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Name: Sierra Kasper-Momer

ADC 11 Looking at HIV/AIDS in Developing Nations Notes

Country: Malawi
Your first task is to research a third-world country (an undeveloped nation) that is currently dealing with an AIDS or HIV epidemic. Many of these nations will be found in Sub-Saharan Africa, where many nations have infection rates that exceed twenty percent of the total population. You need to use at least two websites in your research.
Helpful sites:

Answer the following questions: #1 Total population of the country 15.9 million #2 Information about literacy rates and education The national adult literacy rate which is 67.3%

for women and 76.5% for men. Primary education is provided by the government, and it is free for any child to attend; although many primary schools are under-staffed, under-funded and under-resourced. Secondary School is also provided by the government, but not free to students who must pay school fees. The fees range from 20 per year at local community day secondary schools, to 700 per year or higher for private secondary boarding schools. Many students will not make it to University education because of all the struggles they face in everyday life, enrollment rates are low. The average University enrollment during the period 2003 to 2008 was 51 enrollments per 100,000 inhabitants.

#3 Percentage of the population currently infected with HIV or AIDS Out of the population of 15.9

million, 910,000 people are living with HIV or AIDS.

#4 At least two relief organizations working within the country Raising Malawi and Unicef. #5 What do the above relief organizations do? They focus on helping families who suffer from aids

and provide funds for medical treatment.

#6 Is anything being done about AIDS in this country by their own government or outside agencies? The

government of Malawi has taken steps in the prevention of AIDS and it has been proven to help the decline in infections. The help of outside agencies has also contributed to the decline of the number of AIDS cases.

#7 Using the above information, write a brief paragraph (8-10 sentences) on How AIDS has impacted the country both socially and economically? The impact of AIDS on the country of Malawi affects

many aspects of the lives of Malawians. With a large population of 15.9 million, 910 000 people are living with AIDS. It is extremely hard to handle all AIDS cases with that many people infected and with 60% of residents living under the poverty line. Its not just adults who are living with the hardships of AIDS, its also the children. The number children who have become orphans as a result of their parents dying from AIDS are shockingly high. The government of Malawi is taking steps in the prevention of AIDS but it is nearly impossible to prevent all cases. Although their support is contributing a great amount as the prevalence rate has improved from 100,000 new infections in 2003 to 46,000 in 2011. AIDS is a huge problem in countries like Malawi and needs a large amount of work and dedication to put the awful illness to a stop. Economic impacts of AIDS: With such a portion of the population suffering from AIDS, it takes a tremendous toll on the economy. AIDS puts many once worthy workers unable to contribute to the work force and labour. As a result of many people being sick it costs a large amount of money to cover medical costs, medicine/drugs and funeral costs. It can also cost families of victims because family members (usually the woman) will miss school or work to look after the ill. If a family member passes away, it leaves the family with one less source of income. The epidemic of AIDS not only affects people and families, it also affects the economy.
#8 What is your idea for your Awareness Campaign? An idea for an awareness campaign is simply

educating on the shocking numbers of people infected, and the number of children left with no families. If people were exposed to the images and stats of AIDS then they would be more eager to help.

At least 2 Internet Sites Used: 1- 2- 3-

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