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Crushing Tigers

Top Soil PR
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meet the team.

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executive summary.
At TopSoil PR, we believe that all businesses are unique, and as such we strive to craft campaigns that meet every clients individual needs and goals. In order to best do this, TopSoil PR has established two main objectives for Crushing Tigers: to gain new customers and to increase spare part sales. In order to accomplish these objectives we plan to increase awareness of the Crushing Tigers brand, institute a system to manage customer relationships more efficiently, and begin utilizing more economical lead generation techniques. In order to raise awareness among the intended target market of consumers, we will increase Crushing Tigers online presence through the use of social media and search engine optimization techniques. Boosting SEO is an excellent way to gain attention among your core customer demographic, as well as increase annual inside sales. Social media is an invaluable low-cost tool that allows you to reach and strengthen relationships with consumers while building brand identity and awareness online. By utilizing social media channels such as blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, Crushing Tigers will be able to have consistent interaction with its consumers and become a reliable, as well as easily accessible, source of valuable information. To most efficiently manage customer relationships, TopSoil PR recommends instituting an email marketing platform to better communicate with its consumers. Some types of email marketing include newsletters, email blasts, and surveys. This form of communication allows for greater connection with customers and will allow Crushing Tigers to quickly and easily reach all of its customers on a regular basis. Finally, TopSoil PR aims to increase inside sales through more effective lead generation. We believe that Crushing Tigers will be able to obtain great leads through the use of LinkedIn, search engine optimization, and Google Alerts. LinkedIn pages, groups, and advertisements will open the door to networking with countless people anywhere in the world who work in the aggregate industry. Google Alerts will allow Crushing Tigers to stay up to date on their clients, competitors, and the aggregate industry as a whole. The tactics enumerated in this introduction are only a small preview of what TopSoil PR has constructed to meet both the current and anticipated needs of Crushing Tigers within the coming year. We would like to thank Crushing Tigers for the opportunity to create this campaign, and we are excited to continue working with you in the future.


situational analysis.

Crushing Tigers is a company that sells and services aggregate machinery in the Southeast region of the U.S. including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas. With over 20 years experience, the company specializes in building long-term relationships with clients and supports a wide range of industries from quarrying to recycling. Co-Founders Pat Daob and Brian Costello strive to provide an excellent service and product based on integrity, performance, value and client satisfaction. Crushing Tigers is also an authorized dealer of Sandvik machinery, the leading supplier in materials technology, mining and construction.

Crushing Tigers main interest is to develop a strategy in order to generate leads and increase its customer base as well as increase revenue streams through spare parts sales. TOPSOIL PR has developed a six month campaign that will focus around these two goals. Objectives based around increasing brand identity and customer awareness via an online platform will set a solid foundation for Crushing Tigers success. Increasing online presence will establish Crushing Tigers as a dependable supplier of aggregate machinery, and develop a positive reputation within its designated geographic regions. By accomplishing these goals and objectives, TOPSOIL PR plans to exceed Crushing Tigers expectations.

Product Evaluation
As an authorized dealer of Sandvik machinery, Crushing Tigers specializes in selling some of the most advanced variety of mining and construction solutions. The range encompasses mobile crushers, screeners and scalpers; each category with various features fit to focus on the customers requirements. The company also offer pre-owned machines as well as spare parts and service.


Crushers: (Jaw, impact, and cone respectively) range from $500,000- $750,000 Screens: range from $220,000-$350,000 Crushing Tigers prides themselves on developing relationships with the customers long after their initial purchase. Customer support and communication creates an exceptional experience that sets the company apart from the competition.


Crushers Jaw Cone Impact Screens Mobile Double screens Three way split screens Triple Deck screens Mobile scalping screen

Consumer Evaluation
Currently, Crushing Tigers caters to customers within a wide range of industries and throughout a large geographic region. Crushing Tigers is the exclusive Sandvik dealer in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Additionally, the company sells to customers throughout Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico. Because Crushing Tigers is looking to expand into Missouri and Kansas, buyers in these states will also be included in our target market. The majority of Crushing Tigers sales are to small general contractors (under 50 employees), comprising 21% of its customer base. Those within the demolition and recycling industry make up the next largest portion at 16%. Spare parts sales, while quicker and easier than machine sales, account for only 10%. We believe spare parts sales provide a huge opportunity for Crushing Tigers, and therefore would like to increase this consumer group from 10% to 15%. Because it can take up to two years to sell to a new customer, repeat customers are by far the biggest buyers of machines. Crushing Tigers sells, on average, 10-12 machines per year, and generally only one of these is to a new customer. The current methods of contact with new customers are in-person visits and phone calls; however, we have found that consumers under the age of 55 do large amounts of research and technical analysis online before initiating a sale. As a result, we will shift our marketing efforts to include more online interactions in order to attract these consumers in a more timely and cost-efficient way.

Competitive Analysis
The construction industry is larger than most people think. Every three years, there is a Con-Expo held in Las Vegas, where over 2,400 companies attend and show off the latest equipment and technology in this industry. Some of the more known competitors include Powerscreen Texas, Rock Monsters and TKO. Though Crushing Tigers is up and coming, the company has a few competitors that differ in its sales methods and advertising. Powerscreen Texas Inc is located in La Grange, Texas. Powerscreen has been the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile screening, crushing and washing equipment since 1978. They are authorized dealers in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. They pride themselves on their seven-step process which includes identifying needs of their customers, preparing the machinery for delivery and following up with their customers. Rock Monsters is one of Crushing Tigers greatest competitors. They have been around since 1999 and serve in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico. Their mission statement is to deliver an exceptional and memorable customer experience in all key aspects of the sales process as a market leader in quality, performance, reliability and service. TKO is a well developed equipment company that specializes in the lease, rental and sale of heavy construction and crushing equipment. They maintain a current inventory of over 200 machines, specifically Caterpillar equipment. The machines they provide are maintained to the highest standards by their full-time staff. They have two facilities, one in Grand Prairie, Texas, which is the headquarters and one in New Braunfels, Texas. These competitors all have similar ideals and values but differ in many ways. Some of these companies have been around for some time and that puts Crushing Tigers at a disadvantage because its competitors have years of experience. These larger, well-known brands have multiple offices and a large sales force. Crushing Tigers has a very small, excellent staff, but because of this lean model, it is only able to reach out to a small number of construction sites for lead generation. If Crushing Tigers wants to expand its reach, it would be beneficial to adapt a more efficient sales approach.

Competitive Analysis
Competitors such as Powerscreen, Rock Monsters and TKO are much more active on social media than Crushing Tigers. This makes the competition easier to find, easier to research and easier to communicate with. Crushing Tigers, however, does have a competitive advantage when it comes to its website. It has a very professional, engaging website, whereas its competitors websites are difficult to navigate and are not integrated with their social media channels. Their competitors have YouTube videos and have their own twitter accounts aside from their manufacturers twitter account. One of the most successful ways to reach an audience in this day and age is through social media. One of the main goals for Crushing Tigers is when people Google construction equipment, that Crushing Tigers is the first option in the search and when people think, I need construction equipment, that Crushing Tigers comes to mind.

Marketing Environmental Evaluation

Market Trends
Identifying market trends, or patterns, is about looking at the big picture and is essential for helping predict future endeavors. In the construction industry, waste and sustainability have been pivotal topics, affecting different trends to transpire over time. Maximizing value and minimizing waste is the most essential trend in the construction market today. Green building and Lean Thinking are processes that are becoming more popular and that emphasize this trend the most. Lean Thinking or Lean Construction is a new production system, which applies specific techniques to the project delivery process. Lean Construction focuses mainly on how construction projects are managed. Rather than emphasizing low costs, short deadlines and fast results, this system focuses on managing a construction project efficiently. Expanding this way of thinking, especially for complicated, risky and high-speed projects, the Lean Construction Institute proves that there does not need to be trade-offs between time, cost and quality. Green building is not a new trend, but today it has become a necessity in construction. By enhancing sustainability standards,

green building has improved rating systems and certified programs. For example, LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a program that provides different levels of certifications and rating systems for green buildings. LEED not only promotes sustainable construction strategies and designs, but it also recognizes the entire building lifecycle in order to create a demand for going green. Other certification provisions, such as Cradle to Cradle, makes sure that all products and resources are safe and are designed for recycling during construction and that all construction projects minimize their carbon footprint as much as possible. Other important trends to recognize consist of commercial lending conditions or an increase in commercial loans, increased construction costs, and construction recovery after natural disasters.

Economic Impact

The economy and the construction industry directly correlate with one another. Depending on the state of the economy, construction equipment investment will either grow or decline, which affects residential households and businesses. For instance, the 2007 Recession impeded commercial construction. Today, construction is starting to rapidly flourish again along with spending on new


Marketing Environmental Evaluation

buildings and residential areas, according to the New York Times and the United States Census Bureau. However, the economys current recovery mode reflects in the construction industry, for construction spending is still at an all-time low. In conclusion, Crushing Tigers cannot ignore the other obstacles and problems that can have a negative effect. However, solely recognizing these problems, such as intangible economic downturns, allows Crushing Tigers to predict future incidences and to plan ways around them or use them to its advantage.


The main law that restricts Crushing Tigers campaign and product sales is obtaining building permits, which vary in each city and state. For instance, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, or TCEQ, is the permit used in Texas. City Ordinances enforce permits in order to ensure that construction projects are up to code and comply with the citys zoning jurisdiction. Erecting, constructing, altering, repairing, or demolishing any building or structure requires a permit.


After evaluating this market environment, Crushing Tigers has the opportunity to tap into new areas in the construction industry. Recycling and green building are vastly expanding windows of opportunity. Tapping into these realms in the market, will not only give Crushing Tigers a huge competitive advantage, but also a credible reputation.





Authorized dealer of equipment from Sandvik, the market leader in industry Lean business model ensures minimal waste and optimum efficiency Machines are kept near airport so when customers fly out, they are easily accessible Honest and professional reputation Face-to-face inquiries help build personal relationship and trust 80% of its business comes from repeat customers

Current prospecting method of face-to-face inquiries is time consuming, expensive and inefficient Hiring and training new staff in order to grow the company is difficult because employees must wear many hats No proven sales methods beyond approaching construction sites discovered, while driving, making it difficult to train salespeople Expansion into the used parts industry in Mexico and South America requires a larger staff of mechanics to ensure the parts and machines are up to the standards of new machines No quick deals unless working with a repeat customer; deals with new customers can take up to two years



Con-Expo trade show would gain invaluable brand exposure and The construction industry is very volatile, fluctuating widly with notoriety within its target market of consumers economic trends Vast untapped potential in South America and Mexico for selling While it is the exclusive Sandvik dealer of Arkansas and Oklahoma, used parts and machines Crushing Tigers faces many competitors in Texas, Louisiana and New Refusing to do business with companies who are not Mexico credit-approved reduces a great deal of risk Equipment is made in the UK and Ireland, which allows for cheaper production costs and lower selling prices for the consumer All equipment is track mounted and mobile Machines are easy to set up while other stationary machinery would take days or weeks to put together Opportunity to expand in Missouri and Kansas


Problems and Opportunities

Some of the problems that Crushing Tigers is currently facing include its current methods of sales and growth and the inability to sell its machines in a timely manner. Crushing Tigers currently does not have a concrete approach to sales, which not only makes obtaining new clients that much more difficult, but also complicates the training and retention of employees. The ability to access, import and sell these machines in a more timely and efficient manner would be beneficial for both the customer and Crushing Tigers, since being forced to jump these various hurdles before each sale results in a slow, difficult purchase process. Some current opportunities for Crushing Tigers include its high quality product offering, its close relationships with the clients, its lean, low cost business model, and the amount of untapped resources at its fingertips. Crushing Tigers exclusively offers a top brand name in heavy construction equipment, and refuses to compromise when it comes to product quality or ease of use. Crushing Tigers clientele know this, which is why repeat customers account for 80% of Crushing Tigers sales on average. This close relationship between business and consumer will provide Crushing Tigers with a willing ear whenever it begins to reach out with regular communication. These opportunities would give Crushing Tigers a broadened market and gain the exposure necessary to become a major player in the worldwide heavy construction industry. Finally, Crushing Tigers has the ability to attain this kind of success because of its lean, efficient business model. Crushing Tigers outsources when needed, does not keep an unnecessarily large staff, and it has high credit standards for clients, all of which not only benefit Crushing Tigers bottom line, but also that of the customer as well.


The Basics
In conducting our research, we looked for the best practices in companies with similar challenges to those of Crushing Tigers. We focused on current industry trends, business-to-business case studies and examples of successful sales-driven marketing strategies. From these resources, we chose tactics that we feel will yield the greatest measurable success when it comes to achieving Crushing Tigers goals. For a comprehensive list of our sources, please see the appendix.



marketing recommendations.
Primary Target Market

Target Market

At TopSoil PR, we understand the value of relationships and the impact they have on sales. Crushing Tigers top priority is developing and maintaining lasting relationships with its clients. We want to expand on this by not only seeking out new clients, but also by deepening existing relationships. In order to increase awareness of Crushing Tigers and generate more sales, our strategy focuses on developing and maintaining relationships through tactics such as boosting SEO, connecting with customers via social media and creating lasting partnerships with relevant industry players.

Our primary target market consists of new customers in established businesses throughout the mid and southwest region of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Missouri and Kansas. Our target incorporates anyone who is looking to buy crushing and/or screening equipment, including those within industries such as mining, materials recycling and general contracting. Specifically, we would like to focus on younger, digital-savvy managers under the age of 55. We feel that this sub-group will be more receptive to modern online sales strategies and Crushing Tigers will be able to increase inside sales through connecting with these potential clients.

Secondary Target Market

Existing customers make up our secondary target market. This market is much more broad because it includes anyone that is looking for quality spare parts for their existing machines. Current customers in this category have included purchasers of pre-owned machines; however, we feel that there is an opportunity to expand the scope of spare parts sales globally.


In accordance with Crushing Tigers current business model and goals, TopSoil PR has identified two main objectives: to gain new customers and to increase the sales of spare parts.

Objective #1

In order to reach new customers throughout the region while maintaining Crushing Tigers lean business model, we have developed efficient tactics for creating awareness and generating leads. Through these tactics, we plan to introduce an approach centered on inside sales, thus making the acquisition of customers easier, faster and cheaper. This will allow more time to be spent on deepening relationships with current customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

We would also like to increase spare parts sales from its current rate of 10% to 15% of annual sales. Because spare parts transactions are not geographically limited, there is a huge opportunity for Crushing Tigers to do more business in this market. We believe that the fast turnaround of spare parts sales will allow Crushing Tigers to take advantage of a more consistent revenue stream. To achieve this objective, we will create awareness that Crushing Tigers not only sells new and used machines, but can also help you maintain your machines regardless of where it was purchased.

Objective #2


Tactics & Evaluation

Social Media
Using social media to improve business has changed the way companies communicate with their current and potential consumers. One of the main goals of using social media to improve your business is to create and maintain a connection with the consumers on more of a personal level. Crushing Tigers places a huge emphasis on its customer relationship management, and media can be a great tactic for achieving this. It can also be a tool for letting your audience know about industry happenings, new products or other relevant company information. TopSoil PR also highly recommends that Crushing Tigers add a blog to its current website. In addition to generating organic traffic to the site, blog writing is a controlled way to fully optimize a website and raise its Google rank. Other SEO benefits include customized content variety through relevant and compelling posts, quality backlinks and more indexed pages that all help improve search engine rankings together. Interesting posts that appeal to your target market are essential to generate social sharing and bookmarking of your posts on various social media sites. Blog posts can incorporate a wide variety of subjects including industry finds, personal stories, testimonials, community events and more. Consistent posting and integrated keywords are also crucial in maintaining a successful blog. TopSoil PR recommends that in the first six months of campaign implementation, Crushing Tigers outsource its social media management to an SEO and social media Services company. The company will generate relevant content for the blog, Twitter and Facebook, engaging followers and ultimately driving traffic to the Crushing Tigers website.


For the first six months, the social media management company will provide Crushing Tigers with monthly analytical reports including improvements in website ranking, likes, followers, engagement and awareness.


We have estimated that outsourcing social media management sources, including writing blogs for the Crushing Tigers website and managing both the Crushing Tigers Twitter and Facebook pages, will cost about $500 per month. If at any time, Pat or Brian decides they would like to take over social media management, social Media management costs will decrease depending on the services.


Tactics & Evaluation

Search Engine Optimization
Social media is not the only online tactic necessary for Crushing Tigers to meet our proposed objectives. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine's organic or unpaid search results. SEO is one of the leading and most effective types of advertising, which is why TopSoil PR has made it a crucial component of this campaign. SEO will be responsible for bringing targeted traffic to the Crushing Tigers website, as well as generating new leads based on the intended target market. Currently, when searching for relevant phrases and common key words, Crushing Tigers does not appear on the first ten pages of Google or Bing search engines. TopSoil PR strongly encourages the optimization of the Crushing Tigers website through a series of recommendations: Local SEO: Optimizing your site to rank highly for locally based search terms, including geographic keywords (e.g., rock crushers Austin or aggregate machinery Texas) can have key advantages over traditional SEO. There is less competition geographically, allowing Crushing Tigers to rank higher on the search results. Local SEO is also useful when targeting customers in certain areas, and will allow Crushing Tigers to be more visible to potential customers in the locations we are currently hoping to reach or expand to. On-Site Optimization: On-site optimization is about making sure your site is well-presented and user-friendly. On-site optimization might involve changes to navigation, content, and placement to ensure users are finding the information they are looking for all while alerting the search engine crawlers that the site is useful and relevant to the searches. This will ultimately expand Crushing Tigers brand identity and garner brand awareness from consumers searching online. Off Site Optimization: These are SEO factors that are not controlled by the content or website itself. This includes acquiring inbound links to a websites pages while leveraging social tools to encourage visitors to share a webpages content to raise where you stand on search engine result pages. For the first six months of the campaign, we recommend using an outside source to develop an SEO strategy tailored specifically for Crushing Tigers. Combining the social media and SEO packages may be something to consider to develop a more cohesive and long-term online presence.


Tactics & Evaluation

Throughout the campaign, the goal is to fully optimize the Crushing Tigers website. The SEO management company will be responsible for: Monthly link generation Monthly Pinning Local Directory Submissions Effective anchor text Link building Keyword tags and Integration These basic strategies will be the platform from which Crushing Tigers receives higher ranks on search engines including Google and Bing. Success of the strategy can be measured through various analytics tools to ensure higher lead generation by turning online searches into potential clients. The company will also provide monthly analytical reports.


The cost for a customized SEO package varies between outside companies, but we have allocated $575 per month for these services. Once the initial SEO strategy is complete, Pat and Brian can decide whether or not to undertake the SEO management themselves or consider hiring a single SEO strategist to upkeep the tactics already put in place.


Tactics & Evaluation

TopSoil PR strongly believes that LinkedIn will be one of the most effective tactics in creating awareness and generating new sales leads. In addition to allowing professionals to connect with each other, LinkedIn can also be used as a source for industry and company news, trends, and competitive information. We plan to utilize LinkedIn in the following ways: Company Page: Currently, Pat and Brian both have basic personal LinkedIn accounts. While personal accounts are great for building and maintaining relationships with customers, a company page will be beneficial for creating awareness of the company. Company pages include four tabs: Overview, Products & Services, Careers and Analytics. Customers will be able to easily access information such as a description of your business and its mission, a showcase of your products and services, recommendations from other LinkedIn members, industry and product updates that you post, and more. The Products & Services tab will be especially useful in highlighting your inventory of spare parts. On the backend, you will be able to see who is following your company, how you are connected to them, and which posts and updates are attracting the most attention. When you eventually expand your salesforce, you can utilize the Careers function to post jobs and find the perfect fit for your company. Groups: Groups are a great way to identify possible connections and networking opportunities. To identify relevant groups, we recommend searching for keywords and locations; for example, general contractors Missouri or materials recycling Austin. Once you find a group you are interested in, contribute to ongoing discussions, ask questions and provide thoughtful answers. By sharing meaningful content, you will gain credibility so that if and when you eventually connect with possible customers, they will know you are a reputable company.


Tactics & Evaluation

Advertising: Finally, we recommend that Crushing Tigers takes advantage of LinkedIns advertising capabilities. From a simple platform, you can target potential customers by specific location, industry, company, job function and even job title. We recommend using an eye-catching photo combined with a short headline that asks a question, such as Need aggregate machinery? Users who click on the ad will be led to the Crushing Tigers website. Finally, Crushing Tigers can take advantage of LinkedIns free Lead Collection tool, which allows people who click on your ads to request that you contact them with more information. For a visual example of a LinkedIn ad and how to customize the target audience, please refer to the appendix.


Setting up a company LinkedIn page is free as long as you meet certain requirements (see sources). We do, however, recommend that Brian update his personal membership to a Business account, which will allow him to send InMail and view the full profiles of potential connections and customers. Groups are also a free service. Advertising costs are calculated on a cost per click basis. We have allocated a six month budget of $2,880 for advertising, which breaks down to $30 per day, Monday through Thursday of each week.


The company page will have an analytics tab where you will be able to track followers, view shares, and evaluate engagement. Evaluation of group involvement can be measured by the number of responses and any new connections gained from the group. Finally, advertising success will be measured on the LinkedIn Analytics page, which provides a summary of who clicked on the ad, how many clicks the ad received, how many total impressions the ad received, click through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC) and total amount spent.


Tactics & Evaluation

Email Marketing
Email marketing is an integral part of any successful business. For Crushing Tigers, email marketing will consist of monthly newsletters, email blasts and customer satisfaction surveys. Email marketing is most successful when it offers some value to consumers, such as solving a problem they might have encountered or directing them to a source that does, such as a blog post or a video. These email blasts will keep your brand in the forefront of the consumers minds as well as drive traffic to your social media outlets when new content is posted. The emails should be personalized to appear as if they were sent individually and should be sent on a schedule so that consumers know exactly when to expect your emails. This will build trust in the brand as well as ensure that your consumers do not consider your emails annoying, or worse, mark them as spam. MyEmma is also optimized for viewing on desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that you are able to communicate with your consumers regardless of whether they are in the office or at the construction site. Newsletters are great way to establish a consistent channel of communication with your consumers when you do not have time to contact them individually on a regular basis. Sending out monthly newsletters to your subscribers allows them to see what the company is doing and acts as a friendly reminder that you are willing and able to meet all of their heavy construction needs.


MyEmma offers real-time response tracking and metrics, which allows for quick and easy performance evaluation at the end of every quarter.


MyEmma is an all-inclusive service for email marketing. It features unlimited mobile optimized emails and surveys to all of your subscribers for a $30 monthly fee.


Tactics & Evaluation

Customer testimonials make Crushing Tigers a more credible brand since third parties are giving positive reviews. They will also encourage clients to engage and interact with the company and as a result, relationships with clients will improve and will leave website viewers with a lasting impression. We recommend having a separate tab or section on the website dedicated to customer testimonials and reviews. Customer satisfaction surveys are an excellent way to get feedback from clients after every sale. In an industry that relies so heavily on relationships, surveys are a crucial way to ensure that you are doing everything you can to make your customer happy. MyEmma offers unlimited surveys to all of your subscribers for no additional cost, making it easy and simple to learn how to improve your business and get invaluable customer testimonials to feature on the Crushing Tigers website. Comments or testimonials on social media channels are another great way to compile reviews for the website. For instance, if someone gives a compliment or positive review on Crushing Tigers Facebook page, Twitter or blog, Crushing Tigers would be able to use it on its website. If Crushing Tigers wants to know if anyone else is mentioning its brand elsewhere on the Internet, it can use Google Alerts or Social Mention. Personal bios about each team member, under the Meet the Team tab on the website will create a personal touch and will allow clients to feel more of a connection to the team. This tab will only help strengthen client relationships.


Customer testimonials may be evaluated by reviewing the customer satisfaction survey responses.


Surveys are included in the MyEmma package.


Tactics & Evaluation

Twitter is a great and efficient way to engage clients in conversation, market Crushing Tigers brand, keep up with current events in the industry and gain customer feedback. In order to increase its number of followers, Crushing Tigers has the opportunity to have conversations with other companies and key influencers on Twitter by tagging them or retweeting their posts. HootSuite is a website that helps manage and track top trending keywords, hashtags and influencers in order to stay relevant and improve Twitter presence.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a fantastic way for you to keep abreast of what is being said about your company, as well as what your competition is up to. Google Alerts is a free service from Google that sends emails straight to your inbox anytime one of your keywords is mentioned online. Keywords are words or phrases that you would like to be notified about. Up to 500 search terms may be submitted. These alerts are sent on a frequency that you determine, and can range anywhere from as they occur to once per month. Staying aware of what is being said online about your company and your competition allows you to quell any possible issues before they become real problems, and allows you to remain a strong competitor in the industry.


Crushing Tigers can measure awareness on Twitter by tracking its number of followers, mentions and retweets.



Twitter is a completely free marketing tool.

Google Alerts is a free service.


Tactics & Evaluation

If, after learning more about generating social media content, Pat and Brian decide to take over social media management themselves, Hootsuite is a great tool for scheduling content. HootSuite is a one-stop shop for managing and tracking all social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress) at once. The following are many features Crushing Tigers can utilize and benefit from on HootSuite: Scheduling of future posts: whenever and an unlimited amount Custom Google analytics Facebook and Twitter insights Teams: allows multiple team members to manage and collaborate on social accounts all in one place Search streams: by @mention, hashtag, geo-location List and keyword tracking streams


After a 30-day trial, Crushing Tigers can advance to HootSuite Pro, which is appropriate for businesses and professionals. The package starts at $9 per month and goes up to $80 per month, depending on which features are suitable.



*Calculated on a six month basis


TOTAL BUDGET: $9,614.70


Crushing Tigers is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value and client satisfaction. This is the Crushing Tigers mission, and this is what we at Topsoil PR have strived to emulate in building this campaign. In order to meet the objectives of gaining new customers and increasing spare parts sales, we have devised tactics we believe will meet these goals, including enlisting search engine optimization services, social media management, more frequent and varied use of LinkedIn and its advertising capabilities, Google Alerts, email marketing and website updates. Based on our extensive research, we have found these tactics to be instrumental in best business practices. We are highly confident that by implementing them, Crushing Tigers will be successful in generating the level of awareness needed in order to increase sales. Topsoil PR is honored for the opportunity to work with Crushing Tigers. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you more in the future.







Website SEO Analytics

Website SEO Analytics



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Social Media

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Construction Industry

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Target Market Research

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Competitive Analysis

TKO: Rock Monsters: Powerscreen:


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