circu"ation, re"a7 (usc"e spas(s, re"ie#e tension, enhance (usc"e tone, an' increase the ran)e o* (otion in their bo'ies. $hese are a"" e7a(p"es o* ho& (assa)e can be #er% bene*icia" to a horse. $he &a% it &or,s is %ou start o** at %our horse8s nec,. 9t is a )reat p"ace to *irst practice a"" the pressure techni ues because it is not threatenin) to the person an' the%8re in a prett% sa*e p"ace. ! person shou"' use the pa's o* %our *in)er tips an' &or, &ith 'i**erent (otions, pa%in) attention to their reactions to 'i**erent pressures that are bein) use'. E uine Massa)e he"ps &hen (usc"e tissue beco(es ti)ht an' ,notte' *ro( o#eruse an' o#er6stretchin). :$his can be 'an)erous to %our horse because i* a (usc"e cannot co(p"ete"% contract or *u""% re"ease *ro( bein) contracte', %our horse &on8t be ab"e to (o#e proper"%. !n' in the en' a"" o* that resu"ts in s pain, restricte' (otion, an' an una#oi'ab"e

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'ecrease in *itness; 1E uine (assa)e,12. E uine Massa)e is #er% )oo' *or he"pin) increase b"oo' an' "%(ph circu"ation, it re"eases (usc"es *ro( spas(s, an' can he"p pro(ote o#era"" re"a7ation to the horse. E uine (assa)e e#en can he"p &ith an7iet% an' *ati)ue &ith %our horse. !nother ,in' o* therap% that can he"p &ith those s%(pto(s is /hiropractic8s 1E uine (assa)e,12. E uine /hiropractic has been aroun' *or uite a &hi"e. 9n 1<=< a )roup o* #eterinarians an' chiropractors *or(e' the !(erican >eterinar% /hiropractic !ssociation ?!>/!@. $he% ca(e up &ith this i'ea in or'er to he"p the t&o pro*essions "earn *ro( each other an' (a,e the opportunit% a#ai"ab"e *or (ore ani(a"s to e7perience the bene*its o* )oo' chiropractic care.


uine /hiropractic is a *or( o* a"ternati#e (e'icine that is *ocus in

the 'ia)nosis, treat(ent an' pre#ention o* bio(echanica" '%s*unction o* the s,e"eton.; 1E uine /hiropractic8s, 12. E uine /hiropractic8s especia""% *ocuses on the spine, an' the e**ect on the entire ner#ous s%ste( o* %our horse. So(e o* the s%(pto(s inc"u'e "a(eness, sti**ness, no i(pu"se or 'ri#e, or e#en a ba' attitu'e. $hese s%(pto(s are usua""% associate' &ith spina" (isa"i)n(ents. Most peop"e associate e uine chiropractic care on"% &ith bac, an' spina" prob"e(s, ho&e#er this is not true. E uine /hiropractic a"so 'ea"s &ith the ner#ous s%ste( an' the process o* restorin) it. $he ner#ous s%ste( consists o* the spina" cor', &hich carries ner#es that )o to e#er% or)an in the bo'%. $hese ner#es e7it the spina" co"u(n throu)h s(a"" areas bet&een #ertebrae. Ahen #ertebrae are (isa"i)ne', e#en i* it8s #er%

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s"i)ht"%, the% a**ect the ner#es an' the *"o& o* the ner#e trans(issions. :/hiropractors ca"" these s(a"" (isa"i)n(ents 0sub"u7ations0 ; 1E uine /hiropractic8s, 12. :$he purpose o* a chiropractic treat(ent is to correct the sub"u7ation an' restore proper *unctionin) to the ner#ous s%ste( e"i(inatin) the cause o* the prob"e(; 1E uine /hiropractic8s, 12. E uine (assa)e an' chiropractic treat(ent are just a *e& o* the (an% ne& techni ues 'esi)ne' to he"p (aintain a hea"th% horse. E uine !cupuncture is a ne&er an' e#en (ore interestin) a"ternati#e therap% that has beco(e #er% popu"ar o** the racetrac,s an' behin' the scene at horse sho&s an' e#ents. E uine acupuncture is current"% consi'ere' a :hot topic; here in the 5nite' States. $he art an' science o* /hinese acupuncture has been practice' in !sia *or o#er hun're's o* %ears, but &asn8t intro'uce' to the 5nite' States unti" this "ast centur%. :9t is current"% reco)nize' b% the !>M! ?!(erican >eterinar% Me'ica" !ssociation@ an' the !!EP ?!(erican !ssociation o* E uine Practitioners@ as an accepte' an' scienti*ica""% #a"i' treat(ent (o'a"it%; 1E uine !cupuncture, 12. !cupuncture )i#es us a :(ap; o* the bo'%, &hich inc"u'es hun're's o* points that *a"" a"on) one o* the *ourteen pri(ar% (eri'ians. $hese *ourteen points correspon' to 'i**erent e"e(ents o* the bo'% an' a""o& us to un'erstan' &hat is )oin) on &ith the bo'% in a natura" &a%. :$he (eri'ians re"ate to the (uscu"os,e"eta" s%ste( an' interna" or)ans; 1E uine !cupuncture, 12. Ho& it &or,s is, :Each acupuncture point contains a hi)h 'ensit% o* "%(phatic #esse"s, *ree ner#e en'in)s, (ast ce""s an' arterio"es. Ahen these points are sti(u"ate' there is

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a re"ease o* en'o)enous opioi's, en'orphins, serotonins an' norepinephrine. Scienti*ic research has pro#en the (erits o* acupuncture *or pain re"ie*, anti6 in*"a((ator% e**ects, repro'ucti#e an' hor(ona" re)u"ation an' )astrointestina" 'isturbances a(on) (an% other e**ects; 1E uine !cupuncture, 12. $here are a *e& 'i**erent t%pes o* E uine acupuncture, such as Si(p"e 3ee'"in) ?!P@, E"ectroacupuncture ?E!P@, Mo7ibustion ?(o7a@, Caser sti(u"ation, an' Point 9njection. Si(p"e nee'"in) is the insertion o* #er% s(a""D *ine, so"i', (eta" nee'"es, %ou "ea#e the( in p"ace, occasiona""% t&ir"in) the(, *or about 20 (inutes. E"ectroacupuncture is &here a*ter insertion, acupuncture nee'"es are connecte' to an e"ectrica" sti(u"ator &hich 'e"i#ers e"ectrica" pu"ses to the points *or 20 to 30 (inutes. Surprisin)"%, (ost horses &i"" to"erate E!P, but ob#ious"% there are so(e that &ish to ha#e nothin) to 'o &ith it. Mo7ibustion is the use o* a s(o"'erin) 0ci)ar0 o* ro""e' herb. $he :ci)ar; is he"' abo#e the acupuncture point unti" the heat beco(es unco(*ortab"eE the heat is ta,en a&a% *or a *e& secon's an' then reapp"ie'. $his process is repeate' 1B to 20 ti(es *or each point. Cuc,i"% *or the horses that are nee'"e sh%, there is Caser sti(u"ation. Caser Sti(u"ation is a pain"ess bea( o* "aser "i)ht that is use' to sti(u"ate acupuncture points. So(e peop"e be"ie#e this is craz%, an' &ou"'n8t &or,. Ho&e#er, the reports 'o in'icate that the (ore po&er*u" the "aser, the (ore e**ecti#e the treat(ent. Cast but not "east there is Point 9njection. :Point injection is a "i ui' ?usua""% >ita(in +u@ injecte' into the acupuncture point, *or pro"on)e' sti(u"ation that "asts as (uch as an hour a*ter injection;

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?E uine !cupuncture, 1@. Horses can react rea""% &e"" to this t%pe o* therap%, but so(eti(es a horse o&ner (i)ht nee' an e#en 'i**erent approach. Horses are not on"% )oo' *or recei#in) a"ternati#e therapies, but there are therapies out there &here horses can he"p hu(ans. E uine assiste' Ps%chotherap% is a po&er*u" an' e**ecti#e therapeutic approach that has an a(azin) i(pact on in'i#i'ua"s, ,i's, *a(i"ies, or )roups. Man% E uine !ssiste' $herap% pro)ra(s *ocus on beha#iora" prob"e(s. :Horses can ser#e as a si"ent inter(e'iar%, actin) as teachers in *aci"itate' e7ercises, either in )roups or a"one. For e7a(p"e, a )roup o* con#icts (i)ht be as,e' to so"#e a prob"e( re"atin) to a horse, such as teachin) the horse to run a course o* ju(ps; ?Ps%chotherap%, 1@. Durin) a session, (e(bers o* the )roup "earn to co((unicate &ith each other an' to &or, cooperati#e"%. Horses are a"so use' in occupationa" therap%, the% can he"p to 'e#e"op s,i""s &hich &i"" he"p the( "ater in "i*e. E uine6assiste' ps%chotherap% can he"p peop"e co((unicate, an' he"p 'e#e"op *ine (otor s,i""s. E uine Ps%chotherap% is use' *or 'i**erent reasons. Horses can he"p peop"e &ith ph%sica" issues, speech prob"e(s, beha#iora" issues, e(otiona" prob"e(s, an' other 'isabi"ities. :So(e stu'ies ha#e su))este' that hu(ans bene*it *ro( re)u"ar contact &ith ani(a"sE (an% hu(ans ha#e an especia""% uni ue re"ationship &ith the horse; 1Ps%chotherap%, 12. Ps%chotherap% can a"so he"p &ithE !DD an' !DHD, a''iction, an7iet%, beha#iora" issues, chi"'hoo' trau(a, co)niti#e 'istortions, co((unication prob"e(s, 'epression, eatin) 'isor'ers, phobias, parentin) cha""en)es, an' se"*6estee(

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bui"'in), an' the "ist )oes on an' on. :Horses ha#e 'istinct persona"ities an' te(pera(ents an' (irror e7act"% &hat hu(an bo'% "an)ua)e is te""in) the(. $he% i((e'iate"% react to unconscious"% 'ri#en si)na"s, be%on' the sphere o* our i((e'iate a&areness or contro". :$he horse scans the en#iron(ent, a hei)htenin) o* its *ee'bac, sensations occur, (ani*estin) the(se"#es sensori"% #ia taste, soun', s(e"", si)ht an' ,inesthesia. !''itiona""%, the horse8s intuiti#e, sacre', :si7th; sense is &hat 'istin)uishes its 'ia)nostic abi"it% *ro( a tra'itiona" therapeutic settin). Man% ha#e "i,ene' such an a&areness to a 'eep spiritua" encounter 'ue to its po&er*u", penetratin) e**ect; 1Ps%chotherap%, 12. 9t is pro#en that peop"e nee' 20 (inutes o* sustaine' contact a 'a% to he"p us ba"ance, but the tric, is it can8t be se7ua" contact. 9t8s #er% rare to just sit an' ho"' so(eone8s han' *or 20 (inutes, or sit shou"'er to shou"'er &ith so(eone *or 20 (inutes. $hat8s &h% horses are such a )oo' too". ! person can easi"% pet an' )roo( their horse *or 20 (inutes, an' that8s &h% this can be such a bene*icia" therap%. Gust pettin) %our horse *or 20 (inutes a 'a% can he"p ba"ance a person8s hor(one "e#e"s, the che(ica"s in their brain an' a"" ,in's o* 'i**erent thin)s &ithin in a person8s bo'%. !nother &a% to ph%sica""% he"p a person8s bo'% is &ith E uine Ph%sica" therap%. $here are a *e& t%pes o* ph%sica" therapies that in#o"#e horses. $he (ost reco)nize' a"ternati#e ph%sica" e uine therap% is Hippotherap%. $his t%pe o* a"ternati#e therap% has been ,no&n about as ear"% bac, as 4F0 +/. :Hippotherap% uses acti#ities on the horse that are (eanin)*u" to

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the c"ient; ?Hippotherap%, 1@. 9n or'er to ha#e a success*u" outco(e, the treat(ent nee's to ta,e p"ace in a contro""e' en#iron(ent, &here the person can rea""% absorb e#er%thin) that is happenin) &ith or aroun' hi(Dher. Aith this therap%, %ou aren8t bein) tau)ht speci*ic ri'in) s,i""s. :9t8s (ore o* a *oun'ation estab"ishe' to he"p i(pro#e neuro"o)ica" *unction an' sensor% processin). $his *oun'ation that is bui"t can then be )enera"ize' to a &i'e ran)e o* 'ai"% acti#ities; 1Hippotherap%, 12. $he reason this therap% is so bene*icia" is it can he"p i(pro#e ba"ance, posture an' (obi"it%. Peop"e &ho (a% bene*it *ro( Hippotherap% can ha#e a #ariet% o* 'isabi"ities, such asE /erebra" Pa"s%, Mu"tip"e Sc"erosis, De#e"op(enta" De"a%, $rau(atic +rain 9njur%, Stro,e, !utis( an' Cearnin) or Can)ua)e Disabi"ities. !s a&eso(e as this therap% (a% be, it is not *or e#er% person. :+e*ore %ou can be accepte' *or Hippotherap%, each potentia" c"ient (ust be e#a"uate' on an in'i#i'ua" basis b% specia""% traine' hea"th pro*essiona"s; 1Hippotherap%, 12. Ho& this therap% &or,s is, &hen a horse &a",s, it pro#i'es sensor% input throu)h (o#e(ent. $his &or,s because it8s rh%th(ic an' repetiti#e. Mo#e(ents in a horse are a"(ost the sa(e to hu(an (o#e(ent patterns o* the pe"#is, &hi"e &a",in). :$he chan)e in a horse4s )ait enab"es the therapist to )ra'e the 'e)ree o* sensor% input to the c"ient, then use those (o#e(ents in co(bination &ith other c"inica" treat(ents to achie#e 'esire' resu"ts; 1Hippotherap%,12. Peop"e o*ten con*use Hippotherap% &ith therapeutic ri'in). !"thou)h the therapies are #er% si(i"ar, there are so(e bi) 'i**erences.

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9n $herapeutic ri'in), a person is o*ten tau)ht ri'in) "essons in a )roup *or(at, &hich runs in 0sessions0. $he instructor he"ps the )roup as a &ho"e, but a"so has to pa% speci*ic attention to in'i#i'ua" success. 9n this t%pe o* therap%, the ri'er in*"uences the horse. $he horse he"ps pro#i'e the ri'ers &ith the (oti#ation to "earn ne& thin)s. $his t%pe o* therap% can he"p reach e'ucationa" )oa"s such as "etter reco)nition an' se uencin) throu)h ri'in) acti#ities. Socia""%, the therapeutic ri'in) acti#ities he"p in'i#i'ua"s )ain the con*i'ence to interact &ith others in a )roup acti#it%. $he acti#ities per*or(e' are *un as &e"" as cha""en)in). :! horse4s (o#e(ent c"ose"% rese(b"es the nor(a" )ait o* a hu(an an' can be use' to pro'uce speci*ic ph%sica" chan)es in the ri'er, inc"u'in) nor(a"ization o* (usc"e tone, postura" an' ba"ance i(pro#e(ents an' increase' stren)th; 1$herapeutic Hi'in), 12. $herapeutic ri'in), (uch "i,e Hippotherap% can he"p &ith, ph%sica" 'isabi"ities as &e"" as (enta" 'isabi"ities "i,eE Muscu"ar D%stroph%, /erebra" Pa"s%, Do&n s%n'ro(e, Menta" Hetar'ation, !utis(, +rain 9njuries an' Spina" /or' 9njuries, the "ist )oes on. $hese $herapies can be #er% bene*icia" to %ou as &e"" as %our horse. $here is a therap% that has been beco(in) (ore popu"ar o#er the %ears. +ut it is (ore o* a recreationa" acti#it% then an actua" :therap%; session. !nother t%pe o* :Hecreationa" $herap%; is E uine -o)a. Ahen a person is stan'in) there, &ith a horse 'oin) 'i**erent stretches on *oot, the% o*ten e7p"ain *ee"in) so "oose an' re"a7e'. 9t is a )reat stress re"ie#er. Ho& this &or,s is a person stan's *acin) their horses si'e. $he horse is their support,

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their ;&a"";. $here are (an% 'i**erent p"aces that &i"" o**er e uine %o)a c"asses. Surprisin)"%, the% aren8t too har' to *in'. $his (a% not soun' "i,e e uine %o)a is too re"a7in) or *un, but it )ets better. Ahen a person )ets o** the )roun' an' on the horses bac, the *un be)ins. +ein) barebac, &ith nothin) to ho"' onto, the person has to re"% co(p"ete"% on ba"ance, not to *a"" o** this )iant (o#in) ani(a". $he stretches an' poses a person &ou"' 'o, rea""% he"ps "oosen (usc"es an' (a,e that person *ee" a"" aroun' better. /a"(, co""ecte', an' re"a7e'. So(eti(es it8s har' to ,eep %ourse"* ca"( &hi"e at the sa(e ti(e &orr%in) about *a""in). $he horses that participate in these e uine therapies ha#e to be #er% patient an' un'erstan'in). $hese horses are a(azin) ani(a"s. So(e horses are :a"" o#er the p"ace; an' #er% h%peracti#e, an' so(e horses (i)ht not e#en "et %ou )et c"ose enou)h to be ab"e to participate in these a"ternati#e therapies. Ho&e#er, the horses in the sessions are #er% care*u""% pic,e' out to be therapeutic horses. $hese t&o t%pes o* therap% can be #er% bene*icia" *or both hu(ans an' horses a"i,e. $here are p"aces a"" o#er the &or"' &ith a(azin) horses an' a(azin) peop"e that specia"ize in e uine therapies. $herap% *or hu(ans usin) horses an' therap% *or horses has been aroun' *or thousan's o* %ears, an' continues to i(pro#e an' branch out. 9t starte' &ith e uine (assa)e, an' no& acupuncture has been a''e' to these therapies, &hich sho&s these techni ues &i"" continue to be use' throu)hout the %ears that *o""o&.

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