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Geometric Character Analysis

In the novel Tangerine, Erik who is the antagonist of this book and Arthur his henchman destructively affects the town of Lake Windsor and Tangerine from murder to robbery. Erik and Arthurs relationship is very crucial to the plot of this novel. Together they bring down people and dominate the towns. Arthur is extremely committed to Erik and will do anything he commands. Without Arthur though, most of their wrong doings would never have happened. Character one who represents Erik is red/black, irregular shaped, and huge. This perfectly embodies the character of Erik Fisher. He is red/black for his danger, anger, darkness, and how people fear him. He is so angry and dangerous that he hit Tino when taunted (205). His geometric shaped is not straight and perfect, instead it is misshaped. This is because Erik does not follow and rules and therefore is not straight and follows lines. He does not follow the rules like when he was revealed as the robber (279-280). He is big because people fear him and he is powerful. When Erik spray painted Pauls eyes he made him squeal because Pau l was so scared of him (263-264). Character two who is Arthur is also red/black, not straight, and not as big as figure 1. Arthur is red/black because he is just as dangerous and dark as Erik. He killed Luis with a blow to the head (211) He is round because he doesnt follow the rules there fore doesnt have perfect angles or lines. He does have one angle to him because he obeys Eriks rules. Arthur demonstrates this when he obeys the hand (205) before he confronts Tino. He doesnt attack because Eriks hand refuses it so he obeys (205). The shapes size for Arthur is a direct relation to his power. He is only powerful because he serves Erik. Before Erik arrived, Paul described him as untalented at football (39-40) but later on he becomes a starter because of Erik. The relation between these two characters is like Igor and Dr. Frankenstein. Arthur is a servant to Erik and does what Erik orders. Just like Igor and Dr. Frankenstein, Arthur is in the shadow of Erik and never in front. This is represented in the design with Eriks shape in front and bigger. The relationship between these two characters causes great trouble in the towns of Tangerine and Lake Windsor. They robbed houses (279-280), beat up Tino (205), and killed Luis (244-245). No doubt, these two teens have hurt Tangerine, Lake Windsor, and many other people because of their affiliation. Geometric character analysis causes thoughts about the personalities of Erik and Arthur and how they have affected the story to be revealed. It was shown how much they hurt people because of all of their wrong doings and the consequences that were paid by not only them but from other characters like Tino or Paul. This has also caused questions to rise like how would the story have been different if they never had become friends? How would this book have changed? Would Paul have remembered his past? The traits of an antagonist(s) and how they affect a story were discovered throughout this assignment.

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