Despite his tough talk, President Bush's efforts against terrorism have fallen far short of what is necessary to meet this threat. We are not safer and President Bush still has no comprehensive or long-term strategy for victory. The Bush administration has done too little to adapt our armed forces to the new missions they have to undertake. This administration has left our military stretched too thin. The Bush administration has not done everything possible to make Americans safe from the threat of nuclear terrorism. They have not secured the world's most dangerous weapons and bomb making materials. They have not taken every step they should have to stop North Korea and Iran's nuclear programs. They have shredded the alliances that our security depends on. Chemical plants are a major target for terrorist attack, and today their security is not adequate. Police officers are stretched more than ever at a time when they are being asked to perform more duties. Today nearly two-thirds of firehouses are understaffed, making it difficult to deal with traditional fires and medical emergencies as well as terrorism. Despite the president's promises, our ports are still not secure. Our FBI and local law enforcement still cannot adequately share information. Our first responders don't have the equipment they need. And our cities and states are bearing too much of the cost of homeland security.

John Kerry will lead a new era of broad alliances to execute a more effective war on terror. To help win the war on terror and strengthen the military to meet new threats, John Kerry will increase our troop strength by 40,000 and double our special forces capability. Kerry will deploy all the power in America's arsenal -- military, diplomacy, intelligence, economic power and the force of our values - to keep America secure. He will lead the world in a mission to lock up and safeguard nuclear weapons material so terrorists can never acquire it. Kerry's plan will secure vulnerable bombmaking materials, prevent the production of new materials for nuclear weapons, and work to end nuclear weapons programs in hostile states like North Korea and Iran. As president, John Kerry will keep us safer at home by investing in our first responders; securing and protecting our nuclear and chemical facilities; bolstering port, rail, and aviation security; and strengthening and improving information sharing.

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